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Richard Branson 'Like A Virgin - Secrets they won't teach you at Business School'

Management Paradise | Tuesday 20 November 2012 ( 0 Comment)
Richard Branson 'Like A Virgin - Secrets they won't teach you at Business School'

- laugh all the time, love life, love people, love a good joke..laughter is good for the soul
- just why u can't tickle urself remains mysteries
- if u don't enjoy it...don't do it...
- beatles were turned away by no fewer than seven record labels before finding one willing
- strongpersonality...t
key skills are confidence in your ability to follow your vision, the ability to listen to others and the art of delegation..
- as for negotiation key is to remain calm...if u r getting angry, take a deep breath, realise you are taking it too personally and take a step back..
- less aggression and more determination is what u need
- my willingness to listen to other people and accept it when their suggestions are better than mine has served me well..
- remember to have fun...there is no point in being in business if its not fun...have fun with ur team, suppliers and companies u work with...
- i for one would far rather be a nice guy working with great people having fun with a small successful business than a miserable guy heading up a hugely profitable multinational
- never to look back in regret but to move on to the next thing...the amount of time people waste dwelling on failuers rather than putting that energy into another project...
- though i believe in taking risks...i also firmly believe in protecting thedownside...this
means working out in advance all the things that could go wrong and making sure u have all those eventualities airline business set one condition with boeing, we could hand plane back at end of 12 months if business wasn't working
- never forget that only a fool never changes his mind
- pitching to investor inject lots of positive language like 'we will deliever' assertive..passionate...confident..concise...clear...
- don't be afraid to take calculatedrisks..sometime
they turn out to be less dangerous than the sure thing..
- in business, obstacles come with
u react and navigate those hurdles will make the difference between failures and success...
- no matter how well u run ur company there r always going to be a few chronically unhappy customers who cost more to maintain than to lose....
- if u r introducing something that's radically different, its important not to confuse these reflexively negative reactions to change with real rejection...
- promise only what u can deliever and then deliever everything u promise plus some...
- in afghanistan fair proportion of money flowing to taliban comes from sale of opiates...
- the deepest a modern submarine can go is 22,000 feet below the surface and yet there are trenches in the pacific that are more than 37,000 feet deep..
- if u r hoping to continue as ceo, u must learn the ins and outs of every area of the company...
- diet, exercise, attitude (fun,humour,positive,calm,laugh)
- u must manage ur smartphones, do not let it manage u...
Show the little gadget who is the boss inrelationship...
it only in bursts, check emails for an hour or so and then put it that u can focus on the task at hand...
- ceo is chief enabling officer
- ask questions...don't impose ur own thoughts on the conversation until u have digested all the feedback..
- ninety percent of life is just showing up...
- an entrepreneur does not succeed alone
- motivates me as an almost childlike curiousity for learning about new things, trying new ventures and meeting new people...
- always wake early...
- u must find time for urself and ur body...
- laugh a lot...tell while u work...amazing what u achieve with humour...
- successful entrepreneurs usually have excellent people skills that exponentially increase their ability to make things happen.
- people look for leaders to make informed decisions not to be infallible...
- overall if u have been struggling to pay the bills and salaries on a regular basis, if u cannot get the traction with customers, if u can't raise awareness of ur product or brand, then it is time to quit...
- great businesses-the one's who have got it right are masters at turning customers into advocates for theircompanies...thi
means that their marketing efforts are supported by customer word of mouth and boosted by positive comments on review sites and social mediachannels...many
of successful businesses provide quality customer service...
- hire the people you need, not people you like..if things don't work out asking them to leave will be tough...
- to workbetter...holida
better..for an entrepreneur or chief executive leading a growing company, keeping fit and taking breaks from work is not a nicety, its a necessity, you have to plan for personal health and fitness in the same way you plan for profits and growth...this to help you to keep a fresh perspective on any problems your company encounters and ultimately to make better business decisionss...
- there is no better way to forget the stresses of a poorly performing company or the frustrations of not closing a deal than kite surfing with ur kids or going snow skiing with them.
- you can and must make time for both family and is important to build a strong family life which also helps to give u a better perspective and balance in business...
- the best real estate is all about 'location, location, location' then the mantra for running the best business has got to be 'communication, communication, communication'...

  Guest Author Bio :
Mr. Gagan Ghai is the CEO of Crest Capital Advisors which is into
Transaction Advisory, Valuations, Consulting with offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

He is also a Investment Banker, Strategic Investor, Valuation expert and Startup Mentor. You can find him at

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