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Bangalore, India
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  Bachelor of Engineering (Govt college of Engg) – 2004
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  Govt college of Engg
  Bachelor of Engineering 2000 – 2004
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Kartik Raichura
Founder & CEO at Management Paradise
Roshni Bhatia
Parvathy A
Student of BMS
Sunanda K. Chavan
Abhijeet S
Operations Manager at MP
Manasi Sinari
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Saurabh Khandelwal
Student of MBA at scmld
Raj Yadav
Student of MBA at institute of professional education and research(IPER) bhopal
Srinivas D
Babu Reddy
Student of Bachelors In Management at bgsims
Narayan Tiwari
Student of MBA at Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies Indore
Muralikm 2008
Piyush Patel
Business Development Manager at Prodesignz Pvt Ltd
Naresh Mettugari
Student of MBA at osmania university,hyderabad
Discussions(11) started by Deepak Narayanan
Posted: 2 year(s) ago
I think we are taking education very lightly. Education includes knowledge gained through classrooms, society, Friends views ,self views gained by...
Posted: 3 year(s) ago
Yes literally current education system enlightened our current system of high qualification. As we have realized in previous decade. Education was...
Posted: 3 year(s) ago
Since each gnome can see all the hats in front of him and hear all the answers in back of him, here's what he does, If the number of black hats in...
Posted: 3 year(s) ago
There was a little boy called John. He was very playful. He played hard at the playground and was exhausted when he got home. His father told him to...
Posted: 3 year(s) ago
Yes, actually it has already boosted the domestic cricket and has given chances to many young talents. IPL is the best platform for those who lost...
Posted: 3 year(s) ago
Yes begging is already a crime in our nation but now it has become like a profession and easy money making tactic for the anti social elements of the...
Posted: 3 year(s) ago
The question is actually misleading... The question should be, what is the field of knowledge / industry to which I feel really passionate?
Posted: 3 year(s) ago
I think it is the good strategy for selecting the talented and skilled students. Visiting the individual college for the campus recruitment also...
Posted: 3 year(s) ago
Sometimes i also feel that Indian laws are made for giving judgement not justice. Just take the case of Bhopal Gas Tragedy, the culprit of that...
Posted: 3 year(s) ago
I am not agree that newspaper lost it shine because i am still reading newspaper and i am addict of it. Wherever i am i need it first at the morning...
Articles(2) written by Deepak Narayanan
 My idea has been shortlisted as one of the best start-up ideas.Pls vote for me to win the contest.Here is the 2 step process: 1. Like this page and...
Published on Thursday 31 March 2011, 11:53 AM | 0 Comments
 Catch the WC fever with a MP.Open a Discussion and Win a T-Shirt....Lots more in store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!When the WC is ON, MP is no exception. MP wants its users to watch the WC match with MP...
Published on Friday 4 March 2011, 12:47 PM | 0 Comments
Communities(11) of Deepak Narayanan
210 members , led by Roshni Bhatia updated 3 week(s) ago
Finance Group for Banks/Banking, Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Broking/Brokerage, Stocks Traders, A...
7 members , led by Deepak Narayanan updated 8 year(s) ago
This group is dedicated for Book worms of Bangalore.People can share the reviews about the best/w...
5 members , led by Deepak Narayanan updated 8 year(s) ago
This group is for the aspiring Bryan Adams of Bangalore.We can discuss the guitar classes,guitar ...
233 members , led by Abhijeet S updated 4 year(s) ago
GOOD NEWS GOOD NEWS for all MPites!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you love to interact with people ??? Want a p...
43 members , led by Abhijeet S updated 8 year(s) ago
This community is for all crazy and speed lovers.. who are just crazy for FUTURE CARS... so le...
304 members , led by Abhijeet S updated 4 year(s) ago
hey friends, this community is OFFICIAL HELP CENTER of MANAGEMENT PARADISE.COM over here all you...
16 members , led by Abhijeet S updated 9 year(s) ago
lets unite all BARCA FANS.........
13 members , led by Deepak Narayanan updated 7 year(s) ago
This community caters to working professionals who want to pursue GMAT
40 members , led by Abhi Shreshtha updated 9 year(s) ago
well as d name sayz........ it alllllllllll..... dis Community is totalllyyyyyyyyyy dedicated to ...
15 members , led by Abhi Shreshtha updated 8 year(s) ago
all students whether past or current or goin to be vartakites from BMS are invited to join this c...
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