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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 28 December 2012 ( 0 Comment)


(1888PressRelease) January is the month to encourage HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screenings.


INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Each year in the United States, over 4000 women die from cervical cancer and another 10,000+ are diagnosed with the disease. In Indiana, there are approximately 250 new cases of cervical cancer every year. Every three days, a Hoosier woman dies from cervical cancer. The Cervical Cancer-Free America Initiative, including the Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation and University of North Carolina Gillings School of Public Health, is working hard save lives.


Cervical cancer affects the cervix, the part of the body that connects the uterus to the vagina. Virtually all cervical cancers are attributed to the Human Papillomavirus, according to the National Cancer Institute. Two high risk types of HPV are associated with cervical cancer. HPV 18 causes about 10% of all cervical cancers and HPV 16 causes 80-90% of all cervical cancers.


"Only 40% of American women have heard of HPV, and of those, only 20% have heard it's linked to cervical cancer," says Kirk Forbes, founder of the Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation. "We have a major education process ahead of us."


Vaccines such as Gardasil® and Cervarix™ have been developed to prevent infection with high-risk types of HPV and have the potential to greatly reduce the occurrence of cervical cancer. Forbes shares how these vaccinations really make a difference. "Australia vaccinated 87% of their 11 and 12 year-old females with Gardasil® from 2006-2008 and have already seen a 77% reduction in HPV."


There is an HPV screening test that checks for the virus that causes the cell changes on the cervix, and the results provide more information on which type of HPV is present. This test may be used to screen for cervical cancer, with the Pap test, in women aged 30 years and older, and can also be used when a Pap test has unclear results.


Forbes recently appeared on an episode of the Dr. Oz television show dealing with HPV to share his daughter Kristen's battle, which ended with her death only 11 months after being diagnosed. Forbes told the audience, "You should be proactive in your child's health future. Make sure you do consider the vaccine very dearly, as you are playing Russian roulette with your child's life."


About Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation -

Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation stands for educate and screen, vaccinate and eradicate cervical cancer. In 2008, Kirk Forbes' daughter, Kristen, died of cervical cancer. She contracted the Human Papillomavirus, or HPV. She was just 23, and had recently graduated from college. Forbes created the foundation in her memory with a mission to help eradicate cervical cancer and significantly reduce HPV infection levels.


For more information, contact the Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation.



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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 28 December 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888PressRelease) Philanthropist and pharmaceutical executive Charles Stiefel joins business and community leaders nationwide in support of famous Houston cancer center.

Houston, TX - The MD Anderson Cancer Center Board of Visitors (BOV), an appointive board of volunteers dedicated to advancing M.D. Anderson's initiatives, welcomes philanthropist Charles Stiefel of Raleigh, North Carolina as a new member. Stiefel, along with his wife Daneen, previously made a one million dollar gift to M.D. Anderson to endow a professor's Chair in the Head & Neck Center. The Stiefel endowment was made in honor of the 3 physicians who successfully treated Stiefel for 2 types of cancer in 2007.
"I am deeply honored to join this prestigious Board of Visitors and to help M.D. Anderson succeed in its mission of Making Cancer History®," said Stiefel. "Cancer claimed the lives of my mother, father, younger brother and uncle - - as well as several of my friends - - and there is probably no one in America who has not lost a friend or loved one to this terrible disease. That is why my primary philanthropic focus is to fund cancer research and endeavor to help physicians improve patient outcomes."
Since the board's inception in 1957, BOV members have played a significant role in MD Anderson's mission to eradicate cancer by helping raise funds, awareness and support for the institution.
"We're grateful to these business and community leaders from across the nation for not only their efforts to secure philanthropic contributions to the institution, but also for their personal gifts of time, resources and talents," said Ronald DePinho, M.D., president of MD Anderson. "Their generosity is crucial in advancing the institution's cancer research and patient care initiatives. Certainly the BOV's support will have a significant role in achieving our goals to drastically reduce cancer mortality through the recently announced Moon Shots Program."
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Patrick Gallenberg | Tuesday 18 December 2012 ( 0 Comment)


(1888PressRelease) Epom Ad Server announces that their new office in Kiev, Ukraine, has started functioning. The new branch office of Epom has been opened to continue the company's expansion in Europe dictated by the swift growth of online advertising market in Europian countries and globally.


Epom Ad Server, a leading provider of foremost ad serving technologies operated by Epom Ltd., announces that their new office in Kiev, Ukraine, has started functioning. The new branch office of Epom has been opened to continue the company's expansion in Europe dictated by the swift growth of online advertising market in Europian countries and globally.


The operation of Ukrainian office is mainly focused on the development of company's existing strategies, launch of new services and features, customer care and marketing. For example, now all company's mobile and video ad serving development is moved to Kiev. Epom's Ukrainian Customer Service is offered in English 24\7, to ensure the highest-quality experience for clients. The Ukrainian Development team is working on the launch of several new services, Epom Direct Ads to be named among them. Ukrainian branch office is functioning independently, but the administrative office remains in Warsaw.


Adam Jablonski, CEO at Epom, commented: "With a new office in Kiev, handling the increasingly large volumes of work in Eastern Europe becomes easier. Our Ukrainian team will be maintaining the existing client relationships in the region and developing the ability to serve global clients as they explore new markets. Our presence in Kiev also implies that advanced advertising solutions for publishers, advertisers and ad networks will be better available. It is an undoubtful fact that Ukrainian technical specialists are very highly appreciated, and we are proud to contract them. "


The Kiev office is managed by Anton Ruin, presently a managing partner of Warsaw office, well-experienced in managing IT projects, having a number of global projects and successful start-ups on English-speaking markets among his achievements.


Epom's Ukrainian office now has over 50 employees, and by 2013 their number is going to double. Epom also plans to expand its presence in Europe, and open more branch offices.


About Epom:

Established in 2011, Epom is a Warsaw based company in the market for ad serving and ad management solutions for publishers, multi-site content networks, ad networks, and advertisers.

Epom lets its customers run display, video, mobile ads in one place, thus saving time, resources and bringing more profit. Epom is a massively scalable platform fit for serving any volume of impressions.


To learn more, visit http://www.epom.com

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Patrick Gallenberg | Thursday 13 December 2012 ( 0 Comment)


(1888PressRelease) Over 400 Global Cities Reviewed and 40 Locations Identified.


Santa Clara, Zinnov LLC today launched an in-depth study on Next Frontier cities for technology talent titled "Next Frontier Cities for Technology Talent". The study identified 40 Global cities suitable for hiring technology talent after a comprehensive evaluation of over 400 Global cities on key parameters like talent availability, market maturity, cost, peer group eco-system, government policies etc. These 40 cities are spread across the regions with,


- 9 cities in North America

- 9 cities in South America

- 12 cities in EMEA

- 10 cities in APAC.


Speaking about the study, Vijay Swami, Managing Principal, Zinnov, said, "There are about 45 established locations and another 40 emerging ones, where technology companies have a large presence. Fierce competition for talent and ever increasing compensation structure in existing cities is forcing these companies to look beyond the typical talent hubs and venture into the off-beaten path".


The report highlighted that


- There is a 86% cost differential between high cost established locations (e.g. Silicon Valley) and the Next Frontier cities in the APAC region

- Most of these Next Frontier cities have very good education ecosystem, which is conducive to breed top talent

- Chongqing, Lima and Hanoi are the top 3 Frontier cities for R&D Talent.

- Companies in the forefront of this evolution have already started to leverage Next Frontier cities to perform R&D, IT and Shared Services activities.

- Faster release cycles, complexities of global team management & stable workforce have renewed interest to expand into suitable Tier 2 cities in the USA for talent growth.


"It is a myth that technology companies hire only niche skills. Like any other enterprises, their talent requirements vary by role; infact only 20-40% of their roles require hard-to- find or niche skills. For all other roles, they look for optimal locations that have the availability of talent at the right cost", said Vamsee Tirukkala, Managing Principal, Zinnov.


The report additionally highlighted that the advantages of these Next Frontier cities are ease of hiring, higher resource stability, low attrition rates etc.


However, Next Frontier cities have some key challenges related to talent scalability, operations consolidation, talent relocation, business continuity, services' provider support and technology ecosystem availability. Though these cities have key disadvantages when compared to established locations; the report shows that they are ideal for companies looking to hire 50 -100 employees for their centers.


The Next Frontier cities highlighted in the report are Ankara (Turkey), Asunción (Paraguay), Boise (USA), Brasov (Romania), Caracas (Venezuela), Casablanca (Morocco), Chongqing (China), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Coimbatore (India), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Durban (South Africa), Florianópolis (Brazil), Foshan (China), Guatemala City (Guatemala), Guayaquil (Ecuador), Hanoi (Vietnam), Islamabad (Pakistan), Jacksonville (USA), Johor Bahru (Malaysia), Kharkhiv (Ukraine), Kiev (Ukraine), Lima (Peru), Limerick (Ireland), Lodz (Poland), Lviv (Ukraine), Managua (Nicaragua), Montevideo (Uruguay), Nagpur (India), Porto Alegre (Brazil), Rabat (Morocco), Recife (Brazil), Roanoke (USA), San Salvador (El Salvador), Santa Cruz (Bolivia), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Sofia (Bulgaria), Tianjin (China), Tucson (USA), Wichita (USA) and Wuhan (China)


Executive Summary of the report is available at:



About Zinnov LLC

Founded in 2002, Zinnov - meaning Zeal in Innovation - is a leading solutions and consulting company providing services to Fortune 1000 companies and other reputed SMB firms.


Zinnov's Talent Neuron Platform is a web based platform that provides data and insights on global talent, cost, peer group, service provider and other valuable ecosystem parameters related to global talent. Through its analytics and decision dashboards, Talent Neuron helps companies in Global Workforce Strategy, Planning and Operations initiatives.


For more information, contact:

Kinjal Panwar

Senior Manager-Marketing

Email: Kinjal ( @ ) zinnov dot com

Phone Number: 408-716-8432


Kailash Pandiyan

Project Lead-Online Marketing

Email: Kailash ( @ ) zinnov dot com



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Patrick Gallenberg | Wednesday 12 December 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888PressRelease) Henderson Properties and American IRA are pleased to announce a free webinar to help investors learn an exciting technique to use their IRA or 401k to buy rental property. Sign up now for the hour-long event on Thursday Dec. 13, as there are still slots available at either noon or 7 p.m. Eastern Time Zone.

Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC-SC - Many people are interested in investing in rental properties as part of their retirement investment strategy. That is because it has become an increasingly popular investment tool. However, many individuals are not sure exactly how to go about it. 
If you do not know the best way to invest in real estate and earn tax-free income, then this event is for you. The sponsors have designed this webinar to teach you what you what you need to know to use a self-directed IRA or 401(k) as an investment channel to add properties to you rental portfolio. 
Both sponsors of this webinar have extensive experience in helping people to utilize this savvy investment strategy to do just that. Henderson Properties is a leading real estate agency, and American IRA is an outstanding firm in the self-directed retirement industry. 
This free webinar features two speakers, Phil Henderson and Sean McKay. Both are located in Charlotte, NC. 
Phil Henderson is the founder and president of the family-owned Henderson Properties. This full-service real estate services company has helped numerous investors, owners and tenants since it was established in 1990. 
Sean McKay is senior vice-president of American IRA. This national self-directed IRA administrator has provided outstanding services to clients since it was established in 2004. McKay, who will lead the discussion, has a B.A. Degree in Economics from the University of South Florida. For more than five years, he has personally taught individuals to use their self-directed IRA or 401k plan to invest in rental properties. 
There is a growing trend among savvy investors to put money into non-traditional assets, such as rental properties, as a retirement strategy. This free webinar on Dec. 13 is your chance to learn how to optimize your resources in order to do that. Please visit www.hendersonproperties.com/invest to sign-up!
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Patrick Gallenberg | Tuesday 11 December 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888PressRelease) Ryman Stationery and Boux Avenue, owned by retail tycoon and Dragons' Den star Theo Paphitis, are making their TV debuts this week.

Ryman Stationery and Boux Avenue, owned by retail tycoon and Dragons' Den star Theo Paphitis, are both making their TV debuts this week to drive Christmas shoppers in-store and online.
Ryman will air the first TV ad in its 120-year history this evening running two 20-second films showcasing product promotions.
While the first TV commercial for lingerie and nightwear retailer Boux Avenue has just broken on ITV, the latest Robert Dyas ads have been on since October. Advertising for the Robert Dyas Christmas sale starts this week.
The ads are designed to drive traffic to the stores and online sites during the pre-Christmas weeks.
Mr Paphitis said to be thrilled to see all his brands on TV at the same time. The combined group comprises 349 stores and 3,600 employees who serve over 28 million customers a year.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Tuesday 11 December 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888PressRelease) Wow wait till January first to start your life changing resolutions. Get in great shape now and be even more ready when Jan 1 rolls around!

Most people write themselves off the last two months of the year. Thanksgiving comes and so does eating huge meals and left overs. Then the wait is on for Christmas with people bringing in goodies to work, going to parties and really packing on the extra calories. 
Chris Azzari of the Shake Review http://www.theshakereview.com is looking at the last two months of the year differently this time around. He says "normally this is the time I just give up on my diet and working out and vow to start up on January 1." Knowing that an extra 5-10 pounds is a possibility this year Chris is determined to follow a decent diet and a workout regimen which includes the Insanity Workout. Chris talks about his past experiences in his insanity workout review here http://theshakereview.com/insanity-workout-review/ and talks of how it has been the catalyst to getting him in the best shape of his life.
Why start your New Year's resolutions with extra weight and being even more out of shape. The fact is that most people will start off strong the first few weeks of the new year and end up right back where they start. Chris says "you need a plan and the Beach Body Insanity Workout is the perfect 60 day plan!"
What is the Insanity Workout? The Insanity Workout is a workout created by Beach Body and Shaun T. It is a 60 day workout plan that has you Digging Deep 6 days a week, yes even Saturday. The great thing about this workout is that it ramps up and turns you into a fat burning and muscle building machine. Many people are saying they are in the best shape of their lives because of Shaun T & Insanity. 
You start off the first half of the workouts getting used to the moves and working through the soreness you are bound to get after the intense workouts. In the middle you are given a recovery week where you do the same recovery workout which allows your body to stretch and heal itself. Then you are thrown into the last of half of the workout plan which include the "MAX workouts" which are more intense then the first half. This is where the real body changing occurs. You are burning up to 800-1000 calories in a workout and you are a fat burning furnace. 
Chris says "in the end if you can dial in your diet and follow this workout you are going to look the best you have ever have and it will motivate you to stay in that shape."
If you are looking to get a jump start on the Insanity Workout and start the new year off right then check out Chris' full review here http://theshakereview.com/insanity-workout-review/
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Patrick Gallenberg | Tuesday 11 December 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888PressRelease) Why not be able to Vacation together as a family even if one of you is a recovered addict or alcoholic, you know that they aren't the only one in need of a special location for time away.

In a family that long struggled with addiction, every family member is affected in some way. Then Recovery should become Family Recovery and when a yearly vacation or time away is needed then it should be Family Recreation and Vacation all together at the same time and place.
If you have a loved one in addiction recovery but find after 6 months to a year that you have had not too much to choose from to get away , well look no further now there is Muskoka Recovery Recreation Resort. In a family that used to struggle with addiction, every family member was affected in some way. Needs were not being met, relationships became strained, and everyone was in danger of adopting maladaptive coping mechanisms that could have had long-lasting consequences. There was no simple fix for addiction. It was an insidious disorder that found its way into every aspect of your lives, and successful long-term recovery together requires eventually being able to vacation together. Now Enters Muskoka Recovery Recreation Resort in Burk's Falls Ontario Canada comes to the forefront in addressing the need for a family getaway while maintaining all the boundaries of recovery but still have a good time and be able to relax.
John Haines the Director of Muskoka Recovery Center says, "When we bought this resort and at first turned it into a treatment center people screamed out against it and the local Armour Reeve and council demanded that we cease operation." Stresses Haines, "The truth was that those area residents that stigmatized what a "rehab" might be and voiced their concern to the local council so we were forced to change, so we changed to a Resort for Recovered Addicts and Alcoholics and their families only." John goes on to say, "we now conform to the local zoning for Commercial Recreational and we chose to be a "Private Resort" reserving our right to pick and chose who we allow to attend."
Muskoka Recovery Center finds that a family that recovers together should getaway and relax together. The location has recreational facilities and comfort along with some of the best programs for those in recovery is what sets it apart for from any other, in fact there is nothing like it or what is offered in all of Canada, Muskoka Recreational Recovery Resort allows guests to spend time outdoors as part of their private recovery resort getaway and to make use of the on-site private indoor pool, hot tub, sauna and stunningly huge fitness facility as well as the many nature trails on the 140 acres, the stunning picturesque view on the Lake and of course the Recovery Rejuvenation Program . In addition, they are better able to provide Recreational Recovery Resort Program Guests with totalconfidentiality
and discretion which is guaranteed.
At the new Muskoka Recovery Center Program call "Muskoka Recreational Recovery Resort", everyone that attends for our "Rejuvenation Program" will get the utmost recovery program rejuvenation and do it with dignity and comfort in full serenity not to mention you are also away on private retreat. The Muskoka Recovery Center started to offer this program to former clients and families and only as of now offers it to anyone looking to "Revive and Re-vigor" their personal recovery program along with comfort "Recreation" and resort like amenities all inclusive. No more is it standard to just be sent to an institution but rather get away to a private recreational recovery retreat and rediscover and recover all over again in comfort and class.
Muskoka Recreational Recovery Resort programs are from 2 to 4 weeks in length and start at $3,500 all inclusive. This exclusive program offered by Muskoka Recreational Recovery Resort will help you relax and get back in touch with your inner spirit and to aid in your personal new life recovery rejuvenation program. We will provide re-programming with the help of all our professionals and also you be able to get away and relax with using any of our many amenities. 
We will provide private accommodations along with a schedule that you choose and design while enjoying our great recreational programs and amenities and eat from our exclusive healthy cuisine designed with the help of a nutritionist and our Red Seal certified culinary chef. Yes being a guest at one of the only Recreational Recovery Resorts for addicts and alcoholics exclusively has its many personal rewards.
Call today to book your stay 1-877-966-6887
View us at http://www.muskokarecovery.com
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Patrick Gallenberg | Tuesday 11 December 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888PressRelease) The arrival of investing in the combination of hospitality and addictions behavioral health means people now likely to sit up and take notice big-time.

The time has come for people to sit up and take notice that it is no longer acceptable to go to treatment for addictions and to be "institutionalized". 
In a recent article by the US online and hardcopy Treatment Magazine's publisher and renowned Addictions advocate Ted Jackson who stated that it was a recent move that the arrival of investors like the Chicago-based Pritzkers, whose fortune is based on the hospitality giant Hyatt, paints a bigger target on the addictions behavioral health space as herd-like Wall Street is now likely to sit up and take notice big-time. And, thus, for addiction treatment entrepreneurs nationwide this deal may take the form of a gift, perhaps single-handedly ratcheting up center purchase cash-flow multiples. For the many investment groups pursuing growth by acquisition strategies in the addictions market the arrival of the Pritzkers is very much the opposite of a gift.
Foundations CEO Rob Waggener, who confirmed the Pritzkers' intent to be a very big presence in addictions behavioral health in coming years. He also, in a round about way, admitted that Foundations, with big money now behind it, is on the buy side big time. Facilitating the deal was Foundations board member Doug Geoga, for decades close to Nick Pritzker as CEO of the family's Hyatt chain and now a deal facilitator/investor at a boutique firm called Saltcreek, according to Waggener.
In Canada things are a little less dramatic and not quite the same impact is felt but with the Muskoka Recovery Center setting new presidence things are now about to change.
As stated in the Treatment Magazine article, Waggener believes the customer service expertise Foundations acquires through this deal will give a significant competitive leg up over other addictions providers. But he says that, even with the link to Hyatt, there are no plans to meld the resort business and the addiction treatment business at Foundations like there increasingly has been throughout the addictions industry. A recent example is out of Canada, where pioneering private center entrepreneur John Haines has spent millions building out a 50-bed property north of Toronto called Muskoka Recovery Center. The intention there is to create a treatment center/resort hybrid whose aim is ultimately a flourishing community that serves a wide range of people at different stages of the recovery continuum. 
This added to their 2 other centers in and around Toronto makes them one of the 3 largest in all of Canada
Watch for more to come
Contact at 1-877-966-6887
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Patrick Gallenberg | Monday 10 December 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888PressRelease) Is continuous drug or alcohol abuse making you insane? Worry not; Addiction Canada Treatment Network is here to help get rid of addiction with effectual recovery programs.

Addiction Canada Treatment Network is a recognized name for addiction recovery treatment in Canada. Coupled with highly professional physicians and counselors, we provide rehabilitation program to overcome almost every kind of addiction, be it alcohol, drug or Methadone. In order to give an addiction-free and flourishing life to the addicts as well as to their families, we make sure that our patients receive supreme quality treatment. Thus, we mainly focus on personalized recovery treatment programs as we understand that no two persons are alike. 
At Addiction Canada Treatment Network , our main focus retain on offering timely and effective treatment programs consorting from counseling to after care guiding tips. Our recovery programs starts with a thorough discussion with the individuals as to understand and develop a sincere customized treatment plan according to each individual case complexity. This individualized treatment program helps in availing highest probabilities for long-term sobriety achievement. 
Besides addicts, we also provide quality services for the family members who are dealing difficulties while handling their loved ones addiction issue. We proffer elite amenities along with result-oriented treatment programs to let our patients feel comfortable as well as recover quicker. Moreover, with evidence based treatments and holistic services such as Reiki and massage therapies, Addiction Canada Treatment Network has remarkable success rate. To maintain the leadership of being one of the best rehab solutions in Canada, we offer guarantee success result for every recovery program. 
Today with extremely dedicated and passionate staff members, Addiction Canada Treatment Network has become leading drug and alcoholism rehabilitation Network in Canada. The dedicated and professional staff includes:
Physicians specialized in addiction medicine
Certified addiction therapists
Spiritual health counselors and more
Hence with highly professional staff, effective treatment plans, resort-like services such as gym, indoor pool, lounges etc, Addiction Canada Treatment Network assist addicts to get rid of addictions and live a healthy life.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Monday 10 December 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888PressRelease) Addiction Canada Treatment Network implements numerous effective therapies to help patients get rid of addiction problem. Professionals holding expertise in their field offer you services to show you the path towards a new sun rise.

Addiction Canada Treatment Network serves the Canadian people with proficient handling of various types of addiction counseling besides providing treatments to their patients. We indulge team of well qualified professionals, holding expertise in their specified areas. At Addiction Canada Treatment Network , patients suffering from drug or alcohol addiction are given proper treatment along with effective one-o-one counseling sessions. Besides, families which are facing difficulties in controlling their drug or alcohol use are provided with special counseling. Addiction Canada Treatment Network is renowned as the best Rehab solution in Canada and specializes in providing several treatment programs depending upon the condition of every individual. 
The main concern of us is to provide routinely and personalized counseling services as to attain remarkable improvement in the lives of numerous adolescents, young adults, adults and families as well. We at Addiction Canada Treatment Network indulge professionally qualified people taking recovery to the height of success. We provide our patients with elite type facilities and all the comforts so that he/she can recover faster along with building a confidence level. The alcoholism Rehabilitation Center of Canada is renowned across the globe due to its world class facilities and experienced doctors. 
Some of the appreciable facts include:
It is known as one of the well known recovery centers of the country having the highest success rate.
It is the only Rehab Program offering guaranteed success result. 
Other then Addiction Canada Treatment Network no other rehab center offers recovery treatments for Methadone addiction.
It is a recovery network using top class facilities to make the patients feel at home and avail them every type of facility that they wish for such as gym, lounge, indoor pool and fishing and so on. We believe that recovery is faster if the patients comfort zone is proper. So our main motive is to get the patients the best facilities as to attain higher recovery rate. We provide various types of treatments such as massage therapy, Reiki and numerous other effective services, which help to recover soon besides, also lead you to a successful life.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Monday 10 December 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888PressRelease) The attention to the disease of addiction plus the utmost in recovery resources combined for the absolute very best in Addiction Treatment.

The Recovery Network is bringing addiction recovery to new heights. With the help of absolutely every recovery tool available, families and loved ones can rest assure that addiction can be conquered or at the very least put into remission.
The Recovery Network is a complete combination of individuals coupled with the expertise in battling addiction and in addition offering a complete Addiction Solution when others are merely providing a place to dry out or get abstinent.
The Executive Director of the Recovery Network says " people suffering from addiction shouldn't have to be made to suffer further by going to an institution" but exclaims " why shouldn't someone be afforded dignity and comfort when recovering from a seemingly hopeless disease" and always ends with his trademark by saying "every life is worth saving!!"
The idea should be that the stress and anguish of what addiction causes not only to the individual but also the family and everything it touches should be dealt with when one reaches out for help. The organization of the Recovery Network is your partner for the fight, they provide every possible means to end this destruction once and for all.
Your one stop solution is right here with the Recovery Network.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Thursday 6 December 2012 ( 0 Comment)

(1888PressRelease) Topo.ly introduces another reason for businesses to appreciate the tremendous uses of Microsoft Excel. With simple copy and paste method of the location data from Excel spreadsheets, businesses can already analyze their data faster and more efficient.


More and more business organizations nowadays depend on Microsoft Excel for many of their business dealings. Many small and medium business owners, accountants, those in computer technology, and those in sales and marketing cannot end their day without using Excel. To help these businesses use this integral data storage tool to its full potential, Topo.ly introduces easy map building with Excel spreadsheets. With a simple cut and paste, businesses can enjoy mapping at an entirely new level. 


One of the satisfied customers of Topo.ly, Inez Steele of Realty Guild said: "Topo.ly is the easiest, most affordable and most flexible mapping solution for my web site I could find. Within 30 minutes I had my map up and when I hit a snag, customer service was right there to help. Thanks Topo.ly for making what I thought would be a mega job into something so easy!" Indeed, there is so much to be thankful for in Topo.ly.


Easy Steps for Creating Free Maps from Excel


Step 1: From a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, plot your location data. Your headers can contain the name of the location, the complete address with city, state and zip code and other pertinent information related to your analysis like the name of the contact person, phone number, and others.


Step 2: Create a Topo.ly account. Registration will only take about a couple of minutes.


Step 3: Copy all your worksheet data starting from the header down to the last row.


Step 4: Paste your spreadsheet data to Topo.ly


Step 5: Wait for the system to create the map for you. Usually, it takes 2 minutes or less.


Your map is now ready for data analysis. This tool has been proven effective for many small businesses. Check out Topo.ly's website now and see why more and more business organizations have come to trust this online mapping expert.




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Patrick Gallenberg | Thursday 6 December 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888PressRelease) Education Online Services Corporation announces promotion of Shantanett L. Sands to Director of Faculty Services.

New York, NY- Education Online Services Corporation is proud to announce the well -deserved promotion of Shantanett L. Sands to Director of Faculty Services. As a long-term member of the Education Online Services team, Ms. Sands has been with the company from its inception in 2009 and has served in various positions including Student Services Manager. Based at the company's headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Ms. Sands will now assist our educational partner colleges and universities with administrative and technical support as it pertains to the management and development of courses, training materials, knowledge of operational policies and procedures and assistance in evaluating academic department processes.
Ms. Sands has over three years experience in online education project management as well as the company's processes and technology platforms including Pearson eCollege. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Bethune Cookman University, Daytona Beach as well as a Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Phoenix. 
"I am proud to be a part of the EOServe Corp. team and having the opportunity to assist in the growth of our online programs on behalf of our educational partner institutions" said Ms. Sands "Education Online Services Corporation is the leading educational service provider in the nation and I am fully committed to the success of its mission and vision" added Ms. Sands.
"With our company poised for its next phase of growth, Ms. Sands is precisely the kind of employee that will continue to make us successful" stated Ezell Brown, Chairman of Education Online Services Corporation "Her prior and continuing online education services and support experience represents EOServe Corp's commitment to excellence in delivering the highest quality services to our educational partner colleges and universities" Chairman Brown added.
"As our new, well-experienced Director of Faculty Services , Shantanett Sands will enable our company to enhance significantly the multiple professional and academic services that we provide to the faculties and administrators of our educational partner institutions of higher education." stated Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President, Education Online Services Corporation.
 Attached Files: Education Online Services Corporation (EOServe Cor  
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Patrick Gallenberg | Tuesday 4 December 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888PressRelease) Leading marketing automation software provider to present webinar best practices as part of webinar demand creation agenda.

Atlanta, GA - SalesFUSION™ is the maker of SalesFUSION 360, an integrated sales and marketing demand generation platform. This week, SalesFUSION announced it will participate in an extensive online program on the Brighttalk platform in conjunction with leading webinar producer, WebAttract to present best practices for optimizing demand creation for b2b lead generation webinars.
SalesFUSION is a leading provider of enterprise marketing automation software built for b2b marketers and offers a suite of solutions including nurture-based marketing, website visitor tracking and social media marketing. As part of its platform, SalesFUSION offers an extensive online event management application known as FUSIONcast that facilitates the creation, tracking and management of webinars for the purpose of b2b lead generation. Said SalesFUSION CMO, Kevin Miller: "We have evaluated the Brighttalk platform and feel it is a great outlet for best practice content and are excited to participate in WebAttract's channel for webinar demand creation. As a strategic partner of ours, WebAttract helps our clients by providing strategic consulting services on top of our event management platform. This session will help us get the message out on Brighttalk that SalesFUSION is a strong player in the online event management space."
The webinar demand creation channel on Brighttalk is managed by WebAttract and will feature a series of 45-minute presentations on Thursday, December 6th. SalesFUSION's CMO, Kevin Miller, will present a detailed session on the value of tracking webinar behavior using website visitor tracking tools. SalesFUSION offers its clients a solution for tracking web activity of webinar registrants and attendees. People can view the session details and register for this session and others on the Brighttalk channel by visiting: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/8525/61605 
About SalesFUSION
SalesFUSION 360 provides software that accelerates revenue by connecting sales and marketing with prospects at the moment they are ready to buy. This is made possible through the SalesFusion 360™ suite, which complements CRM applications by adding an on-demand enterprise lead management service. SalesFUSION 360 increases lead quantity, lead quality, and revenue conversion rates by integrating and automating the lead management process. 
Visit our site: http://www.salesfusion.com
 Attached Files: SalesFUSION to participate in Brighttalk Webinar c  
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Patrick Gallenberg | Monday 3 December 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888PressRelease) Thе Passion Campaign™ іѕ сrеаtіng awareness bу supporting 13 charitable organizations thаt аrе οn thе frontline feeding thе hungry, poor аnd homeless living in Ontario and Toronto streets; www.thepassioncampaign.ca/html/participants.html

Support and Donate Today to Ontario and Toronto Charities: The Passion Campaign(TM) Helping to feed the homeless, poor and less fortunate every day in Toronto Please Donate today to one of these great 13 charities and to your local food banks! 
Thе Passion Campaign™ іѕ сrеаtіng awareness bу supporting 13 charitable organizations thаt аrе οn thе frontline feeding thе hungry, poor аnd homeless living in Ontario and Toronto streets. At www.thepassioncampaign.ca; Support the thirteen grass-root charities Donate Today. 
Whіlе wе аrе re-launching thіѕ 2012 awareness campaign during thе Christmas holiday period, thе main purpose іѕ tο raise awareness οf thе plight οf thеѕе individuals аll year round. Hοwеνеr, іt іѕ аt thіѕ particular time οf year thаt thеіr needs аrе аt thеіr greatest. www.thepassioncampaign.ca/html/participants.html
Thе Passion Campaign™ hаѕ identified thirteen charitable organizations whose primary focus іѕ tο hеlр those іn need without regard tο thеіr creed, religion, colour οr аnу οthеr identifying attributes. Here іѕ a list οf thе thirteen charity organizations thаt wіll benefit frοm уουr support οf Thе Passion Campaign™; "Helping feed thе homeless аnd less fortunate еνеrу day" (іn Alphabetical order)
Evangel Hall Mission; Fred Victor Centre; Gοοd Neighbours Club; Gοοd Shepherd Ministries; Mustard Seed Sisters οf St Joseph; Sanctuary; Scott Mission; Second Base Youth Shelter Scarborough; St. John thе Compassionate Mission; St. Christopher House; Thе Salvation Army Corps 614; Toronto Christian Resource Centre; Yonge Street Mission Support your local Food banks all year.
Thе Passion Campaign™ іѕ сrеаtіng awareness bу supporting 13 charitable organizations thаt аrе οn thе frontline feeding thе hungry, сοld, poor аnd homeless living οn Toronto streets. At www.thepassioncampaign.ca; уου′ll bе introduced tο thirteen grass-root charities, dedicated tο helping those mοѕt vulnerable аnd іn need. 
Thе Passion Campaign™ іѕ based οn thе presumption thаt аll people аrе equal аnd deserve tο bе treated аѕ such, without regard tο thеіr socio-economic standing іn thе community. It іѕ ουr core belief thаt thе individuals thаt wе propose tο support deserve compassion, empathy аnd understanding, nοt sympathy. 
Thе Passion Campaign™ hаѕ bееn сrеаtеd bу Mr. Donald (Don) W. Bremner and David Bremner, wіth thе support οf hіѕ group οf companies Restoration Environmental Contractors (REC), REC Demolition REC Disaster аnd Abcott Construction (Emeritus).
Oυr οnlу desire іѕ thаt thіѕ "awareness initiative" succeeds аnd provides thе support thаt іѕ ѕο desperately needed during thеѕе tough economic times. 
Wе look forward tο уουr support іn helping υѕ raise thе awareness οf thе needs οf thе less fortunate, thе homeless, аnd thе poor people οf thе Province of Ontario and Toronto GTA. 
Together wіth уουr hеlр аnd support, wе саn аll hеlр mаkе a dіffеrеnсе. 
"Wе wουld especially lіkе tο truly thank аll ουr loyal customers fοr thеіr support. Of course, a special thanks tο аll ουr dedicated employees, whοm work safely еνеrу day, thеу аrе ѕοmе οf thе mοѕt innovative аnd talented REC Emergency Response Service, in the construction, demolition, and environmental remediation industry" states Don Bremner. Bremner wаѕ thе former Owner οf Thе Markham Waxers Junior "A" Hockey Club frοm 1994-2005.
Contact: David Bremner President οr Don Bremner,CEO 
Direct-Line: 1-800-894-4924
rec ( @ ) rechazmat dot com 
Restoration Environmental Contractors (Est. 1989) 
REC Emergency Response Service Team
REC Soil Remediation www.soilremediation.com 
REC Fire Flood Water Restoration
REC Disaster Recovery Contractors www.recdisaster.com 
Call 1-800-894-4924 E-Mails tο: rec ( @ )restorationenvi
dot com 
See our New Web site; www.rechazmat.com
Charity News: Toronto, Ontario: Thе Passion Campaign™ іѕ аn awareness initiative developed οn thе belief thаt thе people, small businesses аnd corporations οf thе Greater Toronto Area hаνе nο limits whеn іt comes tο thеіr generosity іn supporting thе needs οf thе homeless, less fortunate οr working poor іn ουr grеаt province.
 Attached Files: Toronto Ontario Charities Support 13 Charities Hel  
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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 30 November 2012 ( 0 Comment)

is implementing it's unique REO to Rental strategy. Our inventory is handpicked from a mix of metropolitan markets selected based on socio-economic factors. Unlike majority of the funds we have developed a solid strategy that creates a win-win-win between investors, tenants and funds. Our prequalified tenants will be guided through the rent to own path to homeownership.

US Residential Asset Fund, LLC, implemented a unique strategy by launching as an REO- (real estate-owned) to-Rental fund. Christopher J. Crippen, the Fund's manager, announced, "We put together a strategy that allows us to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities available in the REO-to-Rental markets and to support the communities we invest in.
US Residential Asset Fund's investment strategy is focused on acquiring, renovating, leasing, managing, and exiting distressed single-family properties in multiple U.S. metropolitan areas. Tenants have the option to rent the properties with a "contract for deed," paving the road to homeownership for those who otherwise would be lifelong renters. The tenants work with the Fund's strategic partner, Sagamore Home Mortgage, to resolve their credit challenges, qualify for a mortgage, and purchase the home they are renting.
Mr. Crippen, an industry expert, explained, "This is really a unique Fund. We can do something good for the communities we invest in, enable our tenants to become homeowners, and provide double-digit returns for our investors. It's a win-win-win strategy, which is hard to find in this market. I am proud to be a part of it."
US Residential Asset Fund was founded by Mr. Crippen, Dana Bradley, Al Espinoza, Patrick Cipolla, and Amos Alexander. Focusing on the $3 trillion single-family rental market, the Fund expects to invest more that $20 million over the next two years, beginning with acquiring assets in the Charlotte, Memphis, and Chicago, MSAs. Phase two acquisitions will be in the Atlanta, Indianapolis, Tampa, Orlando, MSAs.
"My partners, Innotion Enterprises, Inc., and Performance Holdings, have been operating in the single-family and REO arenas, and have built a world-class acquisition, renovation, and management platform uniquely designed for these properties," Mr. Crippen continued. "We work with Sagamore Home Mortgage to work with our tenants to qualify them to purchase our properties." Christopher J. Crippen formerly headed Prescient Asset Management's FDIC ORE Disposition.
Mr. Crippen described how the program works, saying, "All of our properties are offered as 'rent to own' (RTO) to our tenants. This encourages homeownership in the markets we are investing in. Studies show that RTO tenants take better care of their properties than strictly rental tenants. The benefits are a more secure investment and the ability to give back to the communities in which we invest. It's a win-win-win situation."
 Attached Files: US Residential Asset Fund launches as REO-to-Renta  
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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 30 November 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888PressRelease) New Jersey's Venus Jewelers has partnered with Operation Jersey Cares and Lieberfarb to give away a diamond engagement ring and set of palladium wedding bands as part of Operation: Tie the Knot.

New Jersey's Venus Jewelers has recently partnered with Operation Jersey Cares to give away a Lieberfarb diamond engagement ring and matching set of palladium wedding bands to one lucky military couple as part of their ongoing wedding giveaway - Operation: Tie the Knot. Along with prize contributions from many other local businesses, Venus Jewelers has packaged an ultimate dream wedding day with no detail spared. Operation: Tie the Knot also includes an elaborate wedding reception for 125 guests courtesy of Nanina's In The Park/The Park Savoy, photography, cinematography, flowers, music and more.
To enter, those actively enlisted in the United States Armed Forces, or their significant others, may visit the Venus Jewelers Facebook page and submit their love story online. Ten future bride and groom couples will be chosen as Operation: Tie the Knot finalists, and Facebook fans will then determine the winner of the wedding giveaway by "liking" their favorite couple's extraordinary love story. The deserving military couple who tallies the most "likes" by the end of the voting period will be officially crowned the winner on December 17, 2012. 
Please visit http://www.lieberfarb.com/blog/operation-tie-the-knot/ to be directed to the Venus Jewelers Facebook page. But hurry, as Operation: Tie the Knot's entry phase ends December 3, 2012.
More about Venus Jewelers and Lieberfarb
Located in Somerset New Jersey, Venus Jewelers is a fourth generation family-owned retailer that has been in operation for thirty-three years. Recently awarded "Best of the Best" in the Readers Choice Contest hosted by the Home News Tribune, Venus has built its lasting reputation due to its expertise in custom-design work, jewelry repair services and as direct diamond importers. 
In the world of bridal jewelry, the brand Lieberfarb has been synonymous with American-made quality for over a hundred years. Since its initial beginnings during the early 1900's as a supplier of plain wedding rings, Lieberfarb has dramatically diversified its offerings by adding a complete line of high quality, exquisitely designed hand-engraved wedding rings, engagement rings, men's diamond rings and diamond anniversary rings. With its continual support of American jewelry craftsmanship, Lieberfarb can proudly say that "quality and service" are the hallmark of its long-standing business. And will always continue to be.
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Patrick Gallenberg | Tuesday 20 November 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888PressRelease) FORMCEPT, one of India's pioneering organizations in the Big Data analysis space, has emerged as the Winner at the Economic Times' Power of Ideas Contest 2012. FORMCEPT's idea of a scalable, cutting edge Big Data analysis platform has been pivotal in winning them the accolade at this prestigious competition.

Bangalore - Bangalore-based start-up FORMCEPT, a provider of innovative solutions in the Big Data space, is amongst the top 20 selected winners in the Economic Times' Power of Ideas Contest 2012. This competition conducted in association with the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and IIM-Ahmedabad's Centre for Innovation, Incubation andEntrepreneurshi
(CIIE) is India's biggest springboard for entrepreneurs with pioneering business solutions that are scalable and adaptable to the international markets. The Indian business ecosystem is witnessing significant innovation from the entrepreneurs and such competitions help them get the recognition and guidance from the industry. 
FORMCEPT was selected after a rigorous selection process that involved an eminent panel shortlist the top ideas from over 14,000+ applications received from across India. As a winner, FORMCEPT received a grant as well as a letter of intent for seed funding. Talking about the recognition received, Mr. Suresh Srinivasan, co-founder of FORMCEPT said "Emerging as a finalist in such a prestigious competition is a great achievement. It is also a vindication that our business idea of providing cutting-edge big data analysis platform in the retail and recruitment space is a very scalable one."
FORMCEPT is one of India's first home grown technology platforms in the Big Data market that leverages most popular open source technologies and supports Streaming, Interactive Analysis and Batch Processing. The Big Data market in India is projected to grow from $200 million to $1 billion by 2015 according to a recent study released by NASSCOM and CRISIL. The global market is estimated to grow from the current $8 billion to $25 billion by 2015. Explaining the opportunity Mr. Srinivasan added, "As organizations realize that data is an invaluable asset, they will progressively start leveraging Big Data analysis to succeed in highly competitive business environment".
FORMCEPT is one of India's leading Big Data analysis organizations. Their endeavour is to offer actionable insights to everyone - an enterprise, an individual or a device. They have designed high-tech solutions that are available both as installable products and as Software as a Service (SaaS). 
Contact Information:
Suresh Srinivasan
Email: sureshs ( @ ) formcept dot com
Arekere Mico Layout, Bannerghatta Road, 
Bangalore, Karnataka-560076, India.
URL: http://www.formcept.com
 Attached Files: FORMCEPT Emerges as a Winner in the Economic Times  
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Patrick Gallenberg | Friday 16 November 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 (1888PressRelease) Clark has led the development of Corcentric's operations strategies.

McLean, VA - Corcentric, a leading provider of Accounts Payable automation solutions, announces the appointment of Matt Clark to the role of Vice President of Operations. Matt joined Corcentric in 2004 as a Sales Executive and has been a key player in the organization's record growth.
Prior to his tenure at Corcentric, Matt worked as a Project Manager for Infolinx System Solutions where he managed the implementation of records management solutions at large government agencies like The National Institute of Health (NIH) and DC Child Support.
During his time at Corcentric, he has led the customer implementation, supplier integration, and customer support departments within Corcentric. In his new position, Matt, a Certified Accredited Payables Specialist, will use his ten years of experience identifying customer needs and implementing Web-Based workflow solutions to expand the role of Operations strategy in order to accommodate the company's rapid and substantial growth. 
About Corcentric 
For more than 15 years, Corcentric's cloud-based financial process automation solutions have revolutionized how the world's largest organizations manage and protect their financial assets. By connecting best practices with deep expertise, Corcentric's ground-breaking Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable automation solutions have enabled organizations to reduce costs, streamline processes, and provide unmatched visibility executives need to make critical business decisions. 
Learn more at http://www.corcentric.com or call 888-525-7677.
 Attached Files: Matt Clark Appointed Vice President of Operations  
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