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Apurv Shukla

Student of MBA at Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management
Nashik, India | Operations Courses
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  MBA(Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management) – Current
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Study at Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management. Working as Management Student, Ex-Infoscion.Mismanaging my Management Studies.

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Operations, Website Management, Online Promotion and Marketing

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  Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management
  MBA 2008 – Current
  Proudly Mismanaged my Management Studies
  Student at Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management
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Kartik Raichura, Founder & CEO, Management Paradise
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  Student at Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management  
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“Apurv is one gem of a guy. They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and Apurv is a walking example of it. Throughly professional and always keen to learn new things. He's currently heading and his commitment and dedication to the venture are phenomenal.” March 18, 2010
  Kartik Raichura, Founder & CEO, Management Paradise
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Interests: web designing, online gaming
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Kartik Raichura
Founder & CEO at Management Paradise
Vishal Bhawsinghka
Alisha Savla
HR Genralist at Blisstering Solutions
Himansu Nahak
Student of PGDM at Shiva Institute of Management Studies
Parvathy A
Student of BMS
Sunanda K. Chavan
Shobha K
Student of BMS at kbp
Abhijeet S
Operations Manager at MP
Manasi Sinari
Public Relation Head at Management Paradise
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Student of MBA at IPS Business School
Himanshu Pathak
Student of MBA at Oriental Institute of Management
Jvaleen Kaur
Student of Bachelors In Management at MKV
Yamini Bhaskar
IT Consultant at JI
Manasi  Sinari
Public Relation Head at
Discussions(11) started by Apurv Shukla
Posted: 3 week(s) ago
I am sharing here the best ads of 2015. # 1 Nescafe- #Stammer Rishi #2 Bournavita %u2013 Swimmer # Tyari jeet ke # 3 Idea- #NoUlluBanoing ...
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
Hi Friend, I am doing MBA and Six Sigma Green Belt Certified. Could you tell me some companies giving us Six Sigma projects!! or can u tell...
Posted: 5 year(s) ago
A 1000 thanks for sharing Entity Relationship Models.
Posted: 5 year(s) ago
thank you for the great info regarding lean
Posted: 5 year(s) ago
Some case studies on Energy Management and Energy Saving Tips Energy Management |
Posted: 5 year(s) ago
When writing a Case Study analysis, one of the major prerequisite is to have a good understanding of the case study. Before beginning the steps as...
Posted: 5 year(s) ago
hello friends, some case studies on the Customer Relationship Management techniques CRM | (
Posted: 5 year(s) ago
Hi apurv i do agree with you but i want to make little change in our line that is "Try to be Excellent and Success Will Follow" ...
Posted: 5 year(s) ago
few classics ... FedEx vs UPS GM vs Toyota Nestle vs Cadbury Nike vs Adidas ********************* Know more of these brands on
Posted: 5 year(s) ago
IPL has made a recession into no recession.It plays a vital role in our tourism industry and the growth of our GDP. Its a great cricketainment for...
Articles(12) written by Apurv Shukla
With social media itself an exponentially growing trend that’s here to stay, many companies both small and large are keeping tabs on new social technologies as they emerge. With new sites,...
Published on Tuesday 6 July 2010, 8:13 PM | 0 Comments
Business managers might think that the Football World Cup will be best spent ordering distracted employees to close down the video links and concentrate on their work.But there s much to learn from...
Published on Saturday 3 July 2010, 4:43 PM | 0 Comments
Companies often make the mistake of thinking the best programmer will be the best manager of programmers. This is rarely the case, as programming and managing are different ahead
Published on Thursday 1 July 2010, 7:35 PM | 0 Comments
compiled from behaviour of commodity prices and U.S./European housing market prices in 2008, the ‘dot-com’ boom in 1998-2000, all these events have been characterized as...
Published on Sunday 20 June 2010, 6:07 AM | 0 Comments
 Change management is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. Change management (or change control) is the...
Published on Saturday 29 May 2010, 3:07 PM | 0 Comments
Blogs(3) posted by Apurv Shukla
Category:  Personal Blogs Posted: 5 year(s) ago
Hey Guys, Sharing one of the classic Anti Smoking Commercials that was aired on Indian Television View Ad   poor quality of the video is regretted. 'Say No to Tobacco ... It Kills'
Category:  Personal Blogs Posted: 5 year(s) ago
complied from The Receptiveness Hypothesis is applicable at a number of levels. For example, it applies to organizations in general, and the ability of the or...
Category:  Others Posted: 5 year(s) ago
 A very interesting read dicussing the creation of a Brand Value with an Indian perspective. It says that the most important change in India has been the demographic one. By this time, almo...
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304 members , led by Abhijeet S updated 10 month(s) ago
hey friends, this community is OFFICIAL HELP CENTER of MANAGEMENT PARADISE.COM over here all you...
15 members , led by Abhijeet S updated 5 year(s) ago
lets unite all BARCA FANS.........
13 members , led by Deepak Narayanan updated 4 year(s) ago
This community caters to working professionals who want to pursue GMAT
40 members , led by Abhi Shreshtha updated 5 year(s) ago
well as d name sayz........ it alllllllllll..... dis Community is totalllyyyyyyyyyy dedicated to ...
65 members , led by Apurv Shukla updated 1 year(s) ago
A case study is not a dormant entity, not a history that can be read and forgotten, it is about l...
53 members , led by Kartik Raichura updated 4 year(s) ago
Ben Jonson once said "A good life is a main argument" Lets put our life plans in persp...
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