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Posted at 8:12 AM on Thursday 19 March 2015
How to become an efficient manager? Simple answer is to avoid becoming a bad leader who usually suffers 3 mistakes: dictatorial style, laziness and abuse of power.

1. Dictatorial leadership?

Hardly any managers admit that they are a dogmatic leader. Their identifiable characteristics are short of believing in others. They think that there is no one better than themselves to work every little thing, so they will take on almost every work. They fail at management and division of work by involving too much in employees’ missions to make sure to satisfy them. Time to govern staffs will lead to inefficient productivity because most of companies now focus on providing individual freedom.

With a dictatorial manager, employees cannot use all of their knowledge, talents and professional capabilities. They will feel discontent. But worse, also these managers lose their chances to improve their skills and his good staffs.
To avoid becoming this bad employer, you have to learn how to put the faith in others, especially those working for you by figuring out their strengths and weaknesses and assigning work base on these. You need to realize that there is no one could implement a perfect work just by individual. Authorized means managers may not get the expected results but need to accept it and accept these violations occurred.

2. What is a lazy manager?

Another management method also leads to the mistakes which is supine leader. This type is contrary to dictatorial managers that they always evade their responsibilities and give it to their juniors to get free time. Result is their employees have to do so much things that they become exhausted and depressed.
A good manager will always have a plan including both the short-term, long-term projects and expected time. Do not push all the pressure and works to others, remember why you are their leader and you will always be watched and evaluated.

3. Abuse of power managers

The third mistake which many people also suffer is becoming an abuse of power leader. Usually happen in young managers who have less sensitive in management as well as fail at learning new work environment. They do everything in their way without explaining or guiding which makes people feel annoyed and vague about their job objective. Obviously, work productivity cannot reach 100%. The worst is the bad relationship between them and members of the company. They also feel cannot get along with common environment.

You need to understand that your power is to contribute to company, not for your benefits so it is needed to share to every employee. Be visionary and know that you are in need of employees who you are keeping a distance and too hard to them.

Finally, managers should understand diverse environment at their workplace which is required an active and a creative leader. The key to success in management firstly demands the realization different features at every staff then prepare for yourself the most adaptive treatment

Edited by Vietnam Manpower JSC, 6 year(s) ago
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