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Swati Gill | Tuesday 19 April 2011 ( 1 Comment)

You will get to see a lot of business schools offering MBA Degrees. It is one of the most preferred qualifications these days. For an individual it a great investment, because the cost of a full time MBA include fees, accommodation costs, living expenses, etc. Regardless of the high price MBA Degree is still considered the most preferred qualification and it is only because it’s valuable and the knowledge given is very useful today.

It augments the chances of an individual to grow successfully in his or her career. If you are giving it a second thought of enrolling yourself in the MBA Degree then, you should find out what an MBA Degree will give you in the future. As you read further you will know the benefits and impact of holding an MBA Degree.

It opens better job opportunities for its students, and opens a wide range of career options.  Because in the MBA course learns how to improve his management skills in a broader prospect, the opportunities for its students to move from a specialized discipline into general management also increases at a great extent. Though the students choose to do specialization in a particular field, still they can choose to join any other field as they are taught the skills and have the basic knowledge of everything. Many colleges organize for CEO Lectures where the CEO of a company comes to give a lecture on his company and the latest development in that industry.

After a candidate achieves an MBA Degree he can easily avail to the benefit of getting Management posts. When a person who is specialized in a particular field (like engineering or IT) gets promoted he would definitely need some strategic skills to handle all things well. And the training that a candidate gets in the programs prepares him well to handle all situations. Let’s take an example; a software engineer who lacks the basic management skills the training given during the MBA program will benefit him if he is promoted to be the Head of the IT Department.

An MBA Degree also gives a boost to ones salary. After the candidates obtain an MBA Degree the chances of getting promoted or getting a higher paid job increases. They start enjoying success both in salary and rank. It is one of the most versatile higher credential in the world, those who possess this Degree can make their career abroad too.

The MBA Degree furnishes the students with vital knowledge required even for starting their own business. It teaches all the skills required to handle a business solely and how to create the entire staff and even the skills to manage your staff.  Thus after completing the MBA Degree a candidate can think to start his own business.

This course teaches students to build network, as in this program there are candidates from different parts of the world. Therefore they are get along and build relation even if they don’t know they try to know each other, so building network starts from here itself.

The MBA program offers a good learning and knowledgeable experience. As there can be students from different regions and countries then there could be students of different intellect. So learning starts from class and from class fellows. Therefore an MBA program is good source of bringing out and sharing your experiences.

An MBA Degree provides personal accomplishment for an individual. An MBA Degree fulfills the desires of many to possess it. You are among the lucky to possess it, because many can just dream of it and not possess it. Feel proud to possess one.

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Swati Gill | Tuesday 19 April 2011 ( 0 Comment)

CAT is the entrance exams that many students give every year to enter into MBA. it is the gateway to get an MBA Degree. CAT is the access to the elite of management colleges in India, like the IIMs. The Common Admission Test (popularly known as CAT), is an ability test; it is the most popular test among forthcoming management students because it is accepted by the best institutes. It is one of the most demanding entrance exams conducted across the world for most of the graduate colleges.

CAT is used as the criteria to pick out applicants for admissions to the six IIMs and the best B-schools in India and abroad too. CAT is one of the leading MBA entrance exams conducted in India, every twelve months. The scores of CAT are accepted by more than 75 non-IIM Colleges across India, many of which are ranked in par with IIMs.

Eligibility for the masters in management at all B-Schools and to give the IIM-CAT is at least a three-year bachelor's degree in any discipline from a renowned university with not less than 50% Marks. IIM, the leading business-schools of the country (and counted among the best in the world) carry out this test every year as one of the selection process to get the best and prospective students for the next round of admission process that will comprise of their personal interview and a group discussion (popularly known as GDPI) for their MBA and Fellow-ship programmes.

All students appearing for their final year examination are also qualified to appear for CAT. There is a belief by some people that CAT is not an examination for selection but rather a way to reject those who cannot get themselves to set their minds working for 2.5 hours without any break. As said it is the aptitude test of a candidate to test all his abilities. Later in the GDPI his reasoning and communication skills abilities are also tested. So, CAT is not a cake that everyone can eat. You need to work throughout the year. If you think that studying for a fortnight or a month will give you success then it is a dream that will not come true. The cut out percentage is so high that students even getting good scores are left from admission into the best B-Schools.

This entrance exam covers questions in five broad areas such as verbal ability and reasoning, reading comprehension, quantitative skills, data interpretation and logical reasoning. The CAT examination demands proficiency across all sections of the paper. Therefore, how many questions are there is not important, what is important is how many questions and how well you have answered those questions. This will check your competitive skills too. It demands capability in all sections across the paper.

A distinctive CAT paper can have questions between 75 and 150. This test evaluates a student’s presence of mind and ability to perform under pressure. The procedure for giving the CAT is announced every year through the leading newspapers in the month of August and the admissions to the course beginning in the second half of June of the following year. The CAT is conducted every year in the month of November.

CAT questions are of multiple-choice nature having four/five alternate answer choice and the candidate will have to mark it on a special Optical Reader answer sheet. All sections have different marks.

There is no strategy that can be applied to select the easiest question. Doing something like that will only waste time, instead leave the lengthiest questions for the last to be answered. Usually students are in a hurry to complete the paper which might lead to answering them incorrectly. Therefore, even if the candidate is successful in completing 50% of the paper he is through, as far as he has answered them CORRECTLY.

Personal or Postal Coaching will be helpful in CAT Preparation. The reason why one preparing to give CAT should attend these coaching classes is that they teach you short cuts and you will also get to know the question types by answering the mock test that they conduct on regular intervals. There are very good Coaching Institutes - Bulls Eye, Ascent, TIME, IMS, Roots Education and Career Launcher. It is difficult to say which of them, is the best, as everything depends on the faculty training the candidates. Thus, before joining any coaching class, be clear with all the details and try to know all the details by consulting with the present students.

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Swati Gill | Tuesday 19 April 2011 ( 0 Comment)

Education plays a vital role in your life. It not only provides you with the means to make money and standing in society, it also shapes your personality. Any stream of education doesn't merely give you a degree it shapes your opinions and helps you make decisions. This is perhaps the reason why engineers are analytical, those from the management sector are strategic, those who are from the creative fields are innovative in general.


The primary role of education in general is to make you employable and earn a good living for yourself and your family. Throughout history job opportunities has shaped the demand of educational courses. The changing business environment in the last two decades has fueled the need for business management courses. The result has been the sprouting up of many business schools throughout the world, especially in countries like India.

The primary reason for the popularity of MBA courses has been the fact that many countries like India and China have seen huge economic boom in the last two decades. In India the old license raj system gave way to the new corporate structure. No matter which ever sphere of business a corporate is involved in individuals with MBA degree have a higher chance of growth. Be it MBA Delhi or MBA Hyderabad students around the country are flocking to MBA Schools.


One of the biggest movers in the demand for B Schools in India has been the huge amount of professionalism  in business in the recent years. The Indian consumer is looking for the best products and services and there is cut throat competition in business. Strategy is the biggest need of the hour in the Indian business environment and this is where the MBA degree holders have an edge over others. This is why corporates go to the best B Schools in India and recruit management graduates paying high salaries.


Following are some of the reasons why an MBA degree can accelerate corporate success for you:

  • MBA courses enhance the leadership skills in a person as most of the courses are designed so that they offer you the opportunity to lead teams. The projects, group assignments and presentations help you in acquiring the skills of handling business situations.
  • MBA programs go a long way in helping you develop business expertise in various domains of business be it the services industry or the product industry.
  • MBA degree equips you with entrepreneurial
    skills and gives you a deep knowledge of business operations in the corporate world.
  • Networking is an integral part of an MBA course.  In today's business world networking is one of the key ingredients to growth and MBA graduates are known to have good networking skills.
  • Executive MBA also helps individuals rise in the hierarchy within their own organization. Many people are opting for executive MBA to achieve success.        

Although any educational degree can never guarantee you success, an MBA degree is the best thing to have in your curriculum vitae. The importance of an MBA degree can be understood very well from the fact that people cutting across educational background are opting for an MBA.

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Swati Gill | Wednesday 13 April 2011 ( 0 Comment)

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The MBA course requires a lot of hard work and struggle and the candidates need to be very apprehensive and determined towards their study. The MBA colleges make sure that the students are trained with the proper knowledge and techniques of the field. The candidates pursuing MBA are very well aware of the fact that they need to put in a lot of effort to get the desired result. All are aware that the MBA education not only gives the candidate a degree in his chosen specialization, but it also teaches him the strategies required to compete in the corporate industry. The aim of all education institutes is to give a student a stable career and guide them for a better and successful career ahead.  Anxious

Sessions conducted in the classroom for any course are said to be the most important portion of the education system. The only reason is that, class is the place where a student gets to learn things in a better and broader perspective. He has his classmates to discuss and argue on particular points, he can get his doubts cleared and can also increase his confidence by speaking on certain topics in front of the entire class. There is a huge difference between doing a regular course and a correspondence course. In the regular MBA Course you will get the first hand information and can also get all your doubts cleared, but in a correspondence you will not get this facility. One of the most important components in an MBA Degree is the Group Discussions, and this is what you will not be able to benefit if you decide to do a correspondence course. This component is very informative and a student gets a chance to learn a lot when in group than studying alone.

Have you ever faced a situation where you are in a group with your friends and they are discussing on some topic but you are not able to contribute much to the discussion? Then I think this is the time that you start involving in Group Discussions because you need to have that confidence to move ahead. Today if you have not been able to speak among your friends, tomorrow you could have the same situation in front of others, may be your colleagues or your boss at work, and then what are you going to do?

All views put forward by various students, in a class, allows a student grasp varied and detailed knowledge on a single topic. It allows the student to go in depth of the subject and present his views and ideas.

Group discussions, allows the student to build his confidence and be able to put forward his views and ideas in front of a large group. These types of discussions allow the students to open up and present his ideas. It is more interesting as you get to see that all the students get the opportunity to speak on one single topic and present their ideas on it.

·         The students, who get admission in the MBA course, definitely have an intellectual thinking power, with appealing and pioneering ideas. Therefore, if students like this, then take part in this and prove that the result will be productive. And being a part of all these group discussions is definitely an opportunity for them to prove their skills and show the knowledge they possess.

·         Students also develop their overall personality. Any MBA students is said to have good presentation skills, because they get to interact with different people from diverse background. Having interaction so many times with these different people teaches them the work culture and the nature of the people at different position. They also learn to handle the attitudes of different people.

Thus, you can say group discussions in an MBA course are very productive and play vital role in giving right direction to the student's career. Getting admission in an MBA College is not an easy task. Hence, a candidate needs to be smart enough to keep a seat for himself in the few of the most well-known MBA colleges of the country.

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