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Posted at 7:51 PM on Monday 18 October 2010
Yahoo online Gd is a group discussion between 5-7 people in the yahoo conference . the topic for discussion will be given on the spot and the members who want to take part will have to do the following thing
1. You can add the id from your messenger.

2. The GD schedule shall be announced a day in advance, from the day of the session. So keeping checking ur yahoo offlines daily. The same can also be accessed here. GD Schedules

3. GDs will be conducted at 06.30 p.m. You can come online some 15 mins earlier and Change your status message to ONLINE GD

4. After your status has been changed I will come to know about it and will invite you for the Gd. If the status is not changed to online GD you will not be invited.
If u don't know how to change ur status, then follow this:
Click on the messenger where it shows ur status invisible/online and click new message and then type ONLINE GD.

5)The GD shall be text-based. This means you can type your arguments as though you are in a conference.

7) There will be certain GD guidelines that the participants will have to follow please read them carefully on Yahoo Online GD guidelines

8) The feedback would be available on Yahoo Online GD Feedback
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