Declan Kavanagh

founder at strategic business and it services
Dublin, Ireland | Management Consulting
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  Founder at The Expert Clinic
  founder at strategic business and it services
  Executive Chairman at Digiprove
  Engineering Manager at Trio-Tech Intl
  CEO at Cap Gemini - Sogeti
  Principal Consultant at KBS
  CEO at Accuris
  Manager at Amdahl-DMR Consulting- Fujitsu
  Design at Donnelly Mirrors
  Engineer, Test Eng Mgr, Production test Mgr at Computer Automation
  MBA(Dublin City University) – 1995
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  Summary about Declan Kavanagh:

Declan Kavanagh having qualified as an electronics engineer in 1979, worked in the Multinational technology sector for 22 years rising to CEO level. During this period he was an intrapreneur growing value within each organisation, he also studied accountancy and completed an MBA. In 2002 he jumped out of the corporate world and became a successful entrepreneur founding and selling a number of ventures. He now advises entrepreneurs, leaders and managers in both early stage and mature organisations, as well as leading two technology start up%u2019s. Declan developed the BAM%u2122 and Authored the book Advantage to provide a more detailed road-map for entrepreneurs, leaders & students to do the right things, the right way at the right time.

  Specialities of Declan Kavanagh:

Management & Organisation Development, Startup, Scaling and Turn around, Foreign Market Entry, Business Strategy and Planning, Corporate Governance, Change Management, Teaching & Training, Keynote Speaker, Personal, Management and Business performance management

  Experience details of Declan Kavanagh:
  The Expert Clinic
  Information Technology and Services |  January 2013 – Present
  Startup company developing a platform for experts to sell and deliver their services on-line with flexible commercial models and multimedia engagement. Improves service levels to clients , reduces travel costs and opens up new revenue streams for experts (professionals, consultants, trades people , etc)
  strategic business and it services
  Management Consulting |  March 2011 – Present
  Founder, and principal consultant. Provide consulting and professional services in the areas of technology, management and organisation development. Specialise in startup, scaling and turnaround and change management. Also advisor on M
  Executive Chairman
  Computer Software  |  January 2011 – Present
  Corporate governance and strategy, advisor to board and management. Contributer to Product strategy, Marketing and Sales
  Engineering Manager
  Trio-Tech Intl
  Computer Hardware  |  January 2013 – Present
  Declan joined this Multi-national subsidiary start up as engineering manager reporting to the MD, and led the engineering aspects of setting up a Mil-883 compliant semiconductor and component independent test laboratory. This role involved the design and procurement of process and equipment, commissioning and calibration/qualification of a complete range of automatic test equipment covering functional testers, ESS test process and equipment and manual testing process. In this role Declan and his team were directly involved in the design and execution of client test plans. Triotech were tracking AMD’s planned investment in Dublin, when that was cancelled the market was not mature enough or big enough to support the overall investment and Declan was made redundant as part of a major cost cutting exercise.
  Cap Gemini - Sogeti
  Information Technology and Services |  March 2008 – Present
  Responsible for post-acquisition integration of Insight with Sogeti in Ireland
  Principal Consultant
  Management Consulting |  January 2002 – Present
  During this period completed several assignments maintaining a high utilisation. Most significant assignments were Management and Development of IT for the Marine Institute through a significant period of change and development introducing new technologies to support their business including Sea Bed Survey, Introduction of related systems, refit of Celtic Voyager Vessel, IT
  Computer Software  |  March 2000 – Present
  Responsible for all aspects of running this international software products and services organisation, providing lawful Intercept Product solutions to main client KPN, and OSS systems, including provisioning, billing
  Amdahl-DMR Consulting- Fujitsu
  Information Technology and Services |  July 1987 – Present
  Declan joined Amdahl in 1988 and during his tenure was involved in leading the transition of the Irish operation from a hardware manufacturing facility for mainframe computers to a fully-fledged IT services and software profit centre within the Fujitsu group. 1999-2000 (Practice Director Fujitsu Consulting
  Donnelly Mirrors
  Automotive  |  September 1986 – Present
  Following redundancy Declan immediately secured a contract engineering role within the automotive sector, during this period he worked on designing a Printed Circuit Board for his client and more importantly developing initial electronics manufacturing plans and prototypes for this new area of technology for his client. (Terminated self-employment due to an attractive career opportunity in Amdahl)
  Engineer, Test Eng Mgr, Production test Mgr
  Computer Automation
  Computer Hardware  |  June 1980 – Present
  Declan started his career on graduation with computer automation where he learned his trade as a hardware test engineer and progressed through production testing, test design, test and engineering management. He performed well in all roles starting as a production test technician and rising to a direct report role responsible for test engineering and production test management. He led all aspects of technology transfer and new product introduction from HQ in CA
Education details of Declan Kavanagh:  
  Dublin City University
  MBA 1993 – 1995
  Additional Information about Declan Kavanagh:  
Interests: Collaboration, Entrepreneurship, Problem Solving Reading, Music, Rugby, Motor Sports
Discussions(1) started by Declan Kavanagh
Posted: 4 year(s) ago
Recently Published and acclaimed book “Advantage – A Roadmap for Entrepreneurs & Leaders in the Digital Age “ is now available on multiple channels...
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created 3 year(s) ago,   0 comments, 520 views
Advantage is what creates value for you, your customers and your organisation. Focusing on...
created 3 year(s) ago,   0 comments, 501 views
The impact of the Digital Revolution has changed the way we live and work. The pace of technology...
created 4 year(s) ago,   0 comments, 208 views
Advantage is what creates value for you, your customers and your organisation. Focusing on...
Articles(4) written by Declan Kavanagh
I learned many years ago, there are only three things that are important when considering any individual, team or organisation activity:·        Task: The focus...
Published on Monday 13 March 2017, 8:08 PM | 0 Comments
Well it’s that time of year and many of us are setting our ambitions and goals for 2014 for business and personally. If we start with good goals and objectives we up our chances of achieving them...
Published on Thursday 9 January 2014, 2:59 PM | 0 Comments
Published on Friday 2 August 2013, 6:50 PM | 0 Comments
Improving Business Start-up and EntrepreneurshipThe strength of an economy is often judged by the level of successful business start-up’s ,  the culture and supports that exist to facilitate...
Published on Friday 2 August 2013, 6:41 PM | 0 Comments
Blogs(15) posted by Declan Kavanagh
Category:  CEO Blogs Posted: 10 month(s) ago
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Category:  CEO Blogs Posted: 1 year(s) ago
A critical success factor for an organisation to achieve the target business outcomes from implementing their “Digital Agenda” is understanding and managing the change for Individuals in the...
Category:  CEO Blogs Posted: 1 year(s) ago
    “Digital Business Terms Unravelled” Most conversations I have heard or engaged in recently where the topic being discussed relates to “Digital-Business”, “Digital-O...
Category:  CEO Blogs Posted: 2 year(s) ago
Traditional approaches to guiding entrepreneurs tend to follow a sequential process, centred on the business plan, and with focus on the start-up phase of the business. This type of approach ofte...
Category:  CEO Blogs Posted: 2 year(s) ago
  The Digital Imperative/Agenda for an organisation reflects the organisation operation and plan to leverage information technology to create Advantage. The cumulative Advantage is reflec...
Category:  CEO Blogs Posted: 2 year(s) ago
      Advantage Note 20   Digital Business Maturity Model   by Declan Kavanagh ...
Category:  Corporate Blogs Posted: 2 year(s) ago
IT has become a core capability and increasingly defines a company's ability to compete in today's competitive environment. It is no longer sufficient to simply have good products and services;...
Category:  Corporate Blogs Posted: 2 year(s) ago
Current best practice Performance Management leverages known and researched best practice as well as social collaborative techniques and technologies to address the challenges experienced by indiv...
Category:  CEO Blogs Posted: 2 year(s) ago
This paper looks at what is a capability? How do capabilities interact? Why would you measure capability? What and how would you measure capability maturity? Capability Management is a way which y...
Category:  CEO Blogs Posted: 3 year(s) ago
Performance management must adapt to support the transition to a more digitally enabled organisation, this 4th paper in our series looks at what we need to consider to get the best from our digi...
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