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Advanced Batteries Market to 2020 - Demand for Electric Vehicles to Drive Growth, Asia Pacific to Remain the Major Producer

Bharat Book Bureau | Saturday 10 November 2012 ( 0 Comment)


Bharat Book introduces a report " Advanced Batteries Market to 2020 - Demand for Electric Vehicles to Drive Growth, Asia Pacific to Remain the Major Producer " The report gives an in-depth analysis of the two major types of advanced batteries, including lithium-ion batteries and nickel-based batteries. The report gives the revenue figures from 2005-2020 for the two technologies, their applications and regional market revenue for Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America for both lithium-ion and nickel- based batteries. It also details international regulations for advanced batteries. It provides an analysis of the global advanced batteries market and technology, and also examines the latest advancements in the technology, as well as the global advanced batteries market drivers and restraints.


The report covers advanced grid market competitive analysis and major deals analysis for the past year. It also provides international regulations and supply chain for advanced batteries market. This report is built using data and information sourced through primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GBI Research’s team of industry experts. http://www.bharatbook.com/alternative-sources-market-research-reports/advanced-batteries-market-to-2020-demand-for-electric-vehicles-to-drive-growth-asia-pacific-to-remain-the-major-producer.html


- Historical and forecast figures of revenues for the global lithium-ion and nickel-based batteries.
- The global advanced batteries market supply chain for lithium-ion and nickel-based batteries, including a mining overview for lithium and nickel metals.
- The market applications for both lithium-ion and nickel-based batteries in the advanced batteries market.
- A market overview and analysis of the market’scharacteristics
and technology, along with an overview of the latest technology advancements and the drivers and restraints of the market.
- Regional outlooks for the advanced batteries market in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America.
- The global advanced batteries market’s industry regulations.
- The global advanced batteries market’s competitive landscape.
- A deals analysis of the mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, venture capitals, debt finances and equity offerings in the advanced batteries market.

Reasons to buy

 - Decide on your focus area in the advanced batteries industry by understanding the end user segments of the market.
- Develop business strategies by understanding the trends and developments that are driving the global advanced batteries market.
- Design and develop your product development, marketing and sales strategies.
- Position yourself to take maximum advantage of the market’s growth potential.
- Develop business strategies and future plans with the help of a regional understanding of the advanced batteries market.
- Make more informed business decisions with the report’s insightful and in-depth analysis of the global advanced batteries market and the factors shaping it.

Companies Mentioned

Samsung SDI
LG Chem

Table of Contents:
1 Table of Contents 5
1.1 List of Tables 7
1.2 List of Figures 7
2 Introduction 8
3 Advanced Batteries Introduction 9
3.1 Advanced Batteries Overview 9
4 Advanced Batteries, Technology Analysis 10
4.1 Types of Energy Storage Devices 10
4.1.1 Mechanical 10
4.1.2 Electrical 11
4.1.3 Thermal 11
4.2 Types ofElectrochemical
Devices 11
4.2.1 Flow Batteries 11
4.2.2 Fuel Cells 11
4.2.3 Batteries 12
4.3 Technology Analysis of Advanced Batteries 12
of Advanced Batteries 12
4.3.2 Lithium-ion Batteries 14
4.3.3 Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries 15
4.3.4 Nickel-Cadmium Batteries 15
4.4 Advanced Battery, Applications 16
4.4.1 Consumer Applications 16
4.4.2 Automotive Applications 16
4.4.3 Military and Aerospace Applications 16
4.4.4 Medical Applications 16
5 Latest Technological Advancements in Advanced Batteries 17
5.1 Smart Nano Technology 17
5.2 SILX Technology 18
5.3 Saphion Technology 18
6 Global Advanced Batteries Market, Drivers and Restraints 20
6.1 Global Advanced Batteries, Drivers 20
6.1.1 Growing Demand for Electric Vehicles Including HEVs and PHEVs 20
6.1.2 Need for Better Performing Energy Storage Systems 21
6.1.3 Increase in Demand for Consumer Electronics and Portable Devices 21
6.1.4 Government Support to improve the Market Technology and Research 21
6.2 Global Advanced Batteries, Restraints 22
6.2.1 High Battery Prices Having a Negative Impact 22
6.2.2 Li-Ion Batteries Not Safe At Higher Temperatures 22
6.2.3 Insufficient Supply of Lithium to the Growing Demand 22
7 Advanced Batteries Supply Chain 23
7.1 Lithium-ion Advanced Batteries Supply Chain 23
7.1.1 Lithium Mining 24
7.2 Nickel-based Advanced Batteries Supply Chain 25
7.2.1 Nickel Mining 25
8 Global Lithium-ion Based Advanced Batteries Market to 2020 26
8.1 Global Lithium-ion Advanced Batteries Market, Overview, 2005-2020 26
8.2 Global Li-Ion Advanced Batteries Market Forecast, 2005- 2020 27
8.3 Global Lithium-ion Advanced Batteries Market, Applications 29
8.3.1 Cellular Phones 30

For more information kindly visit :
Advanced Batteries Market to 2020 - Demand for Electric Vehicles to Drive Growth, Asia Pacific to Remain the Major Producer


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