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Posted at 9:03 AM on Thursday 2 April 2015
Have you ever met a surprise situation out of your expected in recruitment process? And what did you do? There are so many situations called “the traps” have been used to “check” candidates. If you fall in it and know how to emerge by quickly, clever responds, you will win but if you act embarrassed, you definitely fail in the first round.

Let’s see what kind of traps recruiters usually use

1. Give a vague question

As you also know, in any interview, you have to think of 2 things: first, answer their questions, second, how to give a short, clear answer but still emphasis your strengths. However, it is not easy like it seems. A professional recruiter often asks the ramble, non-specific, innocuous questions which unrelated to the position, job with the purpose to observe the abilities to solve problems of
candidates. In that situations, you should turn the question to a specific issue: “Sir, if you agree, I’d like to talk a little about..”. and start your story.

2. How about having a break?

It is a popular trap in an interview. There are a lot of candidates cannot escape from this dangerous trap. For example, an interviewer asked you a question, and you completed it. All of a sudden, he just staring at you like he want to hear you continue talking. Some candidates have been really lost their temple and they tried to talk something to end their answer. In reality, these kinds of responds will gain a low score. For the best, you just need to sit, confident look at them back and wait for another question.

3. Do you have any secret?

A professional interviewer has so much experience in how to create an open, warmly environment when they talk to the interviewee. Be careful for that! They are trying to evoke your secrets that you think you will never give away. There were some unfortunate cases happened: A beautiful girl applied for secretary position in a company. In the interview, they sound wanted to hire her. But in the intimate subjects, when asked about relationship with the old colleagues, she said that the reason she quit the job because everybody was jealous with her appearance and she wanted to find a new place with less women. After considering, they decided to hire another who was less pretty but a humble and progressive person. So, in the interview, control yourself, do not said redundant things and be confident in every situation.

4. Oh I’d love to listen to you.

This is the trap for talkative candidates. After giving a question, he or she will pretend to hear you say, sometimes adding “oh really”, “wow”, “interesting” and write something. If you suffer it and constantly talking without the ending, you be regarded as a person hard to build to yourself a specific process, standard working plan. So it is the best you should answer the question fast and clear in a couple minutes. If they ask for detail, you can talk a little more but definitely cannot beat around the bush.

5. Provoke me?

In some cases, you are answering very good and excited about your job before, suddenly they interrupt and say:” Sorry, but I have a feeling that you are alcoholic, have you ever drink in the workplace?” Then what will you answer? Do not be mad and feel offense with it, if you do not drink, just straightly show your point of view. And if you do drink, you could say when and where you drink. Do not be lengthy about this thing and use your chance when they still do not find any other trap to escape by a clever question “As I see, you care about my previous job, and maybe I am unfinished my story, can I continue?” In fact, few people want to go back to these controversial issues. It also shows that you was smart and quickly escape it.

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