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Yuvraj Kewate | Thursday 21 July 2011 ( 1 Comment)


Dear Readers,

So you want to be successful in life? Is that what you want? Then you better stop failing and become aware of these 10 ways to fail in life.
  I've been asked many times for how to achieve success and weird enough, seems like nobody's taking that advice seriously. Then I realized one thing - most people are ALREADY failing before they even get started!
 This article is not like the normal goodie-goodie personal development advice as it is the TRUTH. If I have to write only good things, keep everyone happy, write about rainbow, flowers blooming, birds chirping then I better start a nursery school and take care of children. I just want to tell you the TRUTH as I know how people dump garbage in name of SUCCESS MANTRA.
 Avoid these and you'll automatically be on the right track (provided you want to be successful)…
1) Joining the LOSER’S Club:
 This is the guaranteed way to fail in life. Losers are the people who will always tell you that this won’t work out. They will just sit there and keep commenting rather than doing anything. They just don’t accept change and want others also not to change. So from now onwards if you see any of these qualities in a person, you know what you need to do. Always remember one thing “To know something is GOOD, But to DO something is GOD™”.
2) Not Knowing What You Want:
 If you ask anyone what is there goal then the most common answer will me “to become rich”. Its fine to be rich but the question is “how rich you want to be”? Or how Rich is Rich? There is a difference in making 1Million and 10000RS. No wonder most people can’t achieve what they want because the effort they put in their work is only for 10000Rs but they wish to generate 1Million out of the same effort, which is completely pointless. Hence if you want to achieve Big the efforts also must be Big. In short “IF you want BIG, then Think BIG and Do BIG™”.
3) Wanting Everything:
 It’s really nice to have everything, but if you wish for everything at same time then you get nothing. The time you got is limited and you cannot constantly focus on many things at same time. Getting anything should be a step by step procedure. Then only one fine day you will get everything. 
4) Relay on Others:
 This can hit the charts at top position. Whatever happen, let it be a small thing or big, easy or hard, try to do everything by yourself. Don’t expect anyone to help us. Also never relay on others. Do things by your own.
5) Not knowing why you want SUCCESS:
 Wanting everything is bad enough, but it’s even worse if you don’t know the reason why you are trying to achieve your goal. What's the deal? Without a solid reason, a compelling reason, where are you going to find the motivation and encouragement for you to overcome obstacles? You think it's going to be fun ride to success? Then you haven't been traveling - it's a rocky road, my friend. Most people failed to achieve their goals because they never complete the journey– they give up half way (or at the beginning) because they cannot see the worth of accomplishments.
6) Not remembering your Roots:
 It’s a common scene that those who got success in there life never feel gratitude towards those who has helped them. Is it so hard to say Thank You? Remember Newton’s law? Every action has its equal and opposite reaction. Always follow this low even in your real life. Always return the favor to those who has helped you in past, and maybe they will help you again in the future. It’s the law of LIFE.
7) Thinking only you are Smart:
 The day you stop learning is the day you stop improving yourself. If you want to keep improving in life then make sure you stop acting like you know everything. The fact is all successful people are successful because they continuously learned to be even more successful. Always remember “The more you know, the more you know, what you don’t know.”
8) Listening to Wrong People:
 Let me explain this with an example. A boy was high fever so he didn’t go to school. In the evening few of his friends came to visit him. One of them was a son of doctor; he suggested him to take bath in ice chilled water and thus convinced him that by doing this his temperature will go away. The boy did this and rest I don’t need to tell you. So always listen to the right person. It’s always better to ask twice or thrice to the right persons than asking the wrong ones.

9) Always thinking Short Term:
 You'll hear this happening often in many 'successful' people's stories – make a lot of money to lose it all. This probably because they became too comfortable and the other thing is, once you achieve success, you should ride on the wave when the momentum is there. When you think short term, you're only going after the instant pleasure. You must learn to master ‘delay gratification' so that you can enjoy your today's labor.
10) You're blind to What Is Important in Life:
 I believe there are only two things that are important in your life – control of time and experiencing happiness. Money, love, big cars, diamonds, etc are the things that contribute to these two benchmarks of successes. For instance, if you have money, you don't need to work so that you can have more time to do the things you like. It's not the money that you're trying to get but what the money CAN DO FOR YOU. I know this topic is bigger than one sentence explanation but I guess you get the point.
 So now you know the 10 ways to fail in life. Question is, are you doing any of these? I'll be BS'ng you if I said I don't. I'm human, flesh and blood - I do mistakes too.
 But I was fortunate to experience my fair share of success today because I learn powerful lessons from other successful people…
 "It's okay to fail and you should fail as many times as you can. That is how you learn but more importantly, you should never give up – each time you get kick dirt in your face, wash your face and ‘fight' back. Don't go crying like a sissy because Mum's not going to come cleaning your face."
Are you ready? Go get your goals.
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