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Category: All Documents  »  Education » College

Tags: Placement , Hospital , Technical and Medical Education , Management Education and Training
We SRIJIME(Sri Jagannath Institutes of Management and Engineering) is an Educational Agency with aim and objective to facilitate Technical Education and Training and now running in profit for last 14 years. This agency is registered with IT Act 12AA and allow the investor the profit and exempted for paying IT which is an added advantage. SRIJIME is an Educational Agency with aim and objective to facilitate Technical Education and Training to all in the Society, specially for the meritorious student in the disadvantageous position, sponsored by SRIJAGANNATH CULTURAL TRUST, a State level trust duly registered under the Indian Trust Act 1876, with its Registered Office at Jagatpur, Cuttack - 754021.and has been certified by ISO as well has received multiple awards from Govt of India as well as State Govt. for its Activities in managing the Colleges , providing Training and placement of the Students in various fields.
Now Srijime with an idea already approved by Govt. of India proposes to start a Techno Campus( An deemed University for Technical Education) in Orissa, India for which we have aquired land, started Infrastructure requred for going into construction work for the Techno Campus, availed all necessary legal permissions and have invested abpout $4.5,00,000USD. The Total Project cost will be $157, 000,000USD and we need a Project Finance Requirment is $150,000,000 USD.
The promoter is a 58 yr old Engineer and Rtd .Proff, serial entrepreneur and having Experience of 35 Years Management Experience . He has been running two different brands of educational Institution in Odisha, -India, the fastest growing area in the world that is expected to become "the Detroit of the West". Now on the agenda is the creation of a private university. Investment is needed to enable the private education provider to acquire existing setup. The project offers high returns on investment.
Competitive advantage:
- We will have the advantage of running the best college in the state of Odisha and haven Awarded many times by the State Govt., Govt. of India .
- India, with a population of 120bn, has less than 400 universities which creates a great long-term opportunity for development of the private education sector.
Rationale for the deal:
We are 15 yr old private Trust company with due audits and high credit rating. We have so far invested money and time to create quality and visibility. We have delivered top quality education and training and are ready for the big leap and have received various awards from Govt of India as well as from Govt of Odisha, my State Government.This is also a ISO Certified Institution and is having its International presence in the filed of Technical Training to Technocrat and School of learning for Placement in various Sector and near about 1500 students of our Institution are there in International Market in Job.
Use of financing:
The financing will be used for the aquisition of fixed assets needed for the expansion. The operational cost for two more years will be appx 500000 USD.
We are to say that,our Group of of Educational Institution having 2 Existing Institutions.Now for Expansions we need a Project Finance at lower and fixed Rate of Interest.Our Loan Requirement will be Apx.260Cr.for our New Proposed Techno campus( A Deemed University for Technical University).But this Project we want to implement in three stages i.e
1.Engineering and Technology (2012) Funding Requirement
2.PG & Management In Technology (2014) Funding Requirement
$15,000,000USD +/- 10%
3.Medical College & Hospital (2015) Funding Requirement
$110,000,000USD +/-15%
4. Paramedical & Pharmacy (2016) Funding Requirement
Total 150million USD

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