Nida Shaikh

Student of BMS at Royal college
Mira-Bhayandar, India | Bachelor Of Management Studies
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  Marketing at Radiaant Expositions Ltd.
  BMS(Royal college) – Current
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Marketing, Advertising,Social Media,Advertising Planning & Public relations

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  Radiaant Expositions Ltd.
  Events Services |  October 2013 – Present
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  Royal college
  BMS 2013 – Current
  current year
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Interests: Photography,Reading,Social Media Marketing & Advertising
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Nida Shaikh
Student of BMS at Royal college
Discussions(11) started by Nida Shaikh
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
I do not think that management education if only for the rich. If you have talent and ability then you can get everything. With talent, you first...
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
yes social networking sites is a good way to communicate with your friends n can talk to them also helps to increase...
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
From my point of view ebook are good then the paper book, we can easily download it from the internet at out laptop, desktop, PDA, tablet, smartphone...
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
I like to watch the comedy movies. It keeps you away atleast for sometime from your whole day stress and tensions. You can feel somewhat better while...
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
I am agree with that professionalism is killing the feelings and emotions of people. In this highly competitive market industry, employee are facing...
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
Yeah we Indians believe in God that's why we do some coconut break, applying Tilak on forehead, taste some sweet prior to doing any important work....
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
I think management is the both art and science, you may better called it as dual process. We can not differentiate it with only art or science. While...
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
Yes there should be banned on the violent video games. Video games are meant for the relaxation from the studies stresses and it gives break to...
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
Females aren't any superior or more serious learners than males. Each genders have their own positives and negatives aspects with regards to being a...
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
Its true that girls are emotional. But according to me, boys are also but they can better hide their emotions. Men thought that emotions are the sign...
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created 9 year(s) ago,   2 comments, 3549 views
Articles(6) written by Nida Shaikh
Employee satisfaction can be an important indicator of how productive your business is running as well as the future outlook of the company. Having workers who generally like what they do will...
Published on Friday 10 June 2011, 7:56 PM | 0 Comments
Getting good feedback from customers and employees is important for any business that expects to grow. Without knowledge, business leaders can not make good decisions. Bad decisions lead to a...
Published on Wednesday 25 May 2011, 6:08 PM | 0 Comments
The Benefits and Advantages of E Books An ebook is a book in electronic format. It is downloaded to a computer, PC, Mac, laptop, PDA or any other kind of computer, and is read on the screen....
Published on Wednesday 18 May 2011, 8:05 PM | 2 Comments
  A fundamental principle of ethics is fairness. Ethical people play fairly. They respect the rules, judge circumstances by ethical criteria, and follow through appropriately. In a...
Published on Wednesday 18 May 2011, 5:04 PM | 0 Comments
Motivation - How Managers Create Low Morale In Their EmployeesEveryone knows that the sports team with the highest morale wins.  In fact, every manager wants high morale in his/her...
Published on Tuesday 17 May 2011, 7:15 PM | 0 Comments
Blogs(2) posted by Nida Shaikh
Category:  Corporate Blogs Posted: 9 year(s) ago
Category:  Life @ My Campus Posted: 9 year(s) ago
Waiting for college to open missing my frenz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hey friend through this community we all are aware about the corporate changes and we can also sh...
23 members , led by Sunanda K. Chavan updated 7 year(s) ago
do you feel people can manage to learn management from Bollywood. During presentations and case s...
111 members , led by Pankaj Deshmukh updated 8 year(s) ago
Want to discuss with the group on the various topics so that we can exchange the thoughts and sha...
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HAR PAL DOSTI KO HI APNI ADA MAANE....hey guys frndship means us lot in our life,frndship means s...
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This community is specially for BMS Students, so that they can help each other for notes, project...
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hey friends, this community is OFFICIAL HELP CENTER of MANAGEMENT PARADISE.COM over here all you...
74 members , led by Vishal Bhawsinghka updated 6 year(s) ago
This group is for HR Professionals to build network and share the current happenings in HR field....
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