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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 31 August 2018 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888 PressRelease) Polar King International, Inc. will be presenting their line of outdoor walk-in coolers, freezers and trailer units at 2018 Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show. The convention, co-located with Healthy Food Expo Florida, takes place September 6-8 in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center.

Fort Wayne, IN - Polar King International, Inc. (http://www.polarking.com/) announces that companyrepresentatives
Dan Parsenow and Brian Markham will be attending the 2018 Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show. The event, co-located with the Healthy Food Expo Florida, runs from September 6-8 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. The Polar King exhibit will be located inside booth 1601, with companyrepresentatives
providing product demonstrations and information. 
The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show is a 3-day event that brings together foodservice operators throughout the state of Florida.Representatives
include independent restaurant owners, QSR and quick-serve establishment operators; caterers, bakers, chefs, and others from across all segments and concepts. The 2018 show will feature design and décor seminars as well as extensive information regarding upcoming menu trends. 
About Polar King
As the industry’s #1 manufacturer of seamless fiberglass outdoor walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers, Polar King units are designed to endure even the most rugged conditions and climates. All walk-in coolers and freezers are delivered fully assembled and require only a simple electrical connection to put them into operation. With a 100% seamless fiberglass design, Polar King offers the industry’s only one-piece, outdoor unit. Polar King also recently gained Miami-Dade County product control approval. This means all Polar King products are designed to comply with the high-velocity hurricane zone of the Florida building code. Miami-Dade NOA No. 18-0516.05. To learn more about the fiberglass advantage, or for more information, call 888-647-8231, visitwww.polarking.c
or stop by booth 1601.
Polar King International, Inc. 
Email: cooler ( @ ) polarking dot com 
Website: www.polarking.com/
Blog: outdoorwalkin.info/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/PolarKingIntl
Twitter: ( @ ) Polar_King_Intl
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PolarKingInternational
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Patrick Gallenberg | Monday 27 August 2018 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888 PressRelease) Data Control Technitic says next generation LiDAR sensors to be upgraded with new, more powerful AI processing unit.

A new, more powerful artificial intelligence (AI) processor module will be part of an upgrade planned for Hong Kong-based LiDAR innovator, Data Control Technitic’s next generation LiDAR automotive sensors. The new sensors, which are still officially in final stage trials, are provisionally scheduled to make their commercial debut in the 1st quarter of 2019 suggesting that the current AI module has sufficient power to process the richer data stream from the sensors’ much higher resolution.
Data Control Technitic sources its AI modules from a US manufacturer and customizes the base systems to its own specifications, a process which industry insiders estimate can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to be green lit for use in dense urban traffic conditions.
“Our new AI processor module will be capable of handling hitherto unprecedented amounts of information from the new hybrid LiDAR/HD video sensors and it will feature an object recognition upgrade that can gauge the danger posed to the vehicle based on what an object in its path is,” explained Data Control Technitic’s Chief Technology Officer.
“In essence, the system will be able to tell the difference between, say, a banana peel and a broken bottle and instruct the vehicle to maintain course or take evasive action as necessary,” he added. 
According to Data Control Technitic’s CTO, the higher processing capacity and the large number of operations to be performed by the upgraded AI module will mean that, for the first time, the company’s system will require additional cooling that will likely need to be provided by the vehicle.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 24 August 2018 ( 0 Comment)

 1888 Press Release -CoreTechnologie
eagerly announces the launch of the 4.2 version of 3D Evolution and Analyzer, while maintaining conducive and productive customer service via a new Sales Technology and Enablement Team.

Detroit, MI -CoreTechnologie
(CT), the leading global provider of CAD converter, CAD viewer and 3Dinteroperabilit
software, announced today the launch of its newest release 3D_Evolution and 3D_Analyzer 4.2, software conversion packages that have gone beyond basic data translation and analysis. 
This new version takes on the challenge in the IoT (Internet of Things) in visualization of 3D Modules for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR). Diving deep in the Kernel to reduce polygon counts and removing details of a 3D model using the simplification algorithm to automate the daunting task. Companies are spending weeks to preprocess 3D Models for AR/VR to reduce polygon counts within the 3D Model. Depending on the application requirements, the data can be simplified to the LOD (Level of Detail) desired. 
This new release, along with a renewed focus on customer support, has engendered the creation of a new Sales Technology and Enablement Team within the company’s sales engineering organization.
“The team, is designed to help empower our customers and sales team by supplying them with reliable guidance and technical knowledge needed to assist in the implementation of our product; 3D Evolution™.” said David Selliman, VP of North American Operations.
Frank DeLuca, Director of Sales Engineering and Marco Vaquera, Product Manager, both with mechanical engineering degrees, have recently joined the CT team. Frank and Marco have combined 10 years’ experience utilizing 3D Evolution with implementation within PLM applications at well accredited Fortune 500 companies. Their roles will be to provide customers withinteroperabilit
solutions, protecting IP of 3D data, and improvements utilizing multiple scripting languages like Enterprise Batch Manager, VBA and Java scripts, to automate processes. 
“The team’s critical objective is to provide best-in-class support to customers,” said DeLuca. “CT can now meet our goal to provide the best support in the industry to current and new customers, thus optimizing the efficiency of our ground-breaking programs.”
About CoreTechnologie
headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany; is the leading provider of 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) translation software known as 3D_Evolution® (Conversion, Repair, Simplification, Analysis), 3D_Analyzer (CAD Viewer) and 3D_Kernel_IO (CADinteroperabilit
API). The company’s mission is to optimize theinteroperabilit
space and help organizations to effectively share engineering data in the product lifecycle management (PLM) process. Learn more at http://www.coretechnologie.com
3D_Evolution™ is a trademark of CTCoreTechnologie
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Patrick Gallenberg | Thursday 23 August 2018 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888 PressRelease) Polar King International, Inc. will be presenting their line of outdoor walk-in coolers, freezers and trailer units at 2018 North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Expo. The expo takes place August 27-28 in Charlotte, NC at the Charlotte Convention Center.

Fort Wayne, IN - Polar King International, Inc. (http://www.polarking.com/) announces that companyrepresentatives
Dan Parsenow and Brian Markham will be attending the 2018 North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Expo. The event runs from August 27-28 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC. The Polar King exhibit will be located inside booth 1305, with companyrepresentatives
providing product information as well as walk-in refrigerationdemonstrations.
Additionally, a functioning display walk-in unit will be on hand throughout the duration of the expo. 
The North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Expo brings together all sectors of the restaurant, foodservice, lodging, and hospitality industries for a two-day event. The expo provides attendees the chance to view and learn more about the latest products, services, and technologies related to the industry. Intended to assist restaurants and lodging establishments from North Carolina, the expo will feature a comprehensive educational workshop as well as an advanced-level educational session. 
About Polar King
As the industry’s #1 manufacturer of seamless fiberglass outdoor walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers, Polar King units are designed to endure even the most rugged conditions and climates. All walk-in coolers and freezers are delivered fully assembled and require only a simple electrical connection to put them into operation. With a 100% seamless fiberglass design, Polar King offers the industry’s only one-piece, outdoor unit. Polar King also gained Miami-Dade County product control approval. This means all Polar King products are designed to comply with the high-velocity hurricane zone of the Florida building code. Miami-Dade NOA No. 16-1018.10. To learn more about the fiberglass advantage, or for more information, call 888-647-8231, visitwww.polarking.c
or stop by booth 1305.
Polar King International, Inc. 
Email: cooler ( @ ) polarking dot com 
Website: www.polarking.com/
Blog: outdoorwalkin.info/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/PolarKingIntl
Twitter: ( @ ) Polar_King_Intl
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PolarKingInternational
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Patrick Gallenberg | Thursday 23 August 2018 ( 0 Comment)

 1888PressRelease - After three days of competition Corey Culver advanced out of the Military / Veteran division to take the overall win in the 2018 Amateur Long Drive™ World Championship presented by Dale Jr's Whisky River and Chase 54.

Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC-SC - Myrtle Beach, SC, USA. 134 competitors from 5 countries and 25 states converged on Barefoot Resort & Golf August 16th - 18th for the 2018 Amateur Long Drive™ (ALD) World Championship presented by Dale Jr's Whisky River and Chase 54.
Male and female competitors teed up in Youth, Junior, Adult, Senior, Super Senior, Military/Veteran, and Adaptive categories to determine divisional champions. Up to 4 hitters from each division with a qualifying drive (predetermined length) advanced into the the Open World Championship Elimination Rounds to determine the top competitor in Amateur, Military / Veteran, and Adaptive categories. Corey Culver, a Marine Sargent from Kings Bay, GA advanced from the Military rounds after winning the divisional title earlier in the day. Ryan Thiele of Charleston, SC advanced from the Amateur rounds, and Chris Arnold of Nashville, TN advanced from the Adaptive Golf rounds. Thiele had finished second in a playoff earlier in the day to J.P. Patrylo in the Adult Male Championship Rounds where Arnold won his Adaptive division. 
Corey Culver won the Open World Championship with a drive of 309 yards in a 20 mph headwind that challenged the hitters all three days. 
On hand for the event were some well-known names in the world of long drive. Three time World Long Drive Champion, Sean "The Beast" Fister and Reigning World Long Drive Masters Champion, Jeff Crittenden provided on air commentary as well has assisting with competitor scoring. One Stop Power Shop's Bobby Peterson and Paul "Chewy" Howell provided an exhibition during an intermission demonstrating some of the drills and preparation used by professional long drivers. Howell's plugged drive (during the exhibition) of 347 yards was the longest of the three days.
Here are the winners of each division:Youth Female: Hannah Marsden | Youth Male: Dallas Johnson | Junior Female: Rachael Wilkenson | Junior Male: Daxx Carr | Adult Female: Tina Gac | Adult Male: J.P. Patrylo | Senior Female: Dale Bellaire Patterson | Senior Male : Mark Lawrence | Super Senior Male: Dennis Duncan | Veteran: Corey Culver | Senior Veteran: Paul Williams | VGA: John Camping | VGA Senior: Steve Kubik | Adaptive Division Winners: Rich O’Brien; Thomas Maneely; Fred Gutierrez; Gianna Rojas; Josh Swindle; Byron Heyward; Chris Arnold; & Henry O’Grady
2018 Amateur Long Drive Open World Champion: Corey Culver
For more information visit the ALD website at https://amateurlongdrive.com. ALD World Championship at Barefoot Resort & Golf was sponsored by Dale Jr's Whisky River - North Myrtle Beach, Chase 54, Leupold Optics, House of Blues - Myrtle Beach, PGA Superstores - Myrtle Beach, John Daily's Grip It & Sip It, and Signarama.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Wednesday 22 August 2018 ( 0 Comment)

 1888 Press Release - Spine Care Technologies Inc. announces the official launch of its new venture and website spinecaretechnologies.com.

New York, NY - Spine Care Technologies Inc., headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, today announced the formal launch of its new venture including its online business presence, thespinecaretechno
website. The company founded by investment banker Roland Kiser and business partner James Fitzgerald, the website will serve to educate and inform medical professionals and those seeking relief from back pain about the therapeutic advantages of the Extentrac® Elite device. In addition, the firms’ initiatives are focused on developing “the next generation lower back pain technologies”. 
According to the publicly available medical research documentation,musculoskeletal
pain, led by spinal disorders, costs the U.S. health care system $874 billion per year, and is the most common cause of severe or chronic long-term pain and disability. President and Chief Executive Officer, Kiser became fully engaged in the development of the next generation spine care technology by applying a drug-free approach to treatment ofmusculoskeletal
Currently available in over 15 countries, the FDA-cleared Extentrac® Elite has a successful track record of effectiveness and safety in delivering non-surgical, drug-free, disc and spring care treatments for over 20 years. The new Company website will further Kiser and Fitzgerald’s goals to attract new partnerships and extend the brand’s reach globally to both private practices, and hospital physical rehabilitation facilities.
Fitzgerald, Spine Care Technologies’ Chief Investment Officer has noted that the website is designed to increase market awareness and penetration by leveraging the Extentrac® Elite technology and by developing the next generation of therapy devices slated to become the “CORE” and “FIRST RESORT” in Drug Free Pain Management including Chiropractic, Neurological, and Orthopedics interventions. Fitzgerald states: “Roland and I believe that to achieve big you must dream big. We are convinced we can save peoples’ lives or at least improve their quality of life. Athletes from all sports, veterans, elderly -even millennials can benefit from our pain management treatments. Our business plan is revolutionary not evolutionary.” 
Health professionals worldwide have confirmed excellence in clinical outcomes in the management of low back pain in both private and hospital physical rehabilitation facilities through the utilization of Extentrac®. To learn more, visit www.spinecaretechnologies.com.
About Spine Care Technologies:
Spine Care Technologies is a medical technology equipment developer and manufacturer whose flagship product (Extentrac® Elite) has earned long-standing worldwide acclaim and recognition at pain management clinics and rehabilitation hospitals. The firm’s products provide relief for people who suffer from the disabling effects of acute and chronic back pain. For more information please visit: spinecaretechnologies.com
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Patrick Gallenberg | Wednesday 22 August 2018 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888 PressRelease) Leading SaaS platform for integrated project and procurement management company hires sales executive to lead and manage company's growth.

Noosh is pleased to announce and welcome Scott Wooley to the team as Chief Revenue Officer. Scott will be responsible for the leadership of the Noosh sales and marketing team and driving the company’s client growth efforts.
Scott brings more than 25 years of experience in printing, marketing procurement, paperboard, software, packaging and marketing service outsourcing. Working closely with US retailers, private label manufacturers, BPOs and CPGs, Scott has consistently delivered excellence in revenue generation, operational cost savings and strategy execution. Scott operates with anentrepreneurial
mindset and has a clear understanding of the fiscal operations which led to significant results in print management. 
Previously, Scott has held leadership positions at Williams Lea Tag, MeadWestvaco and co-founded the software manufacturing company Mirus Solutions. Mr. Wooley holds a BA in Management from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.
“We have been successful at growing the business organically, however in order to take Noosh to the next level we needed someone like Scott to help take us there,” said Yossi David President and CFO at Noosh. “His track record in the printing and marketing procurement industry will prove instrumental in helping us scale, exceed the high expectations of our growing customer base and deliver on our organization’s growth objectives”.
“I am delighted to Have Scott lead Noosh customer acquisition. Scott brings a successful record as an entrepreneur and business leader with a track record of growing the customer base of some of the most successful marketing and print businesses and BPOs", said Ofer Ben-Shachar Co-Founder and board member of Noosh. “We are very excited to add Scott to Noosh Executive Team as we take Noosh to its next phase”. 
“Having spent a lot of my life in the outsourcing space, I was always impressed by Noosh for delivering a best in class solution for marketing print procurement. The Noosh platform enables enterprise accounts and BPOs to optimize their marketing procurement processes and drive higher overall quality, create transparency in their marketing spend that helps increase execution and reduce costs”, said Scott Wooley.
About Noosh
Noosh provides the leading software-as-a-service platform for integrated project and procurement management. Noosh's customers, who manage projects and purchase more than $1.5 billion in services annually on the Noosh platform, include leading print/marketing services providers and enterprises alike including: Konica Minolta Marketing Services, Miller Zell, Staples and Veritiv. 
For more information, please visit www.noosh.com.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Monday 20 August 2018 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888 PressRelease) Announcing the release of a printed book and ebook consisting of 4 paranormal stories by Author Christopher Eagan being distributed by Book Baby.

Las Vegas, NV-AZ - James Paul Publishing recently released Christopher Eagan’s new book, “Behind the Staircase,” to the fans and book readers of paranormal stories. “Behind the Staircase” consists of a series of four books in one. Each one is independently titled and has the spin of being sci-fi and supernatural stories. 
The first story, “School Days Once Again” is the story of how powerful ancient demons possess the children of an upscale New York apartment building. One of the apartment building occupants, Jennifer who is a single working mother, leads the residents of the building to exorcise the demons before the children burn them alive. 
“Crescent Hills” is the second story in the book and it centers around an antique dollhouse that is the only link to centuries of sudden disappearances of entire families. Mary, a grief-stricken bartender, and Bill, a trusted police officer, who is one of Mary’s best customers, must find the source of the doll house’s power before it strikes again! The story brings to light the past of the dollhouse and where it gets its power. 
The third book in the series is about a couple, Rachel and Richard who are stunned to find a mysterious image of a painter, who suddenly shows up in video footage of people whose lives are about to end. “The Soul Painter,” tells of how the lowly CIA techs’ obsession with this strange painter leads them to an ancient castle but, will finding the truth of the soul painter’s powers be too much for them to bear?
The final story is “I Got Your Number.” Markus’s vacation is taken over by a mystifying woman who begins to appear in his dreams. Convinced she is the love of his life he is determined to save her from the perils facing her. Markus’s desire leads him on a surreal journey that challenges all perceptions of space, time and reality to find what he is looking for or be lost forever. 
The author, Christopher Eagan is from Las Vegas, Nevada and at a very young age, Chris was able to see in his imagination things yet to be invented. He could see how things were constructed, with very little thought. He knew he wanted to be an inventor at an early age and at the age of 25 he created approximately 20 diagnostic tools that sold worldwide. At the age of 56, Chris was sitting in his house, and his creativity started to kick in again, and ideas of stories started to unfold. Chris talked to his wife about it, and she said she would start typing while the storylines came to him. With his wife by his side typing, Chris found he could roll with the stories and not worry about what he would be typing on the computer; he had an uninterrupted thought process.
“Being a Twilight Zone fan and enjoying Sci-fi, the stories unfolded like movies in my mind, and that’s when I wrote the stories,” Chris said.
This new book will be made available worldwide in all major online bookstores and be found in both eBook and paperback form on Amazon.com.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 10 August 2018 ( 0 Comment)

 1888 PressRelease - Data Control Technitic is describing rumors that an automaker has bought a stake in its equity as “unsubstantiated”.

Senior figures at Hong Kong-based LiDAR pioneer, Data Control Technitic are vehemently denying suggestions that a large auto manufacturer has taken a significant stake in the company’s equity. The denials come amid considerable conjecture that a stake was sold to an automaker in return for substantial inward investment aimed at bolstering the company’s research and development operations ahead of the impending unveiling of its next generation LiDAR sensors.
The company’s Chief Technology Officer would neither confirm nor deny that Data Control Technitic had received interest from car makers keen to leverage its considerable expertise but he strenuously denied that any stake had been acquired and reiterated that the company’s equity continued to be held entirely by the company’s directors, senior personnel and original investors.
“While we are all too aware of the fact that companies like Data Control Technitic which operate at the cutting edge of technology will always be of interest to larger companies that may wish to buy their way into innovation, we are far too occupied with the development, testing and establishment of our suite of products to concern ourselves with the distraction that normally accompanies matters of this nature. Suffice it to say that these rumors are wholly unsubstantiated,” explained the CTO.
The company is reportedly set to unveil its latest hybrid LiDAR sensors at an upcoming technology event but it has yet to confirm a firm date for the debut. Unofficial sources at the company recently suggested that early stage talks with a regional motor manufacturer concerning the future availability of the new sensors were underway but the company has remained tight-lipped on whether or not those talks were taking place.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 10 August 2018 ( 0 Comment)

 1888PressRelease - Francis Santa a man that created a business threw adversity with his Daughter because of terrible media news that was one sided. He does not hide his past from anyone and left up some of the postings to let others know that he completely understands their problems.

Miami, FL - Francis Santa and his Daughter (Lauren Santa) are passionate and care about their clients. Mr.Santa himself was personally a victim of bad internet press when he was charged with (1) count of conspiracy by the Federal Government, a white collar crime. Francis owned and operated one of the largest business consulting firms in South Florida for almost 10 years. It is amazing that we holds no animosity to the government for what they did to him. Francis keeps a very positive attitude, motivates and helps others. He and his Family lost everything back in 2009. Francis also lost his freedom for about 60 month. Lauren and Francis developed Business Image Lift, and after 5 years of legal research and development the business went live in early 2016. They have put together a ingenious program that Removes most negative posting on the internet. The posts they can not remove they bury. The Santa's also have ethics. They look at each potential client and do a risk assessment to the community. The company handles Doctors, Stock brokers, Moving companies as well as another business or people that have image problem on the internet. Lauren Santa the owner of Business Image lift States "The business has tripled in size in the last twelve months because of the referrals from their clients". 
About Business Image Lift:
Business Image Lift (BIL) presents an effective “Must have” component as part of a business’s public relations portfolio and strategy today. It’s an additional management tool to shape and protect a company’s public imagery and business persona most commonly through the internet today.
The internet is the biggest tool for a person to gain information regarding a business’s performance as well as an individual’s background. All types of information, good or bad, are at your fingertips. Yahoo, Google, Bing and other search engines are now household words and are used daily.
A background check on a business or person fifteen years ago used to take weeks, now it takes minutes. There is no longer a need to hire a private investigator to do these tasks. The internet is quicker and less expensive and easy to explore. The Better Business Bureau, as well as other reporting agencies, are just a click away on a mouse pad away with information. But this information may not always reflect the truth.
Many businesses, as well as people, have fallen victim to people using the internet to get revenge or ruin a company or a person’s reputation. There is no one that filters or verifies harmful data. It just gets posted, and stays on the internet for what seems to be forever. These harmful posts could cost a small business thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in potential client revenues as well as prevent an individual from gaining employment, housing and credit approval. It is frustrating and very unfair.
Business Image Lift (BIL) along with Francis Santa will assist businesses and individuals in regaining their respect and proper image on the World Wide Web. Our advanced technology will remove derogatory information legally from blogs, posts, websites, social media platforms along with harmful places on the internet Bill will also add positive information (If contracted) to improve or clients internet presence, through the use of press releases and customer testimonials. This process also combats harmful information.
Some business and individuals do not have any information on the internet and need web presence, along with positive feedback and information about their service or product. For these clients we have a special service to accommodate and bring them into the internet in a highly positive way. Whatever your circumstances are, BIL can improve and help you regain the best possible image on the internet
An annual membership is available for businesses or individuals who want instant notification when information is posted about their company or themselves, whether positive or negative with our “Image Alert” notification program..
Our Services
The removal of unwanted information from the search engines and desired sites. The addition of positive information, Such as press releases, customer testimonials, ect.The continual monitoring of the internet for derogatory information along with providing alerts to your email or smart phone or tablet.An optional alert program is available for businesses or individuals who want to be notified of any information being posted to the internet, whether positive or negative. This feature is available with “ Image Alert”
Francis Santa and his team have developed a program that no other Reputation Management Company can duplicate. Along with this Mr. Santa cares about all his clients and is passionate and fearless about getting the job done!
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Patrick Gallenberg | Thursday 9 August 2018 ( 0 Comment)

 1888 PressRelease - To make your investment journey even more profitable, FSMOne.com is lowering the commission rate on SGX/HKEX stocks to 0.08% permanently (subject to minimum of S$10 / HK$50 respectively).

FSMOne.com rolled out our HKEX and SGX listed stocks/ETFs trading capabilities in December 2016 and June 2017 respectively. For both exchanges, we have led the way by introducing a commission rate of just 0.12% for SGX and HKEX stocks, and 0.08% for SGX and HKEX ETFs – something that was unheard of in Singapore.
From 2 July 2018, FSMOne.com has decided to take one step further by permanently reducing the commission rates on stocks to 0.08% for our valued investors – that brings the commission rate to the same level as ETFs.
Depending on the exchange, the commission rates of 0.08% on Stocks and ETFs are subject to the minimum of S$10 for SGX and HK$50 for HKEX. Our commission rates on the US exchanges (for stocks and ETFs) remain at 0.08%, subject to minimum of US$8.80.
In addition, there are no custody fees on SGX/HKEX Stocks/ETFs and you can enjoy savings with the trade amalgamation feature for SGX/HKEX. For FSMOne.com Gold and Diamond clients, they can trade SGX-listed stocks/ETFs at a flat fee of S$10 permanently.
At FSMOne.com, we want stocks and ETFs investing more profitable for investors by providing research into interesting companies that can add value into your portfolio. For example, our research team has introduced different thematic stock portfolios, such as the Blue Chips portfolio, Value Focus List, Income Focus List and REIT Underdogs.
More recently, our research team has introduced the ETF Focus List. From over 2,000 ETFs distributed on the SGX, HKEX and the US exchanges offered on FSMOne.com, our research team has distilled them into 42 for a start, spanning six main categories: Core Equity, Core Fixed Income, Regional Equity, Country Equity, Sector Equity and Commodities.
FSMOne.com – The #1 Place to Trade SGX/HKEX Stocks with New 0.08% Commission Rate
With the new commission rate of 0.08% on SGX/HKEX Stocks, and our continued dedication to providing profitable research ideas, we hope you continue to have an enjoyable investment journey with FSMOne.com.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Thursday 9 August 2018 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888 PressRelease) Dr. Krost runs his own practice and is a dedicated Medical Doctor. He is board certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine andRehabilitation.
Patients visit him for a variety of reasons including, spondylolysis, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), spasticity, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain.

Port St. Lucie-Fort Pierce, FL - Dr. Stuart B Krost is Board Certified in the following:
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Acute & chronic pain management
Sports medicine
State-of-the-art physical therapy
Neck & back pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Myofascial pain and fibromyalgia
Work and auto-related injuries
Disability assessment
Trigger point injections are injections to the muscle belly. Injections are aimed at taut bands or areas of spasm within the muscle belly. Taut bands can be painful and the underlying cause of pain generation. Trigger point injections are diagnostic and therapeutic. If there is significant relief after trigger point injections, certainly one can consider that the muscle spasm is a pain generator. The injection consists of anesthetic as well asantiinflammator
Epidural steroid injections are a procedure to place medication bothantiinflammator
as well as anesthetic in the epidural space. The epidural space is located within the spine around the spinal cord and nerve roots. The goal of epidural injections is diagnostic and therapeutic. Epidural injections can relieve pain that is generating from disc herniations as well as irritated or pinched nerve roots. These procedures are performed under fluoroscopic guidance.
Facet blocks are performed under fluoroscopic guidance and can be diagnostic and therapeutic. Injections are performed at the facet joint or the medial branch nerve. Improvement after this type of injection would be diagnostic for facet joint related pain.
Facet rhizotomy is a long acting facet block either done chemically or with thermal heat. This procedure is indicated if the patient does receive benefits from the facet block, however does not offer prolonged relief.
This procedure is done in the neck, anesthetic blockade is performed at the stellate ganglion. The goal of this procedure is for blockade of the sympathetic chain. This is diagnostic and therapeutic for evaluation and treatment of RSD.
Lumbar sympathetic block is performed about the lumbar area. The goal of this procedure is for blockade of the sympathetic chain. This would be diagnostic and therapeutic for evaluation and treatment of RSD.
A discogram was performed for diagnostic purposes to identify pain if a pathologic disc is acting as a pain generator.
An IDET procedure is a procedure done for a pathologic disc usually with annular tear that has been identified as a pain generator. The goal of procedure is to destroy sensory nerve endings that are transmitting painful signal. The ultimate goal is to relieve pain from discogenic pathology.
This is a minimally invasive procedure for treatment of a herniated disc. This is a procedure that could be done in an outpatient setting under fluoroscopic guidance to remove herniated disc material. The ultimate goal is to relieve pressure on the exiting nerve root as well as relieve pain.
Botox is a long acting treatment for muscular pain. Botox acts locally at the injection site to relieve muscle spasm and to relieve pain. Benefits of this can last up to three to six months. This is also used for intractable headaches that do not respond to more conservative measures.
Occipital nerve is located in the back of the neck at the junction of the head. Occipital entrapments can occur with underlying spasm commonly causing occipital headaches. This can subsequently produce symptoms radiating to the top of the head as well as in back of the eyes. Occipital blocks can be diagnostic and therapeutic for occipital neuralgia/occipital headaches.
Electrodiagnostic studies are a diagnostic procedure to assess underlying neuropathic problems. EMG/NCS can be diagnostic for cervical or lumbar radiculopathy/pinched nerve, neuropathy or distal nerve entrapment such as carpal tunnel syndrome. EMG/NCS can be helpful in determining acute versus chronic conditions and identify neuropathic recovery. EMG/NCS are commonly used in conjunction with MRIs to correlate anatomical findings and neuropathic function.
Physical therapy combines passive and active treatment. Passive treatments include moist head pad, ice packs for analgesia; Ultrasound treatment for production of heat at the muscle bone interphase and stimulate blood flow;Electrostimulat
to improve blood flow as well as muscle relaxation and analgesia; Massage treatment for muscle relaxation as well as analgesia to increase extensibility of soft tissue. Active treatments include exercising and stretching as well as cardiovascular treatment to improve strength, range of motion as well as endurance. Physical therapy is a treatment as well as an education and experience to learn how to do things on your own and eventually be progressed to a home exercise program
Future care needs and life care planning are based on physical impairments as well as functional disabilities. This plan can outline what a patient will need in the future in terms of active and passive treatments, durable medical equipments, medical care medication as well as interventional injections and surgery. Costs can be included in a life care plan.
A physiatrist/physical medicine rehabilitation specialist is a specialty of identifying physical impairments and how those physical impairments result in physical disabilities and subsequent handicap. A physical medicine rehabilitation specialist specializes in the neuromuscular and skeletal system to identify physical impairments and functional disabilities. A disability evaluation may lead to conclusions of physical restrictions as well as compensatory strategies to maximize functional independence.
A sphenopalatine ganglion block (SPG) is performed with a cotton tip probe with saturation of anesthetic at the SPG ganglion, which is located in the posterior aspect of the nose. This procedure is commonly used in relieving headaches as well as an adjuvant for pain management.
Functional capacity evaluation is an assessment of physical function to identify physical capacity within safe parameters to prevent injury.
Epidural lysis of adhesions indicated typically in a postoperative patient who has epidural scarring formation. Epidural scarring can cause irritation, inflammation and swelling around the nerve roots. Epidural lysis of adhesions are performed to breakup scar tissue and relieve irritative focus of nerve 
When managing the patient with opioids, it is important to establish the differences among physical dependence, tolerance and addiction.
The American Society of Addiction Medicine as well as the American Pain Society and American Academy of Pain Management define physical dependence as a state of adaption that is manifested by a drug class for which specific withdrawal syndrome can be produced by abrupt cessation, rapid dose reduction, decreasing blood levels of the drug, and/or administration of an antagonist. Tolerance, however, refers to a state of adaption in which exposure to a drug induces changes that result in diminution of one or more of the drug effects over time. Neither dependence or tolerance in and of itself is indicative of addiction. Addiction is defined by the American Academy of Pain Management and American Pain Society as well as the American Society of Addiction Medicine as a primary chronic,neurobiological
disease, with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors influencing its development andmanifestations.
It is characterized by behaviors that include one or more of the following: Impaired control over drug use, compulsive use, continued use despite harm, and cravings. Abuse, however, is generally characterized by conscious, often psychosocial motivated use of illicit substances and medication outside the scope of usual medical practices, but the patient has the ability to stop the drug when harmed. Addicts, however, cannot stop use despite harm. The majority of legitimate pain patients do not develop an addiction to their analgesic medication. There is a biological normal phenomenon to develop issues related to tolerance and dependence. It is the physician’s responsibility to address issues related to tolerance and dependence by monitoring patients carefully on a regular basis and adjust medication accordingly to avoid sequelae of tolerance as well as dependence. Dictated but not proof read.
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 1888PressRelease - Dr. James McAdoo, DO, FACOS, a leading cosmetic surgeon in the world, has over 20 years experience with more than 33,000 procedures performed. He will help you achieve the natural look you desire to feel your best. Through his warm and personal approach, Dr. McAdoo provides the highest quality and innovative cosmetic care available. Dual board certified in both plastic/reconstructive and general.

Miami, FL - James S McAdoo, DO, FACOS
AOA DualBoard Certified: Plastic/Recon.Surgeon, MicroSurgeon
Our Mission:
We understand that patients who come to Dr. James McAdoo for plastic and reconstructive surgery might be nervous about the aftermath - or the post-op phase - of their procedure. Our professional team is committed to explaining to patients all their options, gently leading them to have realistic expectations about the results. Our vision is to be a clinic that provides honest, comfortable, ethical, and professional services to all patients. 
Breasts Reduction: Breasts that are excessively large in proportion to body size are a frequent cause of back and neck pain as well as grooves or irritation on the shoulders from bra straps. A reduction removes extra breast tissue to achieve a healthier, more comfortable size and reshapes the breasts, making them firmer and lifting them to a more youthful position. An additional benefit is that uneven breasts can be made more even. Swelling and discoloration after the procedure are normal and will subside over time. Pain typically fades quickly and can be managed with medications as you heal. The breast reduction procedure typically takes from two to five hours. Patients typically experience extremely high satisfaction with reduced upper body pain, an improved ability to engage in physical activities, and a new appearance with smaller, more youthful-looking breasts.
we offer individualized breast reduction surgery. Women with large breasts may experience back, neck, and shoulder pain, rashes beneath the breasts, and indentations on the shoulders from their bra straps. A breast reduction procedure removes excess glandular tissue and skin from the breasts. The areola, which is the dark skin around the nipple, is also reduced in size. The goal of a breast reduction is to produce breasts that are smaller, lifted, and more proportional to the patient’s body.
You may be a good candidate for breast reduction if you have one or more of the following conditions:
Breasts that are too large in proportion to your body frame
Heavy, pendulous breasts with nipples and areolas that point downward
One breast is much larger than the other
Back, neck or shoulder pain caused by the weight of your breasts
Skin irritation beneath your breasts
Indentations in your shoulders from tight bra straps
Restriction of physical activity due to the size and weight of your breasts
Dissatisfaction or self-consciousness about the largeness of your breasts
Brazilian butt lift: is a buttocks augmentation procedure which uses the patient’s own fat to increase the size and improve the shape of the buttocks.
By far one of the most requested procedures in our practices in Florida, Brazilian butt lift surgery continues to rise to the top of most performed cosmetic enhancement surgeries.
Not to be confused with buttock implants, Brazilian butt lift surgery can be considered 2 procedures in 1, since liposuction is necessary in order to gather the fat to be transferred to the buttocks.
Called a BBL for short, this body contouring procedure can go a long way in improving the patients natural body line. Skilled plastic surgeons use liposuction to sculpt the waist, abdomen, and back, resulting in a smaller waistand an attractive curve at the hips.
Breast Augmentation: Procedures which aim to enlarge the breasts are called Augmentation Mammaplasty, or, more commonly breast augmentation, or “boob job”.
Breast implant procedures can increase the size of the natural breast, enhance cleavage, improve the appearance of excess skin, and lift breasts which have sagged due to age, pregnancy, or weight loss.
Prospective patients can choose from a variety of options such as placement, shape, incision, and size, in order to achieve their breast implant goals.
Breast augmentation consistently ranks at the top of most frequently performed plastic surgeries in the United states; with more than 290,000 completed in 2016 alone. Breast implant surgery is a breast augmentation procedure which uses a prothesis in order to achieve breast enlargement.
Mommy Makeover: Having children can take a harsh toll on a woman’s body, leaving behind extra pounds, sagging skin and breasts.
It is normal for women to carry around a few extra pounds after having a baby. Some women seem to shed the pounds effortlessly, while others have to work a lot harder to lose the ‘baby weight’.
Unfortunately, even once the weight is gone, extra skin may be left behind at the tummy and breasts due to loss of elasticity. Once the skin has lost it’s elasticity, it is stretched beyond repair, which means no amount of diet and exercise can correct it. A Mommy Makeover is a combination of 2 plastic surgery procedures; usually 1 breast procedure and a body contouring procedure.
Named for the demographic it serves, the Mommy Makeover aims to erase the damage to the body left behind by pregnancy, or extreme weight loss.
Other Procedures
Face Lift
Eyelid Surgery
Chin Augmentation 
Neck Lift 
Acne Scar treatment
Brow Lift
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 (1888 PressRelease) iPOP! Founder Ron Patterson steps down as president to head up International Operations. Kirsten Poulin named new president.

Los Angeles, CA - Josh Griego appointed vice president; Ron Patterson, founder, steps down as president.
iPOP! today announced that it has appointed Kirsten Poulin as president and chief executive officer.
In addition, Patrik Simpson has been named Director of VIP relations, and Courtney Howell has been appointed HQ Manager. These leadership appointments are effective immediately.
“Kirsten has demonstrated for three decades her loyalty and capability of running iPOP! She has held every imaginable position throughout the years, and also brings to iPOP! a spirit of innovation and forward thinking to make iPOP grow even further. She is customer focused and passionate” said Patterson. “I will be moving my efforts to develop iPOP! internationally, to bring the event to numerous continents.
Poulin said, “I am honored and excited to lead iPOP! I believe iPOP! matters so much to the hearts and future of young talent. We aim to create a life changing and inspiring experience for our attendees, and give them a lifelong support system to pursue their dreams. We’re continually creating and developing business partnerships that willsynergistically
increase the influence we maintain within the entertainment industry.”
Founded in 2003, iPOP! is the showcase convention that brings together over 100 agents, managers, and casting directors to showcase new talent from all over the world. Their current event, held in December 2018 in Las Vegas, will include actors, models, singers, and dancers from over 34 different countries. More information can be found on their website, www.ipopla.com, Facebook at ipopla, and Instagram ( @ ) ipop_la.
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 1888 Press Release - My thinking and overall approach has opened up. I will continue to bet on myself, grow as a musician, grow as a person and see how the dice roll.

Chicago, IL - Chicago has always had a rich history in different genres of music. Many iconic artists have come from the Windy City showcasing their talents and gaining worldwide audiences. When you go down the list of influential artists from Chicago, the majority of them are either from the South Side or West Side. Whether if it's the positive artists from Chicago or the violent content artists, they all mostly come from the same areas. There are many areas in Chicago like other cities and no noise has really come out of the suburbs. The North Side has always been defined as the money part of Chicago but musically the suburbs has been quiet compared to the South and West Side until now.
In Vernon Hills, a suburb of Chicago with a population of around 26,000 is home to a 22 year old by the name of Joseph Bonadonna. Music is something that has always been in Joseph, a talent that he knew could one day take him far. He came from a two parent household, great parents who he learned many lessons from throughout the years. In high school Joseph and his mom experienced unfortunate circumstances when his father passed. After his father passed Joseph started getting into some trouble, being rebelious and a young kid not being responsible. It's what most kids do at that age when dealing with pain and uncertainty after losing a parent.
"I was headed down a path that would have been hard to come back from if I didn't change my lifestyle and crowd that I was hanging around. My mom is my heart and I didn't want to keep letting her down. I wanted to start doing better not just for myself but for her as well. I knew music was my outlet and ultimate goal. I had to switch gears, take my focus to another level and realize what was important in life. I wanted to become the person that my father would be proud of." (Vernon Hill)
Fast forward a few years later and Joseph became a professional musician who the local musicians in Chicago could rely on. He remodeled and built a beautiful studio named "Studio Kai" in his father's old office. He spent a lot of money on state of the art equipment that can compare to a record label. The studio has security cameras, a great vibe, gear to bring the best out of the artist and a website for bookings.
"I just wanted to give people an experience when they came to Studio Kai. The type of experience that keeps them coming back and referring new clients. From the merch to website to business cards to furniture, arcades, beautiful back yard; I want people to know at Studio Kai we pride ourself on the experience. Great experiences bring great results." (Vernon Hill)
Joseph had all of the tools, wore many hats from producing, engineering, mixing, mastering and running a studio full time but he lacked direction. He lacked a industry mentor to get behind him and show young Joseph how to use his talents and become a brand. As fate would have it, one of his business partner's family members would meet his now manager and mentor out of Los Angeles at a wine tasting on the North side. From there, Joseph's young career changed immediately.
"A lot of people talk but he was someone who really was about the action. He showed me how to brand myself and network on a industry level. He is someone who has experienced success working with celebrities, big companies and other influencers. He is a leader, he gives me knowledge about real life, the good & bad in the industry and genuinely wants to see me win. My resume and brand is a 360 from when we first met. I went from working with local artists to working with Billboard artists, Platinum & Gold artists, legends of different genres of music, producing soundtracks for major media companies, documentaries with professional sports athletes, iconic Pin Ups, Emmy winners, crossing over in other countries, songs being on radio and even becoming an artist myself." (Vernon Hill)
In other words, the young guy who was Joseph Bonadonna has now transformed into his stage name which is Vernon Hill. His manager gave him that name because it felt good and he wanted Joseph to represent his community. He wants Joseph to be proud of Vernon Hills and put it on the map which is currently happening. The first step of transitioning to Vernon Hill was stepping outside of his comfort zone. He went to Miami and brought the image to life. He had a photo shoot with A-List photographer Robin V who shoots for the top stars in Miami and is the wife of a music legend. He shot a music video there to his "305 Theater" single that brought the brand to life through song and now his direction is stronger than it's ever been.
Joseph started off impressing local musicians in his neighborhood. He is now impressing celebrities, influencers, legends, major companies from the national and international markets.
"I had a pleasant time at Studio Kai. The music was good and the song was relatable."(CeCe Peniston/ Dance, R & B Legend)
"As soon as they sent us the record we was jamming to it and knew it was special." (Tanto Metro & Devonte/ Caribbean Legends)
"Vernon Hill produced some hot records that was perfect for the vibe of the basketball film" (Gerry Cisneros/ Producer & Editor of Complex/Go 90's T.J McConnell Documentary)
"Trinidad is known for Soca music but the crossover record I did with him got a lot of love from media and fans." ( J Angel/ Reggae Artist, former radio personality at Slam 100.5)
"Great energy and teamwork at Studio Kai. We recorded some fire records." (Ben One/ R&B Billboard Artist)
Joseph's resume and brand has elevated in the past year and a half, a process that his father would definitely be proud of. His mom lights up when speaking of his new found success and is very pleased with his growth.
"Since Joe and Monroe have met I've seen many positive changes and progress in him. As a Mom, it's great to see your child happy and living their dream." (Mrs. Bonadonna)
"I saw a young kid that was talented but most importantly I saw a kid who wanted to be a sponge and soak up as much knowledge as possible. That's why I chose to work with him. Talent is not everything in this business, you have to be willing to learn from the people who did it before you. I always preach to him about never being content, never get to high or low. This game is about inspiration, loyalty, balance and being humble. All a ego do is make relationships and projects go downhill. That's why we work great together because we understand each other. We understand that the business is irrelevant without the loyalty. I look at him as a little brother and I told him from day one that if he followed my lead he would see overall positive results." (Monroe/ Vernon Hill's Manager & Mentor)
Joseph is hard at work on upcoming projects where he will continue to rise. He is gearing up for his artist campaign, he is producing a compilation album titled "Roses In Vernon Hills" with established artists, he is scoring a impactful Pin Up Documentary that is produced by Emmy Winners & stars iconic figures from that world, he is apart of a new media company focusing on celebrity/influencer content and more projects along the way. The kid from Vernon Hills who now goes by his hometown name is putting the suburbs on his back. He is creating a new wave and showing that music dreams are possible on the North side.
"Sometimes I sit back thinking and I'm amazed of how far I've come. A couple of years ago my life was completely different than it is now. I just kept believing, working hard, staying true to who I am and I was Blessed with the right person to come in my life with the right opportunities. My thinking and overall approach has opened up. I will continue to bet on myself, grow as a musician, grow as a person and see how the dice roll." (Vernon Hill)
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 1888PressRelease - American United Van Lines is a full-service moving company that offers reliable long distance, residential and commercial moving services. We are a fully licensed and insured company that offers a variety of moving services.

Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC - American UNITED VanLines is a Full-Service Local and long distance moving company that covers all USA Moves, we are fully Licensed and insured offering a variety of moving|related services. The guiding principles of American UNITED VanLines, consisting of great service, intelligent transportation solutions, and fair competitive pricing. American UNITED VanLines can assure you that wherever you are moving to or from, there will be experienced, well-trained personnel provided to handle your move.
Our team of professionals is experienced and well-trained to handle all your moving tasks. From packing to loading and storing to unpacking, we are the ultimate moving service provider that you need.
We anticipate the moving needs of the customers and provide exceptional services that are affordable and dependable.
When it comes down to moving delicate, expensive, or extremely heavy objects we are the specialized movers in all USA who can handle any and all requests. Although our ordinary residential and commercial services offer exceptional relocation of your common items, particular items such as pianos, fine art, and automobiles require special attention. Throughout our 25+ years in the moving industry we have seen it all when it comes to American UNITED VanLines. If you have possessions which were delivered with special care and attention, chances are they must be moved with special attention as well!
Our customers choose American UNITED VanLines because we possess the experience, equipment, and manpower to make it happen. Moving a piano out of a second-floor stair-case may seem like an impossible task to some, but our specialized movers can do it with ease. And if you have several expensive paintings and delicate sculptures in your home or office, you aren’t going to just throw them in a box, are you? Proper planning and execution of specialized moving means all of your expensive items will arrive in the same condition they left.
We offer several kinds of specialized moving at American UNITED VanLines. Experience matters when it comes to relocating expensive and sensitive items and we have the most out of any company in central Florida. Please select the most appropriate American UNITED VanLines for you:
Piano Movers: If you don’t understand the inner workings of a piano or how delicate the soft shell is, you’re better off calling a professional.
Fine Arts Movers: The value of your fine art rests in its condition. Don’t jeopardize its worth by hiring an inexperienced company to handle it. Contact us today.
Crating and Rigging: Whether it’s custom fabrication of a crate or rigging machinery, we can do it all! No one can match our Orlando specialized moving.
Auto Movers: Many of our customers have classic or hobby cars they need relocated. Keep the miles off your odometer with this classic service.
Hot Tub Movers: Are you buying or selling a hot tub and need it relocated?
Fragile Only Packing: As the name suggests, this service is directed towards items such as fine china and other delicate valuables. Expect nothing but the best.
Trade Show Movers: We will have your exhibit delivered on time and in perfect condition no matter where you need it. Punctuality and performance matter!
Logistics: At American UNITED VanLines, we understand how critical it is for your materials and equipment to be delivered on time.
It’s important to understand that packing is critical, How many times have you moved yourself in your lifetime, 3, 4 or even 5 times? American UNITED VanLines professional moving staff moves dozens in a week and more. Hiring us to professionally pack your belongings will let us get more done in less time while saving you money in the long run in terms of time and energy along with less chance of breakage.
Our dedicated team of highly trained moving professionals better protects your belongings. Our highest recommendation is to hire us early in your moving process so we can help pack and protect your belongings for your upcoming move.
If you’re looking for a simpler way to move yourself, by packing yourself, contact our moving relocation consultant, we can share ideas with you to help lower your moving cost without sacrifice the quality of your move.
Our staff is trained on best practices for each and every item you have. We will protect your items while in transit from your fine finished wood through to delicate upholstery.If you would like to learn more on our approach to professional packing or ready to get your move started don’t hesitate and contact us today.
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(1888 PressRelease) Diamond Seal Systems LLC is adding Clear and Brilliant vision to the views off the Tappan Zee bridge with Ti02Nanotechnology.
A hydrophilic solution to create Easy Clean glass panels for the Tappan Zee bridge in NY. The Bridge is going GREEN with Nanotechnology!
Just north of New York City there’s a flurry of activity involving the simultaneous piece-by-piece demolition of the aged Tappan Zee Bridge and construction of a newer, safer version of the Hudson River landmark that has been transporting commuters since 1955.
“This is an impressive and complex engineering endeavor with many professionals in many industries contributing their expertise to its success,” said Carol Borow, president of Hauppauge-based CHB Industries (www.chbwindowfilm.com) , which provides office /government buildings, houses of worship, and homes with creative security, solar, decorative, and anti-graffiti window film solutions. “We’re thrilled to be part of this exciting landmark project.”
In the coming months CHB will team up with Diamond Seal Systems (www.www.diamondsealsystems.com) to insure that the glass lining pedestrian viewing stations on the new bridge remains clean so as to enhance views of the scenic Hudson River Valley.
Diamond Seal Systems offers unique nanotechnology coatings that make glass surfaces harder, smoother, long-lasting and easier to clean and maintain. CHB is a certified dealer and installer of the Diamond Seal products.
“Diamond Seal has the most effective and reliable products on the market,” said Borow. “These coatings are the perfect solutions for this project. With thousands of anticipated visitors to the bridge every week and the volatile weather conditions the glass panels at the viewing stations will take a beating.
“These coatings result in easy-to-clean surfaces that will prevent costly glass replacements while providing great views for those visiting the new structure.”
The Diamond Seal products are one of many installed by CHB Industries which has provided a wide range of solutions to homes, government and office buildings, schools and houses of worship worldwide. 
“People love large windows and the views they provide,” added Borow. “But these walls of windows come with challenges. Our solar films can lower utility bills. Security applications can make schools and government buildings safer, and anti-graffiti films are effective in maintaining windows in high-traffic areas. Decorative films can result in more pleasing and private office environments.”
The Diamond Seal coatings allow maintenance crews to easily clean and remove staining and dirt resulting from high-traffic and extreme weather conditions.
“Since 1996, we have been at the forefront of cleaning technology development,” said James Aiken, Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Seal Systems. “We pride ourselves in developing effective,environmentally
safe solutions for a variety of applications. We’re thrilled to work with CHB Industries on this exciting assignment.”
DSS Reactive Pro- 5 Day Full activation in UV (A or B) 
DSS short outline: Photocatalytic technology is becoming more and more attractive to industry today because global environmental pollution has come to be recognized as a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately. 
Superior properties of TiO2 surface, i.e., even under extremely weak UV light found in ordinary room light, photoactive TiO2 film can decompose fairly large amounts of various organic compounds accumulating on the surface; in addition, highly amphiphilic surface can be produced. This photocatalytic decomposition activity and photoinduced amphiphilicity of TiO2 can produce a new type of highly effective self-cleaning surface. Also another benefit of Ti02 is that it can deflect heat from the surface without absorption. This reduces heat penetration protecting interior surfaces and saving on cooling cost. 
The specialized formulation of the DSS Reactive is a non-corrosive and non-leaching formula and will not affect circuitry in an indirect way. The hard rating is above 6H on glass which adds surface tensile strength to reduce abrasion. This formulation can be hand applied and is NON-TOXIC is small applications. Full activation of hyper-state-surface- molecules for full benefits is 5 day light exposure in UV A-B. Even low light will cause activation. Once activated all attributes are engaged. 
DSS 2014 
Contact DSS at 877-234-9452 for more information about this project or products. 
TI02 wipe on Product from 
Micro MED/ Diamond Seal Systems
DSS Reactive Glass is a photo-reactive nanotechnology 
coating that is used on exterior glass surfaces and solar panels. It keeps glass stronger and more brilliant, adding a long-lasting shine. It makes it harder to scratch and reduces micro-abrasions. 
The DSS Reactive Glass product breaks down hydrocarbons, dirt, organic matter, and other contaminants thanks to its photo-catalytic properties. The glass surface becomes hydrophilic, therefore water just sheets off the substrate. DSS Reactive Glass will not chip, crack, stain, pit or discolor the surface. The glass or solar panel becomes much easier to maintain; with just a rinse, the glass looks clean from dust and other organic contaminants. Used on many architectural surfaces, such as metal, glass, granite, and solar panels. 
Diamond Seal Systems 
– DSS Reactive Glass uses energy from the sun to break down hydrocarbons and clean the surface while reflecting any damage offers the best in 
from UV rays. nanotechnology coatings for architectural surfaces. Our products offer peace of mind and protection for your investment. Surfaces will be harder, smoother, and longer lasting, as well as much easier to maintain. 
DSS Reactive Glass main features: 
Cures itself deep into the glass, creating a permanent, impenetrable barrier against harmful elements. 
Neutralizes germs through a photo-catalyst reaction. 
Adds durability and increases hardness rating of the surface. 
Decomposes hydrocarbons, supporting self-cleaning. 
Comes with a limited 5 year warranty. 
Easy, safe application.


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