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Patrick Gallenberg | Tuesday 19 December 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888 PressRelease) Hong Kong based wireless power R&D innovator to utilize its technology in wireless charging stations throughout China.

Lectrifi Limited, a pioneer in the development of wireless power transfer technology (WPT) has to-day announced that the company has secured a licensing agreement to provide technology and consultancy services in the development and installation of charging stations to service the growth of China’s EV market.
In a market protected by domestic brands, entry to China’s EV opportunity is seemingly restricted to foreign automakers, creating a captive audience for early adapters of an explosive sector that has experienced a 48% year-on-year growth rate during 2017. 
Under a series of collaboration initiatives, Lectrifi Limited have partnered with design and manufac-turing divisions of automotive corporations to develop real world solutions that overcome the charg-ing demands of a rapidly growing EV sector.
“The main challenge we have faced, specifically in the Chinese market, is the integration of a standard technology that enables the vehicle’s power source to take a charge at any one of the in-tended strategically located stations,” commented Lectrifi Limited’s Chief Technology Officer.
“Whilst our fundamental technologies are designed in such a way to facilitate cross-compatibilities, the success of a larger integration campaign has remained dependent on a number of changes to the design processes of those who contribute their technologies to the eventual functional product.” 
“With this latest breakthrough, we here at Lectrifi Limited is pleased to be part of a licensing agree-ment that brings together a number of key automotive players, challenged to deliver a standardized technology that can be implemented in the next generation of Chinese EV’s and supporting infra-structure.”
Based in the previous successes of Lectrifi Limited’s partnership programs, the company has en-tered the agreement as the lead technology developer. Under such responsibility, Lectrifi’s engi-neering technicians will provide consultancy services to its partners as pilot programs are rolled out as early as February 2018.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 15 December 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888 PressRelease) Clifford Beaumont: OPEC and members to extend production cuts in effort to end global supply glut.

OPEC and other non OPEC oil producers seem ready to reach an agreement at this week’s meeting to prolong production restrictions until the end of next year.
An analyst at Taipei, Taiwan based Clifford Beaumont stated that the OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) group and its allies hope to end a worldwide supply glut of crude oil by extending the production cuts and thereby avoiding another price crash. 
A final discussion regarding the language of the anticipated statement is expected as Russia seeks clarification on the terms of the end of the cuts in an effort to prevent the market from overheating should the deficit end too suddenly.
The Clifford Beaumont analyst said that the producers’ existing agreement expires in March of next year. Under this agreement, producers are reducing supply by approximately 1.8 million barrels per day (bpd) in an effort to improve oil prices.
An OPEC delegate suggested that it is likely the producers will agree on a period of 9 months for the extended production cuts.
Clifford Beaumont analysts believe that there will be no surprises at the meeting as all members are in favor of nine months. 
Russia and the 14-member OPEC cartel have indicated that they may reassess any extension of the agreement when they convene again in June of next year if the market overheats.
With crude prices increasing to more $60 per barrel, Russia has voiced concerns that prolonging the production cuts could cause a spike in crude output in the United States, which is not part of the agreement.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 8 December 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 1888PressRelease - Hamilton Crawford report reveals British housing prices are decreasing as political uncertainty grows. 

Property prices in the UK are no longer soaring and are instead falling at their quickest pace in 8 years according to a report by Hamilton Crawford which cited political uncertainty and anticipation of the recent interest rate hike by the Bank of England as the probable cause. 
The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ benchmark property price index for the UK dropped more than anticipated to +1 last month, a level in keeping with flat price growth, down from +6 the month before. Hamilton Crawford economists had predicted that the index would fall to a less harsh +4. 
The UK’s property market has slowed considerably since the Brexit referendum in 2016 when Britons’ decision to leave the European Union caused an economic slowdown. Other gauges of property values have indicated a slight upswing in the last several months. 
The data released by Hamilton Crawford was less than optimistic and indicated that many regions of the UK were starting follow in the footsteps of London and experiencing a drop in sales. 
The reduction in property sales echoed a recent decrease in demand from purchasers and indicated that sales would continue to decline over the next year. 
Hamilton Crawford economists say that a lack of properties on the market combined with last week’s rate hike by the Bank of England and political uncertainty as the country attempts to negotiate its departure from the EU are having a negative impact on the property market. 
First-time home buyers are becoming more willing to purchase newly-built properties which are made more attractive by government incentives. This creates a stagnant second hand property market which spells trouble for the broader economy.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Thursday 7 December 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 1888 Press Release - Henderson Properties communities and employees rose to the challenge again, collecting over 3,500 pounds of food to help feed needy families in the area during its annual food drive.

Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC-SC - The holiday season brings with it thoughts of giving to others, especially those who are less fortunate, while being thankful for one's own blessings. Throughout the month of November, Henderson Properties hosted their annual food drive, offering residents, employees and clients the chance to participate in an event designed to give back to the local community. As the food drive ended and totals were tallied, the Henderson Properties team was able to collect 3,610 pounds of food. 
This year, the Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina was named as the primary beneficiary of the food drive. The food drive brought in 3,110 pounds of food to Second Harvest. Lisa Marie Nisely, Community Development Coordinator for Second Harvest, had this to say about the donation. "Thanks to you and your group, you were able to provide 2,043 individual meals for neighbors in need! It was all due to the forethought, kindness and spirit of giving of your group. We can't thank you enough for the support. Because of you and your group, seniors, children, men and women throughout our 19-county area will be fed."
In addition to the 3,110 pounds of food given to Second Harvest, the food drive collected an additional 500 pounds that was given to Harrisburg Crisis Assistance Ministry. To host the food drive, Henderson Properties offices and participating communities put up collection boxes, allowing employees and residents alike to participate. Henderson Properties staff also delivered empty bags to 1800 homes in homeowners associations who signed up for the full service food drive, and then picked up the filled bags the following week.
Kelly Wallace of Henderson Properties had this to say about the drive. "We are thrilled with the amount of participation we saw this year. We have been doing this food drive annually for several years now, and each year our community gets on board in even greater numbers. I can't wait to see what will happen net year!"
Henderson Properties would like to thank all who participated this year in making the food drive such a tremendous success, with hopes that the coming years will be even more successful.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Thursday 7 December 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 1888 PressRelease - Miami Mold Specialist, a reputable indoor environmental and mold removal service company, announces exclusive partnership with Solar Air Flow.

Miami, FL - Miami Mold Specialists, a multi state certified indoor air quality and mold remediation company, establishes strategic partnerships with Solar Air Flow, introduces new line of solar powered mold prevention systems to market.
This new cutting edge technology offered by Miami Mold Specialists functions by removing hot, humid air from the attic of a home by way of solar energy.
Marty Katz, Miami Mold Specialists operations manager, stated,”After serving thousands upon thousands of jobs over the past few years after our transition to the greater Miami area, we have come to the conclusion that taking the extremely moist and humid South Florida air out of the attic is one of the most proactive, preventative measures that any homeowner or building owner can take to mitigate mold growth conditions in their homes or buildings. The team at Miami Mold Specialists sets out to find an eco-friendly solution to this obviously rampant problem. As such, Miami Mold Specialists team was able to broker an exclusive deal with Solar Air Flow, to manufacture in the USA, a state of the art solar powered attic ventilation system. Doing so, Miami Mold Specialist is now the first and only distributor to have this 21st century technology in the state of Florida, that will eventually end up assisting thousands of home owners in South Florida with an efficient and effective mold prevention and electric savings technology. If your attic is cooler, your home is cooler. A home owners HVAC system will not have to run nearly as much to keep a home or building cool, coinciding with a substantial savings in electricity, as well as the thirty plus percent in solar power tax credit savings. It's a win win across the board. Prevent mold growth, reduce your electric bill, and claim a huge tax credit when filing your taxes”.
For more information on Miami Mold Specialists all new line of innovative solar powered mold prevention technology, please visit-
About Miami Mold Specialist–
Miami Mold Specialists, a family owned and operated business, is a 30 year veteran within the indoor air quality, environmental, and mold removal service industries. Miami Mold Specialists provides high tech mold inspections, 3rd party “conflict free” mold testing, and rapid mold removal services. Multi certified, eco-friendly, state licensed, insured, bonded, active member in 8 industry organizations, and featured on numerous local, state, and national news, TV, and media outlets.
Miami Mold Specialists-
Solar Air Flow-
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Patrick Gallenberg | Monday 4 December 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888 PressRelease) As an experienced network and security expert, CipherEx has deep expertise in the technologies and methodologies that comprise network security strategies. Instead of focusing on security hardware and software alone, CipherEx takes a holistic approach to security that spans people, processes, policies, and technology.

ORINDA, Calif. ─ Protecting your network is becoming increasingly difficult and costly, as hackers continue to find new ways to penetrate your defenses. The combination of virtualization, mobility, and cloud computing has triggered an explosion in the quantity of data being created, shared, and managed by enterprises. 
Adding to the challenge is a massive surge of new devices, applications and network loads—courtesy of the Internet of Things (IoT)—that will test our networks like never before. The trend is coming fast and furious. According to one estimate, by 2018, the number of IoT devices will more than double, spurring the development of 200,000 new applications. 1 
“Companies without a well-planned strategy will be left behind,” explained Siamak Behbahani, senior consultant, CipherEx. “That’s why it’s more critical than ever to align with an experienced partner dedicated to network security.” 
As an experienced network and security expert, CipherEx has deep expertise in the technologies and methodologies that comprise network security strategies. Instead of focusing on security hardware and software alone, CipherEx takes a holistic approach to security that spans people, processes, policies, and technology.
Specializing in Cisco infrastructure security, CipherEx works closely with Cisco to ensure the products and infrastructure it builds are secure. CipherEx’s end-to-end security services across all risk areas allow organizations to create an intelligent infrastructure that drives down costs and effectively mitigates the risks to network systems and infrastructure. 
CipherEx teams with industry-leading partners who provide the cutting-edge technologies to address today’s current and emerging threats. CipherEx’s infrastructure security solutions include consulting services, Identity Service Engine (ISE) implementation, advanced malware protection (AMP), wireless LAN controllers (WLC), firepower firewalls and IPS, and two-factor authentication.
Regardless of the network type employed, security is one of the biggest challenges for today’s interconnected systems. To minimize risk and project rework, it’s imperative for organizations to involve network and infrastructure security experts at the earliest stages of strategy development, including when assessing core security and compliance requirements. 
For more information about CipherEx’s infrastructure security services or for a free network assessment, contact CipherEx at (888) 774-9244 or visit http://www.CipherEx.com. 
About CipherEx
Established in 2003, CipherEx is a network consulting company based in the San Francisco Bay area specializing in network infrastructure and network security. The company’s goal is to help its clients build a networking environment that will proactively evolve with their organization’s needs, improve the user experience, and bolster corporate security.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Monday 4 December 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 1888 Press Release - Full-service thermoformer InterTrade Industries will show attendees at world’s largest annual medtech event why clients have been turning to them for innovative, reliable and functional solutions for 40 years. 

ANAHEIM, Calif. – At the annual MD&M West February 6-8, 2018, world-class thermoformer InterTrade Industries will showcase its latest innovations in medical packaging and enclosures. At Booth #1542, InterTrade will display a selection of its sterile solutions for use in the ER, medical offices, patient homes, field operations and other medical environments. Among the products being featured are thin-gauge plastic packaging items such as trays, clamshells, lids and covers as well as heavy-gauge sturdy, reliable enclosures. 
From prototyping to full-scale manufacturing, InterTrade Industries workscollaboratively
with clients in the medtech industry to turn their design concepts into reality. The company offers a full range of capabilities to meet client needs, including:
Thin-Gauge Thermoforming
Heavy-Gauge Thermoforming
Custom Vacuum Forming
In House Tooling
Drape Forming
Polyurethane Foam Molding
"InterTrade Industries has earned a reputation as a world-class thermoformer by providing flexible, fast-to-market and high quality solutions to our clients’ evolving challenges, no matter how complex,” said Business Development Manager Cheryl Lapsys. “As a turnkey supplier, our experienced team of design engineers and manufacturing experts partner with clients to take their ideas from imagination to production. We look forward to talking with attendees of MD&M West about how we can help with their current and future projects."
Lapsys added that InterTrade Industries’ thermoformed solutions are ideal for start-up or smaller production lines because of their cost effectiveness. “Our use of creative designs and materials often yield considerable savings for clients.”
All of InterTrade Industries’ products are manufactured in its Southern California facility, which is an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility. This certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing quality products and services, and to continued improvement. 
MD&M West will be held February 6-8, 2018, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. 
To learn more about InterTrade Industries' capabilities, visit http://www.InterTradeIndustries.com, call 714.894.5566, email Info ( @ )InterTradeIndus
dot com or meet them in person at Booth #1542 at MD&M West dot 
About InterTrade Industries − InterTrade Industries is a world-class, full-service custom thermoformer with 40 years of experience. Located in Southern California, InterTrade’s offerings include design, rapid prototypes, production, assembly and distribution. The company is well-positioned to meet a variety of needs and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. The company serves a wide variety of industries including: medical; aerospace and defense; architectural lighting; automotive; and consumer and OEM. To learn more, visit www.InterTradeIndustries.com, call 714.894.5566 or email Info ( @ )InterTradeIndus
dot com dot 
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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 1 December 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 1888PressRelease - Burton Mills: Activity in China’s manufacturing sector slowed somewhat but remained resilient this month.

Taipei, Taiwan based Burton Mills economists say that activity in China’s factory sector probably expanded at a marginally slower pace this month, as export orders decreased and stringent anti-smog regulations placed pressure on northern factories and steel mills to limit production.
However, Burton Mills economists added that growth is expected to have remained solid with demand for steel persisting as factories and mills in southern provinces with less rigid anti-pollution regulations ramp up output to increase their market share.
China’s campaign against smog is affecting the GDP forecast for the world’s second biggest economy while the world’s markets harbor concerns regarding Beijing’s strategy to decrease debt and excesses in the financial sector.
Burton Mills economists expect this week’s official manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) to come in at 51.4 for this month, down slightly from 51.6 the month before. 
While factory activity has slowed somewhat for a second consecutive month, it would still be the 16th consecutive month of growth, echoing opinions that China’s factory industry remains buoyant in spite of a series of obstacles. 
A recovery for China’s industrial companies and factory sector fueled by increased state expenditure, a robust property market and unanticipated growth in exports has contributed to the economy posting better than forecast expansion of almost 6.9 percent in the first three quarters of this year.
Profits for China’s largest industrial companies increased by 25.1 percent last month, decreasing only marginally from September’s nearly six year high. Upstream sectors and coal mining felt the benefit of robust commodity prices.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Thursday 30 November 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888 PressRelease) Jason Johnson claimed the Small Business Leader 2018 title after demonstrating exponential business growth.

Jacksonville, FL - CEO of Marlin Consulting Solutions won the Small Business Leader of the year South Council 2018 for Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce South Council, after an exemplary business performance. Veteran Jason Johnson, who is also known as the ‘Chief Marlin’ took the business to new horizons and reported a record business growth since 2009. 
“Being recognized as the Small Business Leader of the year South Council 2018 is a proud moment for me and my whole team. We have spent months in perfecting our business solutions that deliver strong results. Our SEO, design, and Pay-per-click solutions offer businesses a unique opportunity to increase their sales and income” – Jason Johnson.
He was also reported to have said, “The reason behind our success is diligence, commitment, and integrity, which allows us to keep our products optimized for better performance in the market. Without deliverable results, a business such as ours would be unable to retain its clientele and would ultimately close shop. We understand the requirements of our customers and offer them unique solutions that are designed to increase their sales and profits.” 
About Marlin Consulting Solutions
Marlin Consulting Solutions offer integrated solutions for high search engine ranking that will increase website traffic. They offer distinct solutions that are tailor-made to suit the requirements of their customers. Marlin Consulting Solutions offer a range of result-driven products and services to its clients for increasing their sales and Return on Investments (ROI). The company offers various free analytics to businesses that highlights the keyunderperforming
areas and identifies areas for improvement. The CEO of the company launched extensive solutions that delivered verifiable results.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Thursday 23 November 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888 PressRelease) Burton Mills: Economists expect the UK’s economy to grow at a rate well behind its peers in the coming years.

Burton Mills: British economic expansion will continue to be slow over the next several years, falling far behind the country’s peers, and could end up being even further behind than economists currently predict with most reporting that risks to their forecasts are to the downside.
These recent findings by Taiwan-based Burton Mills are in stark contrast to a survey published earlier this year which indicated that economists were at their most upbeat about economic performance in Britain since the financial crisis. 
Instead of falling into the mild recession predicted after Britain voted to leave the European Union in the EU referendum last year, the country was one of the top performing developed economies for a period of time. 
In 2017, however, the UK’s economy has fallen far behind its peers. Domestic consumer spending, which fueled a considerable part of early growth, is now suffering as price increases far exceed salary increases.
A Burton Mills economist stated that, while price pressures were expected to ease in the New Year, British households will still experience a decrease in spending power for quite some time as salary growth remains tepid. 
The predicted annual growth rate for the UK is significantly less than that predicted for the euro zone economy which over the 10 years, has under-performed in comparison to the UK. 
According to a survey by Burton Mills, 60 percent of economists polled stated that the risk to their forecasts was to the downside.
The UK is due to depart from the European by the end of March 2019 at which point two years of discussion regarding the terms of the exit and future relations will conclude.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 17 November 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888 PressRelease) METTA SHINE NIGHT 2017: Be Wowed by a Unique Stage Experience.

Metta Shine Night Concert is back for the 13th year of celebrations, do expect a dazzling pageant featuring the performing talents of Metta School students and clients from various Metta centres. 
In a captivating moment, be enthralled by the unity displayed with performance by Metta School’s Sparks group, Circus Arts Team and Angklung Kulintang Ensemble, among other intriguing and impressive acts. 
Our creative students and clients will pit their skills and talents in a series of performance that will hopefully capture the awe, amazement and wonder of the audience at the Metta Shine Night Concert!
Venue: ITE College East 
Date: 18 Nov 2017 
Time: 8pm 
Support Metta Shine Night and get your tickets to a night of arts and musical performance via this link:
Website: www.metta.org.sg 
About Metta Welfare Association: 
Metta Welfare Association plays a pivotal role in realising its mission through nine welfare centres located islandwide. Currently serving over 1,100 beneficiaries from various races and religions, these centres are segregated into the areas of Disability Care, Medical Care, Children Care, Special Education and Alumni Care. 
Metta aims to deliver a holistic approach to development and enrichment programmes for its beneficiaries. We seek the support of the community in our fundraising efforts to provide quality programmes and services to our beneficiaries.
For media enquiries, please contact:
Sharon Vu 
VU Marcoms
DID: 6444 8805
M: 8138 6913
Email: sharonvu ( @ ) vumarcoms dot com
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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 17 November 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 1888 Press Release - The revolutionary crowdsourced commuter alternative is now serving Northern California, with nearly three-dozen new routes expected in 2018.

San Francisco, CA - There’s a new way to commute in Northern California, one that allows professionals to stay plugged in and working while riding in comfort and style.
OurBus, which offers crowd-sourced bus service, has expanded to the West Coast with a new commuter route from Pleasanton, CA to San Francisco that takes less than an hour and costs less than $19 roundtrip. 
Founded in 2016, OurBus is the brainchild of Narinder Singh. The technology company provides a revolutionary alternative to the traditional work commute by eliminating the hassles that have frustrated travelers for decades. 
With commuter and intercity routes now available in five states, including California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington, D.C., OurBus is rewriting the rules of transit and changing the way professionals travel to and from work. 
The company already has received more than $1.25 million in funding, and plans to add 35 new routes across the United States in 2018. 
Each charter bus that partners with OurBus is equipped with smart device charging stations at every seat, free WiFi, free water, clean bathrooms and plush, reclining seats. 
What’s the catch? Each new route added by OurBus, whether a long-distance intercity or shorter suburb-to-city route, is recommended and voted on by the people who use the service. If a route proposed by a customer receives at least 100 votes, that route is then launched for that region.
The more people who get on OurBus, the more places it can and will travel.
Singh saw a need for underserved commuter hubs outside of major metropolitan destinations, and his logistics and technology background provided a perfect solution.
“We’ve exchanged the cramped confines of a morning carpool, as well as long lines and uncertain wait times for a commuter train, with a tech-friendly, comfortable environment where passengers can relax, recharge and work while traveling,” Singh said. “Our buses pick people up close to where they live and drop them off within a short walk from work.”
OurBus utilizes cutting-edge technology, coupled with a customer-centric approach, to eliminate the guesswork that has long plagued work commutes. 
OurBus uses a free app available through Apple or Google Play that allows users to buy tickets with a credit or debit card, and track in real-time on their smart devices where their bus is and when it will arrive. 
The app also provides drivers with the ability to see where customers have purchased tickets and where they plan to board and depart the bus. This allows drivers to adjust their route, if necessary, when faced with an unexpected traffic delay, withoutinconveniencing
riders or slowing down their expected arrival time. 
“We’ve put the power directly in the hands of commuters,” Singh said. “And we’ve eliminated common issues that for years stymied many commuters, whether it’s missing a bus because it arrived early or having to stand out in the cold or rain waiting for a bus that’s been delayed.”
OurBus is perfect both for professionals who must travel daily to and from work, and for leisure travelers who simply want to explore a new city or region. 
To date, OurBus has ferried more than 40,000 passengers and traveled more than 4 million miles, whether serving commuter hubs in Kendall Park, NJ, Livingston/West Orange, NJ and Pleasanton, CA, or providing flexible intercity travel between New York, Maryland and Washington, DC.
OurBus also offers corporate packages for companies with many employees traveling to and from the same locations. By connecting corporate office campuses with major metropolitan destinations, employees can work together during the commute, increasing productivity and maximizing efficiency. 
And the company consistently rewards loyal commuters with incentives, whether taking 30% off the cost when a passenger books a roundtrip ticket, or giving daily commuters a free ticket when they purchase three tickets at once. 
For an updated list of routes and schedules, or to create an account and get on the bus, go to https://www.ourbus.com/.
About OurBus
Founded in 2016, OurBus is a technology company that specializes in crowd sourced bus routes, offering a revolutionary public transportation alternative for commuters. We provide an affordable, mobile app-based service that gives people a say in when, where and how they commute. OurBus also offers intercity routes for leisure travelers. Based in New York City, OurBus is dedicated to empowering commuters and travelers. 
For more information, visit us at https://www.ourbus.com/.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 17 November 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888 PressRelease) Japan's economy has posted seven consecutive quarters of growth in what has been the longest run of growth in over a decade. Latest statistics showed gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annualized rate of 1.4% in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

The latest quarterly numbers come after nearly 5 years of controversial economic stimulus by the Bank of Japan at the behest of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The expansion has been driven largely by a robust export sector buoyed by stronger global demand for Japanese products and has helped offset weaker consumer spending at home.
Analysts at Taipei, Taiwan-headquartered boutique brokerage, Clifford Beaumont say they believe the economy has harnessed healthy export demand which has been growing at 6%. They believe that with the global economy recovering almost in lockstep and with moderate growth in the US, the Euroepan Union and other parts of Asia, Japan’s exporters have enjoyed timely support. 
In addition to the growth in the export sector, it is Mr Abe's economic policies - colloquially referred to as “Abenomics” to which some are attributing the long run of positive growth. By appointing a central bank governor who was prepared to undertake unprecedented levels of quantitative easing, Mr. Abe set about combating nearly two decades of anemic economic growth and deflation.
Clifford Beaumont analysts have welcomed the economic data but they remain cautious on how the Bank of Japan intends to exit from unusual and exigent economic policies that have seen interest rates cut into negative territory and trillions of yen created out of thin air to buoy the pries of every asset from bonds to ETFs and equities. 
For the time being, however, it appears that QE has worked in Japan although inflation has yet to reach the BoJ’s target rate of 2% and consumers remain reluctant to spend.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 17 November 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 1888PressRelease - Burton Mills: China’s economy slows as authorities crack down on pollution and speculative financing.

With fixed asset investment, industrial activity and retail sales falling short of expectations last month, China’s economy slowed further as the government implemented a hard approach to factory pollution and debt risks.
Beijing is now in its second year of a program to decrease elevated levels of debt as the government is concerned that unsafe lending practices could endanger the economy.
Data recently released by Burton Mills indicated that policy makers are making some headway in neutralizing financial risks by easing China off its reliance on cheap credit and suggested moderate growth would take place over the next several quarters.
According to the National Bureau of Statistics, industrial production increased by 6.2 percent on an annual basis last month, less than analysts forecast of 6.3 percent and less that 6.6 percent the month before. 
Fixed-asset investment growth also missed analysts’ expectations of 7.4 percent and decreased to 7.3 percent in the January-October period.
Economists at Burton Mills believe that the moderation in growth indicates that expansion slowed last month and will continue to do so in the coming quarters.
Property investment growth also eased after the government implemented more stringent regulations to drive out the speculative financing that has fueled a two year long property boom. Sales and new construction projects decreased last month.
Burton Mills economists stated that the slowdown in the property sector was what the government is looking to achieve and that it was unlikely that they would adjust their policy making strategy.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Tuesday 14 November 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 1888 PressRelease - Attribution software vendor helps marketing teams understand advertising effectiveness to improve ad spend allocation across digital, broadcast, and offline mediums

Portland-Vancouver, OR-WA - LeadsRx, a provider of marketing attribution software, today announced new corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Founders AJ Brown and Jeff Keenan chose the area because of the availability of relevant talent, support forentrepreneurial
endeavors, and the lifestyle options Portland has to offer. The company has secured office space within Portland's historic Customhouse, which is managed by the collaborative workspace team at WeWork and is located in the Old Town neighborhood.
"Having grown up in the Portland metro area, I couldn't be happier for LeadsRx to be putting down roots in this incredible city," said AJ Brown, co-founder and CEO for LeadsRx. "We believe Portland is an incredible source of great talent in the technology industry while also supporting new ideas and theentrepreneurial
spirit." Brown spent 20 years of his software career living in Silicon Valley and returned to Portland in 1999 with an eye on creating new ventures. His list of Portland-area startups that he co-founded include a high-end fitness facility called Trainer's Club, third-wave coffee roaster and retailer Blue Joe Coffee Company, and Zooza, an online software system that helps more than 30,000 pet owners around the world enter events and clubs. 
LeadsRx Co-founder and Senior Vice President of Sales, Jeff Keenan, said, "LeadsRx posted a job opening for an experienced sales person and had over 80 candidates in just a couple of weeks. As we continue to grow our staff in Portland, we're confident this area will continue to be a mecca of exceptional people."
LeadsRx currently has a staff of 10 individuals with plans to grow significantly in 2018 and 2019. The company offers marketing attribution software, which is used by large marketing teams to analyze the effectiveness of their advertising efforts. With clients like iHeartMedia, Entercom, Digital River, and more than 14,000 in total, LeadsRx is well-positioned to meet its growth objectives in the Portland area.
About LeadsRx: 
LeadsRx, a multi-channel marketing attribution SaaS platform, provides marketers an unparalleled, unified view of campaign performance across advertising mediums throughout the entire customer journey. Marketers who use LeadsRx increase conversion rates and reduce acquisition costs to improve overall Return on Ad Spend and bottom line profit. The company is privately held and proudly based in Portland, Oregon. More information can be found on the company’s website at www.LeadsRx.com.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 10 November 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 1888 Press Release - Burton Mills: Strong growth in UK property prices may indicate that the dip caused by the Brexit vote has bottomed out.

In the 3 months to October, UK property prices rose at the most rapid pace since February of this year and economists at Taipei, Taiwan based wealth management firm Burton Mills believe that last week’s interest rate hike by the Bank of England is not likely to counter the effect on prices caused by a lack of property on the market. 
Property prices rose by a yearly 4.5 percent in the period from August to October and gained pace from a 4 percent increase in the three months to September. This increase was in keeping with predictions by Burton Mills. 
The third consecutive month of increased pace of property price rises may indicate that the drop experienced after 2016’s Brexit referendum may have leveled out. 
The house price index had been increasing by up to 10 percent each year before the Brexit vote when it slowed to just more than 2 percent in July of 2017. 
Elevated house prices will mean that fewer people are able to afford to purchase their own homes. This may force finance minister Philip Hammond to support additional home building when he reveals the Government’s budget strategy later this month.
Last month alone, property prices increased by 0.3 percent, 0.5 percent less than in September but slightly more than was forecast by economists. 
A Burton Mills economist stated that the absence of properties on the market, low fixed home loan interest rates and robust employment growth would continue to boost property prices even as the UK’s economy slows leading up to the country’s departure from the EU.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Thursday 9 November 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888 PressRelease) Clifford Beaumont: UK consumer spending at 13 year low in October as BoE increases rates for first time in more than a decade.

UK consumer spending dropped at its most accelerated rate in more than a decade. The last October to see consumers restrict spending as much was October 2008. 
With inflation rising, consumers drastically reduced their purchases of non-essential and non-food goods according to a recent survey by Taipei, Taiwan-based investment boutique, Clifford Beaumont.
According to the BRC (British Retail Consortium), retail sales figures decreased by 1.0 percent on a yearly basis, which discounts shifts in store size, compared with 1.9 percent a month earlier.
Last week, the Bank of England hiked interest rates for the first time in over a decade.
Economists at Clifford Beaumont believed that the interest rate hike would be a bad move in light of the state of consumer finances which have been pressured by rising inflation since 2016’s Brexit referendum when the UK voted to exit the European Union.
The BRC stated that its data was reason for trepidation leading up to the festive season. In a statement to the media, BRC chief executive Helen Dickinson said that the fall in consumer spending was fueled by the most negative performance of non-food sales since the beginning of 2011.
Clifford Beaumont economists stated that although growth in food sales figures were positive, these were largely supported by rising inflation.
Dickinson added that the rate hike implemented last week would add further burden already tight household budgets. 
Consumer price inflation exceeded the Bank of England’s target of 2 percent and reached 3 percent in September, its highest level since 2012.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Thursday 9 November 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 1888 Press Release - Polar King International, Inc. will be presenting their line of outdoor walk-in coolers, freezers and trailer units at Indiana School Nutrition Association Annual Conference. The conference takes place November 9-11, 2017 in South Bend, Indiana at the Century Center.

Fort Wayne, IN - Polar King International, Inc. (http://www.polarking.com/) announces that company representative Amy Richards will be attending the Indiana School Nutrition Association (ISNA) Annual Conference. The conference runs from November 9-11 at the Century Center in South Bend, IN. The Polar King exhibit will be located inside booth 202, with walk-in demonstrations and product information. 
Since 1982, Polar King has been manufacturing outdoor walk-in cooler and freezer units as well as refrigerated trailers. All Polar King units feature a seamless fiberglass design and are constructed and designed specifically for outdoor usage. Walk-in and trailer units incorporate foam insulation completely encased in fiberglass, both inside and out. This construction method provides superior structural strength since it forms a one-piece unit. With one of the most comprehensive manufacturer warranties in the industry, the Polar King limited warranty provides 25-year coverage for the internal foam insulation as well as 12-year coverage for the walk-in structure. Whether you need a cooler, freezer, combination unit or refrigerated trailer, Polar King offers the flexibility required in the foodservice industry.
About Polar King
As the industry’s #1 manufacturer of seamless fiberglass outdoor walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers, Polar King units are designed to endure even the most rugged conditions and climates. All walk-in coolers and freezers are delivered fully assembled and require only a simple electrical connection to put them into operation. With a 100% seamless fiberglass design, Polar King offers the industry’s only one-piece, outdoor unit. Polar King also recently gained Miami-Dade County product control approval. This means all Polar King products are designed to comply with the high-velocity hurricane zone of the Florida building code. Miami-Dade NOA No. 16-1018.10, Expiration Date: 7/13/2022. To learn more about the fiberglass advantage, or for more information, call 888-647-8231, visit http://www.polarking.com/ or stop by booth 202.
Polar King International, Inc. 
Email: cooler ( @ ) polarking dot com 
Website: www.polarking.com/
Blog: outdoorwalkin.info/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/PolarKingIntl
Twitter: ( @ ) Polar_King_Intl
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PolarKingInternational
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Patrick Gallenberg | Thursday 9 November 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 1888PressRelease - Thermodyne Foodservice Products, Inc. is pleased to announce that companyrepresentatives
Corey Johnson and Chris Nelson will be attending the Indiana School Nutrition Association Annual Conference. The convention takes place November 9- 11, 2017 in South Bend, Indiana at the Century Center.

Fort Wayne, IN - Thermodyne Foodservice Products, Inc. (http://www.tdyne.com/) announces that companyrepresentatives
Corey Johnson and Chris Nelson will be showcasing their extensive line of commercial foodservice products at the Indiana School Nutrition Association (ISNA) Annual Conference. The event, running from November 9-11, takes place at the Century Center in South Bend Indiana. Visit booth number 200 for demonstrations and more information on Thermodyne products. 
Thermodyne manufactures countertop and full-sized slow cook and hold ovens as well as commercial steamer cabinets. Thermodyne’s Steam Giant utilizes a mixture of steam and air that provides a cooking or holding environment with temperatures between 140°-212°F. With near-instant recovery, the Steam Giant cooks food products evenly and effectively while ensuring product safety. Enhance the variety of your menu with batch cooking or a la carte requirements. 
About Thermodyne Foodservice Products: Founded in 1987, Thermodyne Food Service Products, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of both countertop and full-sized slow cook and hold ovens. Each unit features Thermodyne’s patented Fluid Shelf Technology, in which low-temperature heat is transferred throughout each shelf rather than through the air. This not only ensures food quality and safety but also allows food products to be held for extended periods. Contact us today to find out about the incredible flexibility and serving capabilities made possible by Fluid Shelf Technology. For more information, call 888-310-7352, visit http://www.tdyne.com/ or stop by booth 200. 
Thermodyne Foodservice Products, Inc. 
Email: fluidshelf ( @ ) tdyne dot com
Website: www.tdyne.com
Blog: tdyne.com/blog
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/1slowcooknhold
Twitter: ( @ ) TdyneFoodSvc 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ThermodyneFoodserviceProducts/
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Patrick Gallenberg | Monday 6 November 2017 ( 0 Comment)

 1888PressRelease - Clifford Beaumont - Felix Hufeld urges the European Union to prepare temporary solutions in order to transition a post-Brexit world without market distortion.

According to Germany’s financial watchdogs, European Union regulators require interim solutions in order to safeguard against market distortions in the event of British-based banks facing a Brexit without a trade deal. 
Analysts at Clifford Beaumont believe that the UK’s departure from the EU will not be an easy transition given that numerous rounds of negotiations have resulted in little progress.
Felix Hufeld, President of Germany's Federal Financial Supervisory Authority BaFin (Bundesanstalt fuer Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) stated that whatever the result of Brexit, it will have a high cost for both British and EU consumers and that the cost of conducting business will increase. 
Hufeld added that regulators will need to look at interim strategies to prevent problematic distortions in the markets while transitioning to a post Brexit world.
Frankfurt is coming out as a clear favourite financial center out of those hoping to attract banks based in London who will look at opening new offices in the EU to continue to cater to customers there. 
Representatives from leading London-based lenders have announced their intention to spend a lot more time in Germany’s financial center post Brexit. 
Hufeld stated that new hubs being established by UK-based banks must be operational and not merely empty shells.
Clifford Beaumont economists noted that around 20 UK-based lenders have already applied for licenses to operate in Frankfurt with a Munich-based insurer but that none have been approved just yet. 
Banks are planning a division of tasks between their offices in the EU and London and will need to transition all the systems that have been created over the years.
 Attached Files: Clifford Beaumont.doc  
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