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Ways Hotel Management Colleges in India Can Advance Your Career

Petar Jorge | Tuesday 29 April 2014 ( 0 Comment)

Have you always wanted to get into the hospitality industry? Do the words hotels, resorts and motels ring a bell in your ears and make you feel extremely excited? Can you consider yourself fit enough for every aspect of hotel business? Whether it is working at the front desk or managing sales, arranging special events to housekeeping, looking after a well-stocked bar to ensuring availability of internet access for guests. If nothing of these seems to be menial for you, then you can try building a good career in hotel business.

The first step towards achieving such a job would be to secure a degree from one of the best hotel management colleges in India. A degree or diploma in hotel management can help you in breaking into a career that you might have dreamt about since ages. A course in hotel management from a reputed institute can really jump-start your career with the proper employer. They would train you in every aspect of hotel management so that you not only bag a good job, but also learn ways to advance your career to a large extent. Here are some of the ways, where their guidance can do wonders:

Help You Practice and Enhance Leadership Skills – You might consider yourself to be a born leader; however, it is a hotel management college that can lend you a safe environment to practise this skill. Not only practise, but enhance the skill to maximum level as well. Since the teachers in such hotel management colleges are mostly industry professionals, they would allow you to understand the actual difference between only coordinating a team and getting a hands-on practise on how to lead the way to success. Mentors in such institute would help you reflect on the merits of inspiring and organising, listening and problem-solving, and realising difference between controlling and motivating. Only when you have mastered these key skills, you can consider yourself to have leadership qualities.

Evaluate Existing and Understand Emerging Trends – A hotel management college would provide you training on the existing trends that are followed in the industry; pointing out its usage and implementation.
These can be adoptingenvironmentally
responsible practices or CSR that can attract potential guests, and so on. In addition to this, such an institute would guide you on the possible upcoming trends of the industry and train you to develop an understanding of the emerging trends. After all, you need be prepared on what you could offer your guests of tomorrow? What should they look for in your hotel or resort to choose you above others?

Secure Industry Certification – To be nationally as well as internationally
recognised on various aspects of hotel business, you would need industry certification from a standard institute. This can cover a wide spectrum that includes hotel administration, housekeeping, sales, knowledge and safety of food and beverages, and human resources. A certification from any of the accredited institutes can help you to demonstrate your key skills and expertise to your prospective employers. Thus, it lends a competitive edge to your curriculum vitae on the job market.

Learn the Tricks of the Trade to Successfully run a Business – Just having the skills mentioned above is not enough when you have to manage an entire business. It is not an easy task to manage every element of a business successfully, for that you would need guidance from the experts. It is obviously true that hotel administration is mainly about managing relationships with your guests, suppliers, and staff. However, you need to know how you can keep your costs down, handle accounts and employ marketing skills to ensure a steady rise in profits. This is exactly what you can learn in a course of hotel management; gripping the precise tricks of the trade.

Strike Up Industry Connections Domestically, Nationally As Well As Internationally – Any reputed hotel management college would boast of strong connections to industry specific renowned names. When doing your background research about a college, before you join it, this is one particular area you need to carefully check in. After all, your ultimate goal would not only stop at acquiring the necessary skills to thrive in the hospitality industry; but also to secure a job in the first place that allows you to bring those skills into action. So, you need to choose a college where campus interviews are organised and hotels visit the college to fill up positions. Moreover, you need to also find out whether the mentors or instructors maintain their links with the industry or not, and the job placement system of the college is sound enough to give you a job after completion of your graduation. Only when the college can help you set up connections domestically, nationally or internationally, you can attempt to step on the first rung of your career ladder.

The considerations mentioned above when checking about the college you want to enrol yourself in, are not enough. There are some more factors you need to consider in order to make the right choice about this potentially life challenging decision of yours. These are:

Whether Your Chosen Course has Industry Recognition - There are many colleges in the market, who falsely assure you of great placement, when in reality they are hardly recognised by the leaders of the industry. You would definitely not want to get associated with any of suchunauthenticated
names, right? So, you must ask as many questions as you want. Talk to industry bodies, pass out students, check for testimonials of that college to understand how far your chosen course and the college offering it holds ground in the hospitality and tourism industry. Only when you are satisfied that after your course gets completed your college can approach credible employers, you can go ahead and join them.

Type of Qualification You Would be Awarded - Before you enrol yourself into a hotel management college, you need to check on the type of qualification they would be awarding you. Whether it is a degree, diploma or a professional certificate; you need to know which one is the college known best for. A lot depends upon qualification, so choosing it wisely is advisable. After all, most employers recruit on the basis of the qualification candidates possess. When some employers look for a degree holder, some might prefer professional certificate owners. In general, degree courses that are conducted over longer periods of time are mostly preferred by employers. This is because due to the extensive time devoted to the training, candidates learn a lot in-depth about the intricacies of the hospitality industry.

What Does the Course Offer - This is an essential aspect that every candidate needs to take into account. After all, in an industry where maintaining interpersonal relationship is the key skill, you need more practical experience than theoretical training. So, any college that allots specific time to work in the field must be preferred over other colleges. To know this accurately, try speaking to past as well as current students of a college in order to get a picture of the college than what is provided in their brochures.

Thus, by checking on to these vital factors, you can choose and secure an admission in one of the best hotel management colleges in India that can enhance your career to a great extent.

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