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Rohit Rohan | Friday 26 March 2010 ( 20 Comment)

So it has been said by so many and for so long that governance in our country stinks and reeks of all sorts of ailments. However noone has really come up with a solution to this problem. It always comes down to either blaming the government and politicians or admitting in a very hermit like fashion that we the people are to be blamed as the power to choose our leaders lies in our hands.

However fact remains that neither the politicians nor the people are going to change overnight so it all comes back to square one. People move on with their lives and the scene is left to what it always was. Some blinks of hope do come along like Times of India organising a nationwide talent hunt for "leaders" but then who knows what happened to the winners or the finalists.... How many of us even remember the name of the winner??

When I shifted to Delhi a few years back for my college education, I noticed that the college students were intensely politically active. There were Left and Right ideologies being discussed in the usual corridors and recruitment to all ideologies was on a high. That was when I realised one thing : it is the politicians who make use of the youth power in the real sense.

Even though the average age of our MPs must be above 50 years (or even 60 years....who knows!!) they actually work through the younger people, most of who begin ther political careers at their college levels. So the youth is not being wasted anyway.... it is being utilised very cleverly though by the time a youth actually learns the tricks of the trade and comes to the chair, his youth is already long gone.

And that is when this concept struck me.... WHAT IS GOVERNANCE? It is nothing but managing the affairs of the country. Managing being the keyword there. When we have some of the best managers in the world, why waste them?? I mean we have the IIMS and a host of management schools that produce flocks of managers each year.... while many of them take jobs in companies here and abroad, there are even people who have a desire to do something good for the country.

So why not recruit these managers to run our country? They are young, educated, sensible, intelligent and capable.... I mean who else can do a better job? When they can run multinational companies, why cannot they run respective segments of governance and thus manage the country as a whole??

Why can't we have Management-Governance or M-Governance in our country? Any takers?

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Rohit Rohan | Friday 26 March 2010 ( 20 Comment)

I guess out of all the months of the year, this particular month, March is the most heartless in terms of economy and financial stability. Its all a low or no response from all corners. Be it anyone, there is a li'l shaking that everyone feels.

As a student, a son a friend and a roommate I suddenly feel like one of the most deprived creature on Planet Earth. My Dad, a banker, is unavailable dut to peek working hours. Mom says she cannot send me any more money as she has already sent me three times more than my usual monthly allowance. My best friend has her exams and her office demanding at the same time so we have virtually gone off talkin terms. I have lent out money to friends that I don't see coming back any soon and my roommate is busy cursing the month for his empty pockets!

He says no matter how much he plans, saves, borrows or buries; he faces this dillemna each year. In this very month. And then he moves onto a selective range of expletives. When the month began, my birthday treat was due on me.... so one day my friends dragged me to an eating joint that also specialised in hookahs and drinks. Needless to say I was stripped off my pockets. I shifted to Delhi from Noida, where my college is. So now the travelling is killing me slice by slice.

My clothes had been waiting to be washed since months and when I finally gave them to the nearby washerman, he politely presented me with a bill of four hundread seventy rupees.... A day later I fell ill and had to visit the devil with the telescopes and he again served a bill that made my stomach lurch. My roommate suggested a series of cost cutting measures like cooking at home and smoking "chhoti Gold Flake" instead od Wills Classic.... (which according to him was the biggest sacrifice he has made in his life).... but none of it could save our souls....

I guess the month is meant to be so. It says March! The very name alarms me. When we were in school, March meant new academicsessions....may
board exams; but none of it was as pathetic as this! And since the time I have moved into college life, the month has taken a new meaningaltogether....b
declaring closingperiod....compa
and seths taking account of their stocks.... and 'Don' (my roomie) moving down to lesser cigarettes....

And its just halfway into the month!! There is still the other half to drag on! Oh mon Dieu! I guess we will have to cling on to the hope that every ocean meets its end somewhere..... Although one of my biggest worries is my tummy....for by the time the month ends, it will have been so long since I started eating what Don cooks at home! :(

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Rohit Rohan | Saturday 20 March 2010 ( 32 Comment)

Personally, I feel that with MBA become the new favourate and the most loved thing for any gradate, there ought to be a right way to help hopefulls choose the right MBA stream for them and not just leave them to follow the herd. ISBF, located in New Delhi, is trying to make an attempt in this direction. Have a look.

As the Indian economy leapfrogs towards becoming a global powerhouse, more and more management graduates are eager to join the booming economy. But, lacking in practical experience, these graduates are not equipped to make a meaningful start.

In keeping with the demands of the time, the Indian School of Business & Finance (ISBF) offers education, training and consultation in the field of economics, finance and management. ISBF believes that an MBA is often the final education frontier before the beginning of a career. Therefore, the school adheres to the following principles:

Firstly, in order to keep up with the latest trends, products and services across industry, the curriculum is updated continuously. Secondly, the emphasis is on a sound theoretical grounding. At the same time, industry exposure is given importance. Thirdly, the pedagogical framework is interactive. It is a balanced blend of classroom instruction, project work, practical experience, research, group work, seminars, and so on. Fourthly, since what one learns from successful practitioners makes the difference, industry interaction through internships, corporate seminars, lectures by practicing managers, MDPs etc is encouraged. Besides, students get an international exposure in terms of exchange programmes with international business schools.

Located in New Delhi, ISBF has a state-of-the-art campus, which is wi-fi enabled and the course is e-integrated for convenient and accessible instruction.

Students can make a choice between a full-time, part-time and distance learning degree/diploma/ professional certificate. The twoyear full-time PG Programme in Management (PGPM) also incorporates an MBA degree from a UGC recognised university.

One of the few ‘affiliate centres’ of the University of London, ISBF offers undergraduate honours degree programmes in economics, finance and management from the University of London - in association with the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). These courses are recognised by Delhi University and even recognised as Master’s degrees by certain universities in India.

ISBF serves the financial services industry as an authorised education provider of the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB), India. At the postgraduate level, it offers a one-year full-time PG Diploma in finance that meets the needs of industry professionals by incorporating the course content of CFP and CFA (US)-Levels I and II. Among other courses on the anvil are diplomas in financial planning, investment management, financial risk management, financial modelling and technical analysis.

For more information, call up at 011-40577733, 9971795613, 9971795611, or visit www.isbf.edu.in

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