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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Lo...
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Yuri Perez, MBA 2011 speaks...
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Nasdaq Stock Futures Trade ...
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Cong in damage control mode...
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ReThink Management Educatio...
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Ball State University Senio...
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One-Minute MBA: Fundação ...
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Stuart Dickinson - Internat...
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\"Southern Cross University seemed to be one of the good ones in terms of correspondence courses. Because of my travel commitments, I just couldn\'t attend lectures all the time, so doing it by distance was going to be the best option for me.\"

Stuart, who lives in Sydney, is on the road four to six months of the year, travelling to Europe for the Six Nations, and back to New Zealand, South Africa and Australia for the Super Rugby.

\"So the idea of distance education and the way it was set out, where they would send me the course material so I could study that as I wished, working around appointments and travel.

\"And if I needed an extension or anything then that was fine and so it was just that flexibility that was fantastic.\"

Stuart\'s love of rugby started as a five-year-old running around the field. He was refereeing by the time he was 12, later playing fly half and fullback for his school, Epping Boys High.

In 1988 Stuart decided to make refereeing a fulltime career and hasn\'t looked back. He made his Super Rugby debut in 1996 and Test debut a year later. He has clocked up 47 Test matches, 94 Super Rugby matches and three World Cups.

But the former police officer admits juggling study, a professional sporting career, work (Stuart works part-time for Adventure World Travel) and the demands of a young family (Michael, nine, and seven-year-old twins Emily and Isabella) hasn\'t been easy.

\"Training, travelling, refereeing and also preparations for those matches is a tough ask so there is a fair bit of sacrifice, and on my wife\'s part as well as family life, but it\'s well worth it in the end.

\"I\'ve had the world\'s best job. My hobby turned into my occupation and you can\'t ask for better than that. But you\'ve got to replace that with the next challenge and find a role that clearly ignites you in terms of managing people and all those disciplines and positive aspects that have come out of refereeing rugby.\"

Stuart said gaining a Masters of International Sports Management would pave the way.

\"Refereeing at that highest level ... it is essentially creating a framework around managing people and managing conflict in order to achieve the desired outcome. I will look to take those skills learnt during study, on the rugby field, the life lessons from world travel and the mix of different cultures and people and transfer them into a management role, be that in sport or business.\"', '0', '', '1', '63', '63');" class="tahoma11_black_bold">Edit Video
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One-Minute MBA: China Europ...
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