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Dr.Naga Rathinam

Student of Medicine & Health Care at SRM DENTAL COLLEGE
Chennai, India | Dental Sciences Courses
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  Medicine & Health Care(SRM DENTAL COLLEGE ) – 2011
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  Medicine & Health Care 2007 – 2011
Discussions(11) started by Dr.Naga Rathinam
Posted: 5 day(s) ago
---Quote (Originally by drnaga)--- What is virtual memory? - Virtual memory is hardware technique where the system appears to have more memory...
Posted: 4 week(s) ago
Do you think you are overqualified for this position? What qualities do you look for in a boss? Describe your work ethic. Describe your management...
Posted: 1 month(s) ago
---Quote (Originally by drnaga)--- *Product and Brand Management* *What it is about?* * Product Management * Business Analysis * Marketing...
Posted: 1 month(s) ago
Nice work and thanks for the post. I am going to tell you about the most trusted brands of 2015. LG Samsung Sony Tata Nokia
Posted: 1 month(s) ago
really helpful ...thanx for posting such a great stuff
Posted: 1 month(s) ago
Thanks Naga for sharing such a great post regarding GD. I really appreciate your work and effort. Your information on the topic will be going to be...
Posted: 2 month(s) ago
It may be called as "disk drive," "hard drive," or "hard disk. It is a non removable magnetic disk which is used to store the data and information in...
Posted: 2 month(s) ago
---Quote (Originally by drnaga)--- A real time process is a process that must respond to the events within a certain time period. A real time...
Posted: 2 month(s) ago
A HTML document is a text document including html tags and html tags are surrounded by the brackets for example content. BTW i am...
Posted: 2 month(s) ago
Actually the way through which the information or data is sent from one place to another is called transmission media and there are two types of...
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