Paramjeet Gupta

Student of Master of Science at IIT Kharagpur
Kharagpur, India
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  Master of Science(IIT Kharagpur) – 2012
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  IIT Kharagpur
  Master of Science 2007 – 2012
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Discussions(11) started by Paramjeet Gupta
Posted: 8 year(s) ago
well, although there are many good points, But I would rate new version of KBC as 6 on 10 because, I feel it has gone up quite more sensational, like...
Posted: 8 year(s) ago
The National Solar Mission is a good start to channel the investment..
Posted: 8 year(s) ago
---Quote (Originally by Paramjeet_1988)--- Majority of us would agree that it is 4000 words between a good score and bad one, we can fasten the...
Posted: 8 year(s) ago
Nice one guys. IT seems you watch the program very keenly.
Posted: 8 year(s) ago
Seeing the current uproar of the Indian airlines charging fairs that are equivalent of the USA return ticket for a short distance such as from Delhi...
Posted: 8 year(s) ago
Mercedes Benz which has been at the numero uno position from the past many years in the luxury car market has slipped to the number 2 position this...
Posted: 8 year(s) ago
That is the thing that A Raja should have done to maintain transparency in the system. I failed to understand why government is not going for...
Posted: 8 year(s) ago
@Justin, well if America is going to devalue their currency then it means that our export will become expensive as empirically rupee will appreciate...
Posted: 8 year(s) ago
thanks for sharing dude... informative article on NAFTA
Posted: 8 year(s) ago
In Chinese republic to provide employment opportunity to the 40% of the population chinese govt has established the so called sweat factories. The...
Articles(4) written by Paramjeet Gupta
It is increasingly felt that the saving interest rate should be determined by the market forces rather than the stipulated by the RBI. RBI has issued a discussion paper on this topic in the website...
Published on Friday 29 April 2011, 1:27 AM | 0 Comments
 Recently Sarkozy raised the age of the retirement from 60 to 62 years and the time after which full pension will be paid from the age of 67 as compared to 65. This was met with the stiff...
Published on Friday 22 October 2010, 6:57 PM | 2 Comments
 This was the starting point of the address that was given by Subbarao at IMF, Washington. The first point he iterated was that already the emerging market economies are growing at such a huge...
Published on Thursday 21 October 2010, 6:22 PM | 1 Comments
 RBI is divesting stake from NABARD to the tune of 1430 crore that will reduce her shareholding to a straight low of 1%. Theses shares are taken by Government of India.The motive behind such a...
Published on Thursday 21 October 2010, 6:00 PM | 1 Comments
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hey friends, this community is OFFICIAL HELP CENTER of MANAGEMENT PARADISE.COM over here all you...
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