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Marketing Success Strategies

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The Number One Principle which you should carve in your mind before you start promoting your business is


A lead joins you when your offer completely satisfy her needs and no other time. But before you reach this stage you must have gone through several crucial not just one.

There is six elements of converting strangers into friends then into distributors which I will go through in details.

#1 Create awareness of your products and services

#2 Offer value and solutions while showcasing knowledge for free

#3 Continue giving value but offer something which cost your prospects money.

#4 Surprise them by overdelivering on the low cost purchase by inviting them to something special

#5 Offer a higher priced item, something that they know is needed for them.

#6 Polish and Repeat

I'll go through the whole process for you so you will able to implement this in your promotion efforts immediately.

#1 At first you may ask that How can I create awareness? Whats the best strategy for me? The best strategy was always story telling because people love stories if they can connect with someone they expect solution from. This story should be about your problems you had and how you was able to solve those issues.

#2 The most effective way of presenting value is to offer and provide free marketing training which will eventually send traffic to your blog and website. This should be something you create on your own, position yourself as an Expert. Thats how you can encourage the prospect to subscribe to your list.

#3 Form a closer connection with your prospect day by day forming a responsive list which is the best way to monetize each and every step of your marketing efforts. The gold is in the list!

#4 Encourage them and keep in touch. Private team trainings are great way to communicate with them and easy to done.. Give a name to your group which builds a great cohesion.

#5 After you were able to build a close relationship you can go on to the next step
, this is the only time to offer a higher priced item. Show them to your primary offer, discuss the benefits working with you. Dont Go Overboard! Choose the ones who really are qualified. Remember! Dont beg! Posture up.

#6 Rinse and Repeat DAILY How much time did it take you to learn your profession? How much time does it take to be a professional? One time wont work. 30 day Tops wont work!

90 Day tops marketing wont work!

You must be determined to doing for however long it takes PERIOD SPACE SPACE!!

Dont be wibbly Wobbly Do you want the same kind of people in your organization? This means marketing!

Remember: the beginning of the process starts with you not with a replicated website! You should also remember that do not expect your prospect to move to the next step of the sales process.

MLM marketing is not for people who are scared of marteing themselves who are not ready to make a step forward and make they name well known on the filed. I did use field on purpose because Internet Marketing became a true battlefield with sharp competition but also remember: making money on the internet was never been easier. People come in hordes in urge looking around for opportunities in this unreliable economical situation.

You just have to tap on this never ending source of interest by perfecting your marketing efforts.

If you have no idea how to implement this whole process in your marketing dont sweat on it You just have to be yourself providing value and You can have have a turnkey marketing system which does the rest.
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