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Event Name: Millennium Milestones
Event Description: Millennium Milestones

A reflective pause in your journey to the year ahead Another year ends … a new one begins ☺

As you enter the new year, it is a great time to look back. To retrospect and introspect. To look at how the year shaped your life story. How the year turned out to be, as compared to how you planned it to be. And then there is the year that is coming. Would you like to consciously set measurable goals for the coming year – to make changes where required?. And work on a concrete plan to follow them through?.

Welcome to Millennium Milestones
The first MM workshop was held in 2000 as we were entering the new millennium. Ever since, retrospection at the turn of the year has been an important event for me. This year, I find a common thread running through discussions with a lot of people. More and more of us want to bring ‘meaning’ to our lives in a real, concrete, tangible way. To live with more awareness. And to choose the direction of our life consciously. Thus was formed the seed for this year’s workshop.

Why Millennium Milestones?
According to research, almost 50% people in the developed world set goals and New Year resolutions. A very small fraction of them are able to follow them through. I have personally benefited from the practice of New Year retrospection, and having done it for over a decade, I have been able to hone my skills, especially with the follow through plan. This is an activity that I would recommend to everybody– even if done, casually it has some impact on ones life. Doing this exercise individually has several disadvantages (if you get down to doing it).

When: 18 – 19th December 2010
Where: Kashid Sea Face, Kashid
Costs: Rs. 2400/- upto 14th Dec
Rs. 2900/- thereafter

First, the time that you give to it will be limited – a few hours at the most. At MM you will immerse yourself in the process for 30 hours in an organized manner, at a beautiful restorative retreat

Second, your planning may not include a strong follow through plan – an input from the facilitators end that makes it work.

Third, you will do it alone. The presence of a support group and a facilitator will drastically improve your experience. Each one of us has important messages for others, and there is immense beauty in the process of sharing and listening.

Finally, you will not only do this as a year-to-year exercise, but also do this in the context of your larger life vision. If you don’t have one, this is the place and time to build it. If you do, this is the time to revisit it.

Who should attend?

• If you are looking at improving your effectiveness and ability to follow through your goals

• Those who have started asking important life questions and are on a journey towards greater awareness

• For those of us who think that this is a time to take some important decisions, this process will help us envision our dream life, and challenge us to push our limits.

• Finally, for those of you who are just curious, and would like to engage in a unique retreat experience, this will be fun and invigorating.

The pre –requisites to attend are an open mind, a willingness to experiment and the courage to challenge your beliefs. These are non- negotiable.

What will be covered?

Over the 2 days of the workshop, you will go through several exercises, activities, meditation and sharing circles. There will also be beach walks, physical activities, games and fun! You will

• Examine your ‘life script’ : how your life has shaped from birth to now, and what it means

• Draw lessons and elicit your values from these experiences

• Reflect on the year gone by area wise and identify patterns that are working and those that are not.

• Envision your ideal life – a life that you dream of

• Create a ‘Life Space Design’ – a configuration of activities that take you towards your dream life

• Learn to identify habits and learn how to develop, reinforce and retain them

• Develop a concrete plan of action, with backups and checks in place to actually make it happen

• Track your progress through a ‘Life Cockpit’ It’s a workshop that’s packed and chilled out at the same time ☺

When and where will it be held?

The dates for the workshop are December 18th and 19th (Saturday and Sunday). The workshop will be held at Kashid Sea Face, a comfortable guest house on Kashid Beach.

This beach is a beautiful, pristine and unexplored space – ideal for a reflective experience of this type.

The accommodation will be basic beds and futons.

Separate rooms for men and women will be provided if requested.

The meals will be vegetarian home cooked meals. You will also agree not to consume alcohol ☺

What does it cost?

The cost of the workshop is Rs.2,400/- if registered on or before 14th December.

After 14th December the cost is Rs. 2,900/-.

This is not only ‘early bird’ discount but also because we need to make reservations in advance.

The cost includes the workshop itself, stay, meals and material. It does not include travel costs to Kashid itself. Typically, Kashid can be managed at as low as Rs.150/- one way from Gateway, if you are willing to share tam-tams or take the ST. It’s a lovely ferry ride, ideal for getting into the workshop mode.

By road, Kashid is 125 kms from Mumbai. You turn at Pen on the old Bombay-Goa highway towards Alibaug and then head towards Murud.

What next?

If you have had the patience to go through this, that’s a wonderful first sign!

Your registration will be accepted on receipt of your payment – which can be done through passing on the cash (we’ll figure a way to have it collected), a bank account transfer or couriering a check. I am consciously limiting participation, so that the experience is at the right level of intensity.

Once you register, you will receive a pre-work pack. This will contain some exercises that will orient you to the workshop. This mail reaching you is a meaningful co-incidence. If you feel called, take action – NOW ☺

Event Date/Time: Saturday 18 December 2010 12:00 AM to Sunday 19 December 2010 12:00 AM
Venue: Kashid Sea Face, Kashid
Location: Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India
Industry: Management Consulting
Event Type: Workshops
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