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 Nowadays,the cosplay is often aimed for animation,cartoons,games,electronic games,story,movies,Tv play,special photo,idols,professions,historical story,social story or others character. Cham...
Category:  Others Posted: 2 day(s) ago
 As far as I am concerned, I think our cosplay clothes are the most fashionable. If you like cosplay, please contact us and we will give you the best service. Champion of Cosplay   ...
Category:  Personal Blogs Posted: 3 day(s) ago
 Cosplay culture has become popular and developed in animation and game circles. At the same time, with various Cosplay activities, the introduction of media, and a large amount of informatio...
Category:  Personal Blogs Posted: 4 day(s) ago
 Do you like cosplay? I bet you like it! Then you can find the right person. Our company has all kinds of cosplay clothes, only what you can't think of, and nothing we can't do! If you like c...
 During character masquerades, Halloween parades, New Year’s parades, National Day parades, or special ceremonies held anytime and anywhere, many people dress up as characters from holiday ...
Category:  Personal Blogs Posted: 9 day(s) ago
 When adults watch cartoons, they think they are naive and not interesting. In fact, they are not. There are some things that adults don't have: friendship and affection. Therefore, it is ver...
Category:  Others Posted: 10 day(s) ago
 Cosplay is usually regarded as a sub-cultural activity. The target role played generally comes from animation, comics, video games, light novels, movies, albums, special photos, idol groups,...
Category:  CEO Blogs Posted: 11 day(s) ago
 In Australia, this trend reflects this type of American clothing that is not only derived from Japanese animation. The source is anything that provides distinctive characters and costumes, i...
Category:  Others Posted: 13 day(s) ago
 Cosplay culture have a rapid development  in animation and games.  At the same time, the various Cosplay activities, introduction of media, and mass information dissemination about...
Category:  Others Posted: 2 week(s) ago
 Nowadays, we often hear a word that describe people who dress themselves as cartoon characters in public places in order to show how they love the comic characters, that word is cosplay. C...
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