Srinivas Kadiyala

Student of Information Technology at s.v.i.t
Hyderabad, India | Information Technology Courses
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  Information Technology(s.v.i.t) – 2011
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  Information Technology 2007 – 2011
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Manasi  Sinari
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Discussions(11) started by Srinivas Kadiyala
Posted: 2 year(s) ago
If 0.75 : x :: 5 : 8, then x is equal to: 1 - 1.12 2 - 1.2 3 - 1.25 4 - 1.30
Posted: 2 year(s) ago
Let a %u201C2-placer%u201D be a terminating decimal, between 0 and 1, for which the shortest possible representation has exactly 2 decimal places....
Posted: 3 year(s) ago
From my calculation the answer should be option B.
Posted: 5 year(s) ago
Whats the answer??? Is it 19..??
Posted: 7 year(s) ago
The Answer appears to be C. Both Statements. Statement 1. by itself ain't sufficient, Since, we don't know if x or z are +ve or -ve, we will not...
Posted: 7 year(s) ago
The function p(n) on non-negative integer n is defined in the following way: the units digit of n is the exponent of 2 in the prime factorization of...
Posted: 7 year(s) ago
In the expansion of Image:...
Posted: 7 year(s) ago
Two prime numbers are considered consecutive if no other prime lies between them on the number line. If p1 and p2 are consecutive primes, with...
Posted: 7 year(s) ago
Which of the following represents the complete range of x over which Image:...
Posted: 7 year(s) ago
If x and y are both positive, is x greater than 4? 1) x>y 2) In the coordinate plane, the point (x,y) lies outside a circle of radius 5 centered...
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