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Pedro Octavio Ribeiro

Fafe, Portugal
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  Animation & Multimedia() – 1999
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  Animation & Multimedia 1992 – 1999
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Discussions(11) started by Pedro Octavio Ribeiro
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
This comic has a nice punchline -- very relevant to the GMAT sentence correction too. HA HA! Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal...
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
Excellent article on the volatility of the wheat market. Wheat: a strategic market on which prices could become more and more volatile...
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
The final word on nutrition and health. 1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than the English. 2. The Mexicans eat a...
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
A Texas Oil Tycoon and an Alaskan Oil Tycoon were debating on which state had the most oil. The Alaskan Oil Tycoon said, "Listen, there is so much...
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
We have all been to those meetings where someone wants "more than 100%." Well here's how you do that. Here's how you can achieve 103%. First of...
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
Is the Old World dying or dead? Emerging economies have wind in their sails, for now | Reuters...
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
Hia all! Found this MBA certified working solely on Facebook! Is it going to this? Are online MBA's going to trend to this? It's supposedly...
Posted: 6 year(s) ago
this is not goin to b effective coz jus asking a question doent mean that he vil bring the changes
Posted: 6 year(s) ago
nice post thanks so much
Posted: 6 year(s) ago
nice post thanks so much
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