Zarmina Chaudhry

Legal Researcher at Net Lawman Ltd.
Lahore, Pakistan | Legal Services
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  Legal Researcher at Net Lawman Ltd.
  llm(superior university lahore) – Current
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Zarmina Chaudhry
Certified in Research Methodology.Business Communication & Project Management
Professional Legal Researcher

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Certified Project Manager
Certified Business Communicator
Certified Researcher

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  Legal Researcher
  Net Lawman Ltd.
  Legal Services |  December 2013 – Present
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  superior university lahore
  llm 2012 – Current
  Mphill in Laws
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Interests: Internet surfing,Reading,Music,Poetry,Writing Blogging At
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created 10 year(s) ago,   1 comments, 1191 views
created 10 year(s) ago,   2 comments, 1808 views
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Articles(1) written by Zarmina Chaudhry
 The United States first established diplomatic relations with Pakistan on 20 October 1947.The relationship since then has been based primarily on US economic and military assistance to...
Published on Saturday 24 November 2012, 9:36 PM | 0 Comments
Blogs(10) posted by Zarmina Chaudhry
Category:  Others Posted: 6 year(s) ago
  Role of an Executor OR Administrator under a will (Jersey Law) When a person is appointed to perform specific duties under a will he is called as an executor. When a person dies inte...
Rule 2039-Copyrights Law for unpublished works   As general rule the copyright for a literary work lasts from date of creation to 1 st January in the year following 70 years from ...
  Protection of Tenant’s Deposit       According to Housing Act 2004 for assured short hold tenancies (ASTs) a landlord...
  Personal guarantee by director The Salomon v Salomon in 1897has made it clear that a company has its separate legal personality hence is responsible for its own debts.  So if th...
  Compliance to Immigration Act 2014 by Private Landlords On 14 th may 2014 the immigration bill received royal assent. In this bill provisions related to private lettings are introdu...
Category:  Others Posted: 6 year(s) ago
    Expert Determination Expert determination is being widely used in real estate and construction industry. It has always played a greater role in valuation a dispute, so we can...
Category:  Others Posted: 6 year(s) ago
  A Right to Privacy in remedies hearings Cooper-Hohn v Hohn [2014] EWHC 2314 (Fam) has created a fuss on issue of media reporting of family cases in England. Practitioners in open ...
Category:  Personal Blogs Posted: 8 year(s) ago
  today i was reading an article by Dr Kamal Monnoo on the nation newspaper website.i found it worth sharing no only for my daily followers but also for those who are perusing their ...
Category:  Personal Blogs Posted: 8 year(s) ago
  I have been reading an article by Arshi Saleem Hashmi from book of contemporary affairs.He quoted a writer named “Pierre Lellouche” wrote in foreign Affairs(winter1979-80) T...
Category:  Personal Blogs Posted: 8 year(s) ago
    Israel launched its military offensive against Gaza on 14 November, marking the latest eruption in a conflict with Palestinian militants which has raged between the two side...
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here all business students and professional can discuss the facilities and opportunities of busin...
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We dont know anything by birth so show our tallent and skills related to business management to e...
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Ben Jonson once said "A good life is a main argument" Lets put our life plans in persp...
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