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Patrick Gallenberg | Tuesday 31 December 2013 ( 0 Comment)

 1888PressRelease - Charlotte plumber hears about Charlotte man in need of a water heater and provides a free new water heater for Christmas. 

Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC-SC - David Parker, owner of ER Plumbing Services, holds sweepstakes several times a year as a way to give back to the community. Right now he is sponsoring a contest (winner will be drawn January 1, 2014) for a free whole house water filtration system or a free tankless water heater. 
However, a local need came to the attention of this Charlotte plumber, and Parker could not turn away. 
Charlotte Haynes offered this shout out about the plumber's immediate response to her father's need:
"My parents have had it rough for a little while, my dad having been laid off from his job of 30+ years a handful of years ago, the unemployment running out and then bills, food, meds, etc. You all know how it's been! Well, while trying to make repairs on the house, my dad discovered the water heater was leaking. My friend told me about a company that held drawings for water heaters or things like that once a month. We checked it out. It wasn't for what they needed. So, I decided to write them a letter about my dad asking if they could help with this Christmas wish. I waited and waited. Finally decided to call and see if they had gotten the letter. Dave answered and told me no, they hadn't received a letter from me talking about my dad. Did he need some help? So I emailed what I wrote to him. Not 10 minutes later, Dave called me back. He asked if we could get serial numbers and information off the water heater and he would have one of his men come out that very day to replace it! Holy cow! We ended up having to wait until today because of my dad's schedules and Christmas. 
They brought a new water heater. Not a replacement, but an upgrade!! It was installed by a man who was very well spoken and polite and kind. I believe his name was Leonard. He was very professional! With Leonard and Dave representing this company to us, they must be pretty awesome!
A big thank you to Dave Parker and Leonard of E.R. Plumbing Services for their gracious generosity and kindness!"
Learn more about ER Plumbing Services of Charlotte here: www.erplumbing.com
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Patrick Gallenberg | Tuesday 31 December 2013 ( 0 Comment)

 1888 Press Release - The feedback that Mark Ishman received from these high school students and teachers were extremely positive. 

Mark Ishman Discusses cyberbullying with high school students
Raleigh, North Carolina - December 2013, internet lawyer Mark Ishman from the Ishman Law Firm, PC discussed Cyberbullying with the students and teachers at Wakefield High School.
On both days, internet lawyer Mark Ishman discussed real Cyberbullying cases and their outcomes with these high school students.
Mark Ishman explains that "Our children are growing up in a different world than us. When we went home after school, we left it and our peer issues behind. High school students today are always connected to the internet. When they tell mom and dad goodnight at 11pm, they shut their bedroom doors and begin to socialize with their friends until the early hours of the morning. This is prime-time for Cyberbullying."
"Many students believe that when they delete content, photographs or videos from their computer, smart phone or other electronic devices, it is deleted permanently. However, that is not true, and attorneys working with cyber investigators and judges are able to regenerate such deleted content, photographs and videos," explained internet lawyer Mark Ishman.
The feedback that Mark Ishman received from these high school students and teachers were extremely positive.
In addition to discussing applicable federal and North Carolina Cyberbullying laws, Mark Ishman also discussed with these students how they could make an enormous impact on the lives of others through small acts of kindness, such as the acts by Olivet Middle School football players who created a secret play for their teammate with disabilities 
Mark Ishman explains that one small act of kindness can change a person's life forever; likewise one inappropriate prank could result with a criminal misdemeanor charge affecting one's ability to be accepted into college or obtaining a job. 
If you need an attorney with a Cyberbullying matter, please contact internet lawyer Mark Ishman from the Ishman Law Firm, P.C. at (919) 468-3266, or mishman ( @ ) ishmanlaw dot com dot 
About Mark Ishman
Mr. Ishman's practice concentrates on advising both high-tech and brick and mortar companies in connection with Internet, e-commerce, cyberlaw, and intellectual property, corporate transactional, computer security, privacy ecommerce, and employment matters. He has over 13 years of experience in the legal industry, either as an attorney, paralegal or law clerk.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Monday 30 December 2013 ( 0 Comment)

 1888 PressRelease - Westfield, New Jersey based Hatchedit.com launched a crowdfunding this week on Indiegogo.com focused on raising $7,750 in funding for the development of a free local events and activities calendar.

Newark, NJ - The team at Westfield, New Jersey based tech startup http://www.hatchedit.com views the local events calendar best summed up as "Pinterest for local events" as PHASE TWO of their social platforms development. 
The Local Events Calendar will allow anyone to create an event and share it on a public bulletin board. Events can include links back to blogs or other sites that have full event information on them. Events can also be downloaded and saved to a Hatchedit.com calendar, an icalendar, Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar. The events will also be shareable on other social media. We are looking for a quick, fast, and easy way for people to share what is going on in their neighborhood with those people who are making plans. 
One of the only places that have attempted this sort of calendar/event interface is Patch.com. The AOL owned local network was an excellent source of local event information for anyone that followed their local Patch site (or even just the events RSS Feeds - which we personally used on our own Hatchedit.com accounts to find local events). However, with Patch.com sites shutting down rapidly, we felt that there was a great opportunity here to allow people to crowdsource event information in the same way that Pinterest allows people to crowdsource visual stimulus.
"The Hatchedit.com local events calendar is the only platform that attempts to bring together what is a very popular but very disjointed local events and activities industry," says Kirsten Bischoff, Co-Founder of Hatchedit.com. "There are currently many local bloggers, and local email newsletters working to get out local information regarding events and activities - but it isn't always easy to find them. We feel as though we are in the perfect position to help local events specialists, local businesses, and other people creating exciting events to get that information out and the families that are looking for things to do locally find that information faster and easier."
Hatchedit.com is a bootstrapped tech startup that has spent the past two years developing a private social network for families built around a family calendar. We have thousands of members using our free site and our free iPhone and Android apps. Because of this built in audience we are able to offer some very exciting rewards. We have everything from physical objects - such as laptop decals and coffee mugs to promotional rewards that allow donors to reach the thousands of Hatchedit.com users we see on our sites and apps every day. Have a blog or a family friendly product to promote? We have $75 will get you an email blast out to almost 17,000 people. Other generous donations can get your blog a default feed on our RSS reader, or a prime advertising spot across our site and our apps. 
Crowdfunding enables people with a great business idea to ask the general public for the funding they need to set up or expand. The business sets a target for the money it wants to raise and explains how it will use the cash. People can then make pledges for small amounts of money in return for a reward if the target is reached.
If you have any questions or you would like to schedule an interview please feel free to email us at kikandmeg ( @ ) hatchedit dot com - we'd be more than happy to talk to you dot You can also reach us on Twitter at ( @ ) hatchedit - thanks!
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Patrick Gallenberg | Monday 30 December 2013 ( 0 Comment)

 1888PressRelease - Anyone can now easily learn Reiki. Laiya Moniak, renowned Usui Reiki master and teacher demonstrates self-healing and meditation, a complete client session to re-balance mind and body, an attunement and long-distance healing in this Reiki DVD and online Reiki video.

Salt Lake City-Ogden, UT - The winners of the 2013 Telly Awards have been announced. Aesthetic VideoSource received a Bronze Telly Award for Reiki Healing Techniques. The Telly Awards honor "the very best film & video productions, groundbreaking online video content, and outstanding local, regional, & cable TV commercials and programs." In the 34th Annual Telly Awards competition, the Reiki Healing Techniques video competed with over 12,000 entries from across the world, including from Time Warner Cable, AMC Theaters, and CBS Interactive.
Aesthetic VideoSource is proud to receive such a prestigious award for their Reiki trainingwith Usui Reiki master, Laiya Moniak.
With Reiki, anyone can heal and change their life. Reiki, a natural, non-invasive Japanese technique, taps into the universal life force energy, providing physical, mental, and emotional healing...for practitioners and others with whom they share this healing art.
In Aesthetic VideoSource's instructional online video and Reiki DVD, Reiki Healing Techniques, Usui Reiki master, Laiya Moniak, clearly and lovingly demonstrates step by step the techniques and approach for providing this healing art. She discusses how the energy system works, how chakras and auric bodies affect the body's well being, and how to achieve what is possible. She shows how to remove energy blocks and restore energy flow in the body. Covering the many applications of Reiki, she demonstrates self-healing and meditation, a complete client session on a massage table (back and front), an attunement, and long-distance healing.
According to the American Cancer Society, "A Reiki I practitioner can offer hands-on sessions; a Reiki II practitioner can offer hands-on or distant Reiki; and a Reiki master can offer hands-on Reiki, distant Reiki, and Reiki instruction."
Moniak addresses all three Reiki levels of attunement (Level I, Level II and Master/Teacher) and the associated Reiki symbols for healing. She also covers the history of Reiki, Huiyin breathing, preparation, room set-up, marketing and pricing, and how Reiki can be applied elsewhere in life. This valuable information benefits both novice and master. With this knowledge, people can connect and experience the immediate benefits.
Reiki's multiple benefits include reducing stress, anxiety, and blood pressure, aiding sleep, relieving pain, and bolstering the immune system. It has no contraindications.
Reiki is open to all, transcending any particular belief system. People can bring their own understanding to it, practicing universal ethical ideals to promote peace and harmony. People can learn how-to-do Reiki to begin their journey today and share the gift of Reiki with others.
"Reiki is life force energy. It's what flows through us; it's what makes us alive," says Moniak. "It makes sense if your life force energy is low, you'll be prone to being stressed out, getting ill. If your life force energy is high, you're going to be happier and healthy."
Laiya's passion for Reiki shines. Her techniques and explanations are easy to follow. Reiki students and practitioners will enjoy and benefit from this wonderfully concise online training video & DVD.
Laiya Moniak is a renowned Usui Reiki master and teacher, practicing Reiki since 1992. She has taught various seminars, including in hospitals and clinics, for medical personnel and therapists. She currently practices in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.
Aesthetic VideoSource produces and distributes detailed, comprehensive health and spa instructional online training videos and DVDs, so professionals can properly perform the procedures shown. Aesthetic VideoSource is the forerunner in educational media distribution, with award-winning productions and an always-expanding list of offerings to meet the spa and beauty industry's needs. Education is provided through unlimited online video streaming subscriptions, pay-per-view training videos, and training DVDs. Topics include training videos for students and professional massage therapists, skin care specialists, cosmetologists, makeup artists anddermatologists.
Aesthetic VideoSource provides online educational training videos and DVDs for spa and beauty professionals, medical offices, colleges, universities, schools and libraries worldwide.
Contact Info -- The Reiki Healing Techniques online training video (1 Hr. 6 Mins.) can be ordered online for $39.96 atwww.VideoShelf.
The DVD can be purchased for $49.95 plus shipping, by calling Aesthetic VideoSource at 801-282-2490 or by ordering online.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Saturday 28 December 2013 ( 0 Comment)

 1888PressRelease - Jaw-dropping demonstrations and performances by pole dancers, aerialists, and contortionists.

New York, NY - MIDTOWN WEST (December 26, 2013) Join Jillian Urrutia and Gabrielle Valliere as they debut Fly Fitness NYC by hosting a Free Grand Opening Event January 10, 2014 from 7-9pm. Fly Fitness NYC is a new dance studio with innovative and exciting ways of promoting health and fitness. "Our vision is to create an environment where dreamers can live their dream and get that awesome dancer's body on the side." says Jillian.
The Grand Opening Event will showcase instructors of the studio, as well as featured guest performers. Each performance will demonstrate a unique fitness specialty that the studio offers. Some of the acts include a demonstration by the world-renowned contortionist and Fly Fitness NYC instructor, Jonathan Nosan, and a special performance from the Pulse Project, choreographed by critically acclaimed Brook Notary, another one of the studio's talented instructors. Fly Fitness NYC will be raffling prizes and have special offers to those who attend. Hors d'oeuvres and beverages will be served. 
To attend the event, you can call 212-643-0256, email at staff ( @ ) flyfitnessnyc dot com or reserve a spot at: https://flyfitnessnyc-grandopening dot eventbrite dot com dot Fly Fitness NYC is conveniently located near most subway stops and is minutes away from Penn Station and the Port Authority Bus terminal dot The address is 348 West 36th street, New York, NY 10018 dot To view pictures and videos of the studio and their instructors, visit their website at www dot flyfitnessnyc dot com dot 
Fly Fitness NYC offers an array of different classes that appeal to everyone. Their classes include Pole Dance, Flexibility, Hoop, Silks, Contortion, Yoga, and Body Conditioning. Whether you are a beginner who is looking for a new way to get into shape or are a seasoned fitness "veteran", they offer a variety of class levels that promote growth.
 Attached Files: New Aerial Dance Studio in Midtown Announces its G  
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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 27 December 2013 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888 PressRelease) Zen Node wireless appliance "listens" to the sound of a fire alarm and notifies you by SMS/email. Zen Node also has a built in "Help" button that allows anyone in need to summon your help immediately. The communication between you and Zen Node is direct and does not depend on external service. There are no service plans, fees or contracts, making it the lowest cost monitoring device in the market. 

Zen Node main and unique benefits
1. Up-smart the smoke detectors you already have - Zen Node allows your existing fire and smoke detection systems to communicate with you when you are out of the house, without the use of a monitoring company. Zen Node functions as an "ear" that listens and detects smoke alarm sound pattern. Once the sound pattern is detected, Zen Node informs you directly of the emergency. Zen Node is a simple addition to what you already have. There is no need to replace your existing smoke detectors with expensive "smart" devices. 
2. Coverage - One Zen Node can cover most typical homes. A single device has a listening radius of about 24 feet. That's an area of 1800 sq. ft., which will typically cover a number of smoke detectors. This is in contrast to competition offerings which require replacing each smoke detector with a special device - an expensive proposition. 
3. No fees, no service plans, no contracts, no 3rd party - Zen Node provides a direct link between the device and you. It sends notification directly to your smartphone (or to anybody you designated). Your data stays with you. There is no need to sign a contract with anybody and no need to pay any service fees.
This direct communication approach makes Zen Node unique. Other monitoring solutions require signing up with external monitoring and service call center. This entails service plan subscriptions, contracts, monthly fees and sharing of personal data.
4. Help button - Separately from the fire alert, Zen Node integrates a call button that generates SMS/email to notify that someone is in need for immediate attention. This button is the simplest and shortest way to alert you of loved ones in need.
Technical description:
- Zen Node includes patent-pending sound analyzing and detection system and an emergency push button function. The sensor performs sound pattern recognition to distinguish between standard-based smoke detector alarm sound and any unrelated noise, to prevent false alarms.
- Zen Node employs USB form factor communication controller that plugs into available USB port of home or business PC and acts as a network coordinator. Together they establish 2.4GHz low power Zigbee private wireless network. The controller can handle and interconnect any amount of Zen Nodes, automatically configuring them into Zigbee mesh network.
- Free downloadable PC application, currently supporting Window XP, Vista and Windows 7. It enables easy programming of phone numbers and email addresses of alert recipients.
- Simple, reliable notification mechanism: when fire alarm sound is detected or when Help button is pressed, Zen Node sends wireless alert over Zigbee network to the communication controller. The controller wakes up the PC and activates the application which sends email to user or text, using email-to-text gateway of the cellular provider.
- Dimensions: The device is 2.94"W x 0.98"H (2.94"W x 1.12"H with integrated wall mounting plate) and weighs less than 5 oz. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries.
Availability - Zen Node pre-orders are available now through Indiegogo funding campaign. Campaign can be viewed at::
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Patrick Gallenberg | Monday 23 December 2013 ( 0 Comment)

 1888 PressRelease - Eleven children and two young adults produced a one-minute video explaining deforestation and how it impacts the planet.

San Francisco, CA - The video is available on YouTube at: http://youtu.be/Y-LHG0eG5kU and also posted on the GigatonGifts website: http://www.GigatonGifts.org
"I expected more parents to decline after they reviewed the script," said Elton Sherwin, Executive Director of the Carbon Zero Institute that sponsored the project. "The parents were mostly Rotarians or attend an Evangelical Christian church, and we did not know how many parents wanted video of their young children all over the Internet," continued Sherwin. "After reviewing the script, all the families we contacted said yes."
The voice over is read by two sisters eight and ten years old:
Listen up, Grown Ups.
It's about the BIG PICTURE of our WORLD.
The world you are giving to us. 
Every day almost 3 billion people cook over smoky stoves and open fires. 
That's what they have to do to feed their families. 
But over 2 million people die every year breathing the smoke!
Billions of trees are cut down for firewood. 
And without the trees… 
The soil washes away and food won't grow. 
And the animals that lived there start to die. 
But WE know there is hope. 
NEW trees help bring back the animals and the crops.
Solar stoves help protect the trees and the kids!
Just $6 can buy 25 new trees in Ethiopia
And $9 can buy 50 trees in Madagascar!
Join us today at
GigatonGifts was launched in December of 2013 by a group of Silicon Valley parents concerned about environmental issues. 
Worldwide, almost 3 billion people cook or eat meals cooked over wood or charcoal fires. The soot from these fires causes respiratory ailments that kill 2 to 4 million people a year, most of them women and children. The reliance on wood and charcoal for cooking has created areas of severe deforestation in over 50 countries. 
Through the GigatonGifts website (www.GigatonGifts.org), customers can purchase trees for reforestation projects in severely deforested areas of Africa and Haiti, as well as fuel-efficient, clean-burning stoves to replace the health-damaging wood and charcoal stoves commonly used by families in these areas. 
GigatonGifts has partnered with the Eden Reforestation Projects which has planted over 65 million trees since 2005. GigatonGifts is committed to reversing deforestation and its accompanying problems, both by replanting devastated forests and by reducing the demand for wood-based fuel. The goal is to fund the planting of one billion trees and eliminate the use of open fires for meal preparation.
GigatonGifts is staffed entirely by volunteers. Co-Founder and Executive Director Elton Sherwin worked for 15 years as a venture capitalist and is an authority on the economics of climate change. In 2010 he authored Addicted to Energy. Co-Founder Craig Wesley has an extensive executive-level background in entrepreneurial, early stage, and Fortune 100 companies. 
More information about GigatonGifts can be found at www.GigatonGifts.org
 Attached Files: Kids Star in YouTube Video on Deforestation - Youn  
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Patrick Gallenberg | Monday 23 December 2013 ( 0 Comment)

 1888PressRelease -EzCheckPersonal
check writing software byHalfpricesoft.c
is available free to new customers who purchase Christmas gifts from TrialPay partners. Learn more at www.halfpricesoft.com.

Dallas, TX - Christmas offersHalfpricesoft.c
customers a new reason to start usingezCheckPersonal
to save time and money by printing checks from their home computer - they can get the software free.
For a limited time, customers can getezCheckPersonal
check writing software free when they purchase Christmas Gift using TrialPay.
The new check layout customization feature insideezCheckPersonal
check writer makes it easy to personalize a check. By adding special holiday logo's, personal checks can be more individualized for customer satisfaction.
Another good reason to print checks in house, is customers only print checks as needed rather than paying for boxes of expensive pre-printed bank checks that can go unused because of a recent address change or bank change. 
To take advantage of this offer, customers simply visit theezCheckPersonal
web page at http://www.halfpricesoft.com/check-printing-software.asp and click the "Get It Free" button. The link will take customers to the TrialPay site where they can choose to purchase products and services from a variety of vendors, including Netflix, Stamps and more. By ordering a gift, customers can get the latest edition ofezCheckPersonal
check writing software free of charge - the cost of the software is paid for by Netflix and other TrialPay partners.
The new edition ofezCheckpersonal
check writing and printing software highlights:
- Print personalized checks with logo on blank computer check
- Fill check data on pre-printed blank check
- Print image signature on checks
- Edit check layout and create customized personal checks
- Easy to use reports
- Easy export data
- Print blank personal check
- Support computer check formats 3 or 4 checks per page
"Christmas is the perfect opportunity to start usingezCheckPersonal
to save time and money while doing something you're likely to do anyway - buy gift for your family," saidHalfrpricesoft.
founder Dr. Ge. "We've been partners with TrialPay for some time now; it's just a really cool way to get quality products and services at discounted prices or even free."
EzCheckPersonal check writing software eliminates need for pre-printed checks and speeds up bill paying. Customers can tryezCheckPersonal
check writing software risk free at http://www.halfpricesoft.com/check-printing-software.asp 
About Halfpricesoft.com
Founded in 2003,Halfpricesoft.c
has established itself as a leader in meeting and exceeding the software requirements of small businesses around the world. Offering payroll software, employee attendance tracking software, check writing/printing software, W2 software, 1099 software and ezACH deposit software. It continues to grow in the philosophy that small business owners deserve affordable, user friendly, and totally risk-free software.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Saturday 21 December 2013 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888 PressRelease) Three Wishes Small Business Growth Alliance, Senior Vice President Robert Parisi Accepts Plaque from Wish Ambassador John Ott

Tustin, Calif. - The holidays are a time of giving, and this year SBGA has given back more than ever. At the company's annual holiday party, SBGA announced three new wishes to be added to their substantial Make-A-Wish family. 
Make-A-Wish Ambassador John Ott made an appearance to commemorate SBGA for their acts of charitable giving. "When I saw the email, I thought there was a typo," John laughs, "maybe they meant five or two. I thought, there's no way one company could have granted 52 wishes! Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to learn it wasn't a typo." 
The Ambassador shared his admiration, as well as his own Make-A-Wish story with all of the SBGA team members and alliance partners in attendance. The resounding silence from the audience made it clear 
that helping these children live out their dreams is something that deeply affects every member of the company. 
"The Make-A-Wish kids have had a lasting impact on me and my collective work family," one employee commented, "It makes me feel so great to know and see firsthand how our charitable giving is actually affecting and enriching the lives of these children." 
At the end of his presentation, Make-A-Wish Ambassador John Ott presented Senior Vice President of SBGA Bob Parisi with the newest Make-A-Wish plaques to grace the company's walls. A trip to Walt Disney World for Jenavieve, a SeaWorld experience for Amy, and a Disneyland Resort dream vacation for Erick have become the 53rd, 54th, and 55th wishes granted by SBGA. 
About the Small Business Growth Alliance 
Building off nearly two decades of experience, the Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) is a leading provider of back office solutions to businesses throughout the United States. 
SBGA Alliance Partners have been recognized by Inc. Magazine, have received the coveted President's Award and are accredited members of the Better Business Bureau. SBGA provides members with essential products, services and educational resources that allow business owners to successfully address essential business needs - from internet marketing, search engine optimization and electronic payments to payroll and accounting services, SBGA offers the very best in total back office management solutions. 
About the Make-A-Wish Foundation 
Since 1980, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has enriched the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions though its wish-granting work. Since its beginning, the organization has reached more than 193,000 children around the world. The Foundation's mission reflects the life-changing impact that a Make-A-Wish® experience has on children, families, and entire communities. To learn more about the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Orange County and the Inland Empire, please visit www.wishocie.com. 
For Additional Information, Contact: 
Small Business Growth Alliance 
(800) 899-SBGA 
publicrelations ( @ ) SBGA dot com http://www.SBGA.com/
 Attached Files: SBGA Grants Three Wishes to Make-A-Wish Children a  
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Patrick Gallenberg | Wednesday 18 December 2013 ( 0 Comment)

 1888PressRelease - A new NationaLease blog explores the concern many carriers are expressing about the increasingly troublesome shortage of qualified drivers and technicians.

In a recent blog, Jane Clark, Vice President of Member Services for NationaLease, one of the largest full service truck leasing organizations, discusses how a shortage of young drivers and technicians can imperil the trucking industry. The blog was based on the latest American Trucking Association survey of 4,000 trucking executives which listed the shortage of drivers as the third biggest concern for the future. Clark discusses twoBusinessweek.co
articles that confirm the survey's findings.
One of the articles she cites, "Why No One Wants to Drive a Truck Anymore," finds that more than 330,000 new drivers will be needed by the year 2020, and that new federal regulations and the normal stresses of the job, not many young people are looking to truck driving as a career.
What Clark found even more interesting was that this was not a North American issue only. Citing anotherBusinessweek.co
article, "Germany Wants More Truck Drivers," she found that many countries in the EU are also suffering from this issue. Problems for Germany are exacerbated by even stricter regulations than those in the U.S. and by poorer EU countries willing to flout local regulations to undercut pricing.
In the blog, Clark also acknowledges that along with the worsening shortage of drivers is a severe shortage of diesel technicians. She lists Department of Labor statistics that indicate there will be a need for 205,000 additional technicians by the end of 2014, a number unlikely to be achieved. Says Clark, "Andy Stopka, our Vice President of Maintenance, feels a big part of the problem is the misperception regarding the job and the industry, and that what's needed is better education about the realities and benefits of the job. I couldn't agree more."
To read more about this pressing issue, view the entire blog at http://blog.nationalease.com/the-ever-pressing-need-for-young-drivers-and-technicians/. 
About NationaLease
Founded in 1944, NationaLease is one of the largest full service truck leasing organizations in North America, with over 600 service locations throughout the U.S. and Canada and a combined customer fleet of over 125,000 tractors, trucks, and trailers. The company provides comprehensive fleet management services for private fleets and transportation service providers. More information can be found at http://www.nationalease.com.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Wednesday 18 December 2013 ( 0 Comment)
 Attached Files: New car insurance site launching.doc  
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Patrick Gallenberg | Wednesday 18 December 2013 ( 0 Comment)
 Attached Files: New site gives you the best credit advice.doc  
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 1888 PressRelease - Unique & amusing app shows who is "too good to be true" via anonymous opinions. 

Mobile developers, sentzLab announced today the update of a unique application which helps users learn the good, the bad and the ugly about themselves and the people they know or are about to meet:
Tittat exposes the truth about a person via anonymous comments, allowing users to see if the person they've just met is on the up-and-up, or too good to be true. Because all opinions and correspondence is anonymous, what people might have previously feared revealing about an individual can be made public and accessible to a broad audience. Whether you're digging for dirt on a friend, colleague or potential romantic partner - or, simply looking for a funny secret about someone you already know and like - Tittat has a broad set of applications for people who live their lives in the social network.
"We want to encourage people to think about their actions before they do something shady, because with Tittat anything -even a deep, dark secret- can become public knowledge," says Nerses Najarian (founder of sentzLab). "While Tittat is a safe and comfortable platform to identify cheaters, swindlers, imposters and other wrongdoers - we encourage users to be accountable for their actions and do not allow the posting of insults, slander, threats or hate speech on the app."
Presented as Skolkovo Startup Academy`s project, Tittat has attracted $200,000 in angel investments. Tittat is currently available for iPhone via the iOS app store and sentzLabs is in the process of finalizing a version of the app for the Android operating system. Sign-in for the service is portaled through Facebook, but soon Russian users will be able to log in through Vkontakte.
 Attached Files: Tittat Exposes Your True Character.doc  
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Patrick Gallenberg | Tuesday 17 December 2013 ( 0 Comment)
1888PressRelease - Program Connects Service Members Worldwide with Their Families During the Holiday Season. 
Richmond-Petersburg, VA - A "Salute To Our Military" is helping to bridge the gap between service members and their families during the holidays. Regional Radio power house B101.5 and Reality Realty Virginia Heroes, Virginia's #1 Homes for Heroes brokerage, have partnered to honor our local Heroes during the holidays. "We're humbled by the opportunity to enable service men and women to 'connect' with family while deployed in defense of our great nation," said Sam Cachola, founder, Reality Realty Virginia Heroes.
"Years ago, all we had were static filled, push to talk phone calls," explains Cachola. "It was like using a walkie-talkie to call half way around the world. It was frustrating to say the least, but today we have programs like 'Salute to our Military,' piping video interviews of our service men and women right to the screens of their loved ones! Lots of media will flood area homes this holiday season, but the most important content on the air will be heard by wives, children, parents and friends as they tune in their radios and hear the voices of their very own heroes wishing them 'Happy Holidays!' B101.5 goes the extra mile and plays the greetings all day long, honoring our local heroes by giving the community the opportunity to remember those serving abroad." 
Cachola, himself a disabled Marine Corps veteran, went on to say, "As a Homes For Heroes affiliate, we embrace our mission to support Heroes in our community, ensuring readiness, security andsustainability.
When we were approached to support our nation's warriors through the 'Salute To Our Military' program, we knew we had to make it happen. Serving our Heroes takes on many forms, but when you have the opportunity to connect Heroes and family, especially during the holidays, it's a no brainer. At Homes For Heroes, that's just what we do…serve those who serve us. We're blessed to be a part of this program, thanking all U.S. service members for the risks they take, the sacrifices they make, and the selfless service they give."
Heroes participated from as far away as Iraqi, Afghanistan, Asia, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Okinawa, Guantanamo Bay Cuba, Greece, Italy, Alaska, and Honduras. Worldwide service was rewarded with an opportunity to give a worldwide E-HUG, delivered to families daily on B101.5, starting on Thanksgiving and running thru the New Year, courtesy of the #1 Homes For Heroes affiliate brokerage, Reality Realty Virginia Heroes. They're also featured on the web at www.B1015.com and youtube: B1015Buzzy. To learn more about the event, please visit today.
About Reality Realty Virginia Heroes - 
Reality Realty Virginia Heroes is a full-service real estate company rooted in education and philanthropy, with an emphasis on needs analysis designed to empower its Hero clients to make sustainable real estate decisions focused on clearly defined goals. Homes for Heroes agents pledge 25 percent of their commission to offset Heroes' costs. Hero clients include active duty, reserve, retired, veteran and volunteer Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and EMS, Healthcare Professionals, Educators and Clergy. Reality Realty Virginia Heroes is the number one Homes for Heroes brokerage in Virginia and number two in the entire nation. Reality Realty's pioneering concepts of Caremenship™ and Real Estate Artisan™ are setting a new standard for the industry, with a vision "To change the way real estate is conducted on a global level by committing to the readiness and stability of both our clients and the communities we live in through sound real estate decisions, rooted in clients' clearly defined goals, season of life and fiscal well being." To learn more, visit www.RealityRealtyPros.com,www.ViriginiaHe
or https://www.facebook.com/realityrealtyvirginiaheroes; call 877.824.3763; or email Broker ( @ )RealityRealtyPr
dot com dot 


 Attached Files: Salute to our Military Video Holiday Card Program  
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Patrick Gallenberg | Tuesday 17 December 2013 ( 0 Comment)
 Attached Files: January 2014 is National Radon Month in the United  
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 1888 PressRelease - Introducing a unique new golf accessory for golfers interested in protecting their equipment and reducing the chance of lower back pain or injury. 

Phoenix-Mesa, AZ - The Magnetic Golfer, LLC, has designed a unique new golf accessory that makes it convenient for golfers serious about protecting their equipment to do just that, while providing the added benefit of reducing the chance of lower back pain or injury.

"I came up with the idea for "Heads-Up" last spring while golfing with my father." said The Magnetic Golfer President and Founder Jon Fradet. "Like many golfers, my dad keeps his head cover on his driver, woods and hybrids until he sets-up for a shot. While golfing last spring he threw his head cover on the ground at the tee-box like always, except this time when he bent over to pick it up he tweaked his lower back. It was that moment when I thought to myself I could design something to help my dad and other golfers reduce the chances of an injury while keeping the head covers close by the golfers for easy replacement on their clubs.
"The Magnetic Golfer's website is designed to support retailers of all types and sizes, from large franchises to golf course pro shops. Private businesses and corporations looking for something unique will also find "Heads-Up" to be that one-of-a-kind item they need to standout.
"We are really excited about our Custom Logo offering which is designed to have our clients logos produced on our head cover pin. This offer is great for companies looking for an affordable yet unique gift or pin prize for their golf tournaments or just something to say thank you to their customers." Fradet added.

 Attached Files: The Magnetic Golfer, LLC Announces the Availabilit  
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 1888 PressRelease - A new CrossFit gym stirs competition between other local CrossFit gyms. 

Sarasota-Bradenton, FL - CrossFit is a rapidly expanding strength and conditioning work out program, which has attracted more than 10 million people around the world. Although it involves Olympic weight lifting, CrossFit caters to all levels of fitness and roughly 60 percent of practitioners are women.
CrossFit North Port is now amongst the affiliated gyms that offer hour-long classes including a "warm-up, a skill development segment, the high-intensity workout of the day (or WOD), and a period of individual or group stretching." In addition to providing a child play room for children while parents complete their WOD, CrossFit North Port offers a computerized tracking system called WODIFY that scores and/or ranks the performance of each WOD to encourage competition and tracks individual progress. 
Local gyms in the area have taken notice of the newest gym in North Port. Because CrossFit is such a close-knit community, the development of a new gym may create animosity amongst these businesses, and possibly the practitioners who attend them. 
CrossFit North Port's founder, Adam Tar, welcomes the competition. According to Tar, "Business competition is normal, and is in fact, crucial to the growth of CrossFit North Port. Competition urges a business to constantly change, develop, and become more advanced. If done respectfully, competitors are a tool to ultimately becoming more successful, and all I can say is bring it on!"
CrossFit North Port officially opens for business January 5, 2014, but will be offering a pre-launch class before the opening date. The gym hours and class schedule can viewed at their website. Sign up for a free introduction on CrossFit North Port's website, and join the competition.
 Attached Files: New CrossFit Gym Creates Competition.doc  
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 (1888 PressRelease) In an AmeriQuest Transportation Services blog, financial services expert Patrick Gaskins explains how a Run Cost Analysis, when executed properly, can help a fleet owner make the decision of whether to hold onto or replace that dependable, late-model vehicle. 

CHERRY HILL, NJ - Is it always the most cost-effective decision to hold on to a dependable, three-year-old Class 8 truck in today's transportation environment? The answer may be no. But the only way to get a data-driven answer to the question is through a detailed Run Cost Analysis, says AmeriQuest Transportation Services Vice President of Financial Services in a blog posting.
Patrick Gaskins explains that a Run Cost Analysis can give a fleet owner the information necessary to determine the optimum replacement point for their assets. "Making the decision to replace existing vehicles for new requires precise calculations and research," he writes. "In today's marketplace, fuel economy plays the biggest role when determining whether it makes financial sense to purchase a new asset."
Gaskins' blog covers the process of fact finding, which begins with a study of fixed ownership or lease costs, their associated tax benefits, and the current used truck market.
The next step is identifying variable costs, such as maintenance and repair costs, breakdowns, and fuel costs. Both fixed and variable costs are then combined and divided by the number of miles the vehicle runs each year yielding the "total" CPM (cost per mile) for the asset.
Gaskins points out that finding the costs of an existing tractor is fairly simple but it's much more challenging to come up with the variable costs of a new vehicle. This is where he and his team of highly trained fleet professionals, utilizing millions of miles of data gathered over many years, can develop benchmark data that will project the costs of the new asset.
The blog goes on to explain how this can be done and gives real-world examples of how just a few tenths of a mile per gallon increase in fuel efficiency can reap tremendous benefits to a fleet's bottom line. To view the entire blog - part I of a two-part series - go to http://blog.ameriquestcorp.com/run-cost-analysis-time-to-upgrade/.
About AmeriQuest Transportation Services
AmeriQuest, headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ, is a leading provider of comprehensive fleet management services. By leveraging the strength of more than 700,000 vehicles, AmeriQuest delivers savings, expertise, and opportunities to its private fleet and truckload carrier members. AmeriQuest provides supply management services, asset management services, material handling services, financing, technology products, and outsourced transportation management services such as full service leasing, integrated logistics, and contract maintenance. More information can be found at http://www.ameriquestcorp.com/transportation.
 Attached Files: A Run Cost Analysis Can Clearly Show if it's Time  
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 Attached Files: CrossFit North Port: Reach Your New Year's Resolut  
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 1888 PressRelease - During 2013 Ghotit has developed and implemented several new ground breaking algorithms that resulted in dramatic correction rates improvements. Analysis performed on the data demonstrated a 25% improvement in text correction rate. 

Ghotit offers a writing assistive technology for dyslexics. Text correction rates are defined as the correct spelling or grammar correction suggestion compared to the overall spelling or grammar mistakes written by the user.
The algorithm improvements focused on the following areas:
Optimized spelling correction algorithms for misused words. Misused words are actual words that are written out of context of the text being written. Ghotit algorithms use context based word analysis to determine if a written word is in or out of context of the written sentence. 
Optimized punctuation algorithms. The optimized algorithms correctly identify "fused" or running sentences and also alerts when a comma is misplaced in a sentence.
Word prediction with newly added grammar awareness. Ghotit's word prediction now also takes in to account grammar awareness, making sure the suggested word fits in the sentences not only contextually but also from a grammatical perspective. 
Dr. Robert Iakobashvili Ghotit's CTO and co-founder explains: "During 2013, Ghotit developed technologies and algorithms originating from various disciplines including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and non-NLP disciplines. Based on a novel approach that applies hidden Markov models, Ghotit was able to make the NLP and non-NLP algorithms work together. The result of these efforts is an increase of 25% of Ghotit's correction rate." 
Mr. Ofer Chermesh Ghotit's CEO and co-founder adds: "These detection optimizations have been introduced in all of Ghotit's Real Writer and Reader products, including the Windows & Macintosh desktop versions, and the Windows tablet version. These enhanced algorithms further position Ghotit as the number one writing and reading assistant solution for people with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning disabilities."
Ghotit first launched its only free online web service in 2009. Since then, Ghotit has released multiple products targeting Windows and Macintosh desktop and laptop users, and recently has entered the tablet world with a solution for Windows tablet. Ghotit writing assistant solution has been adopted over the years by tens of thousands of dyslexic users and many schools, universities and training centers worldwide. 
Though initially designed for people with dyslexia, Ghotit has demonstrated success for people with other writing and reading difficulties such as people who use English as their Second Language (ESL) and English Language Learners (ELL), enabling them to move to mainstream English Writing. 
For additional information visit Ghotit web site at http://www.ghotit.com
 Attached Files: Ghotit Dyslexia Software Demonstrates 25% Improvem  
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