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Manasi Sinari | Tuesday 28 December 2010 ( 0 Comment)

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Hello friends. Long time have not written anything thought lets jot down something new that I observed today. Well actually its nite time but due to health reasons me not at feeling sleepy. As usual was waiting for my train sitting on my original place. Beside me was sitting a college group of girls.


They were dressed in the latest accessories and latest mobile phones. They seemed to be from standard twelth. This was the conversation which they were having I couldn’t know their names so rite now naming them as X, Y, Z

X: Did you see Big Boss??

Y: (Excitedly) Yess..Dolly is back now there would be fun again. Lot of fighting.

Z: Oh! That’s exciting need to watch on it.

Z: Even Kaun Banega Corepati is going on great .

Y: Sorry I don’t like it. I don’t watch it. I watch only big boss and the serials on star plus.

X: Well did you watch Harry Potter??

Y: Nooo

Z: You should have come we had went first day first show. Exdum sahi hain. We totally enjoyed it. Abhi enjoyement kar lo then in January no one will allow us to enjoy.

Y: Our college prelims will be there also classes will also have prelims. How will we manage?

X: Kuch nahin thode chapters chod denge option mein which are not important.

Z: Our college teachers also make us study so much. We do not have events also like other colleges.

Well my train came so had to leave. Their thoughts really took me by surprise. I always thought that schools colleges are places where we learn our lessons, values, ethics and develop our personality. I never expected the conversation would be this way. We always respect the person who plays a major role in our life. I was astonished with the fact that they weren’t satisifised with their college because many events did not take place in the college, they had to study loads. But we go to college to make a successful life. Tommorrow if we are not successful we will readily blame our college teachers. In this world of technology we have forgotten how to respect people around us. Everything has become shortcut for us. Nowdays you is written as u, am is written as m, to is written as 2 in the same way we think student’s life has become shortcut.  Technology is made to make our life easier so that we can focus on our goals it is not made to give us shortcuts. Its bad to hear when the future generation knows all about the entertainment industry but nothing about what do they want to do in future? Is it the entertainment industry who are successful influencing the young generation or is it the teachers who are lacking influential power to influence to take them on the rite path? Still trying to find the answer of this question? It is painful to see when the kids can discuss so much of the entertainment industry but nothing of their career. This is the only time to focus on your career enjoyment like the gossips of entertainment industry comes in the bunch of your career.

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Manasi Sinari | Wednesday 17 November 2010 ( 0 Comment)

 Well wanted to write this from a very long time. But wasn’t getting time to write it. Today when i was not feeling sleepy thinking about what will happen tomorrow. Thinking whether the work which I have undertaken will be successful or not I just felt that I should share my small experience with you all.


I everyday travel from Mira road to Borivali. It’s a very small journey. I was sitting on the bench waiting for my 9.33 Borivali train. There were two small boys sitting beside me. They both were brothers and they were selling novels. There was a lady who was selling oxidized articles like rings, bangels etc. the lady asked one of the boys “Where were you from so many days.”? Only your brother was selling books. Why didn’t you come? The boy said,” Aunty kya karu was caught by the policewala so for seven days was kept in jail.” The lady said, “Oh really did the ploicewala hit you? The boy said.” No he didn’t.” But aunty tell me what is the punishment for travelling without a ticket?” Aunty said,” That thou our government will know. How would I know I am not the government.” The boy asked,” who is our government aunty? She said I should know then I will tell you. Till then the younger brother said , It’s Obama government that’s why  he had come to India  but aunty then why did he meet Congress person?” The other brother said but I heard we have Sonia government. Aunty said, “ What difference it makes to us.”? This discussion is not useful for us. Till that time one of boys said to me, “Didi aapki roj ki train aa gayi. Aaj mere pass koi naya book nahin hain.” I just gave him a smile back and said our government is Congress.


Well wondering why I answered him is because at that time the teacher in me couldn’t see that the boys wanted to know more but they weren’t asking the rite source. I really feel bad when I see such incidents. These both boys are our future citizens and imagine our future citizens not knowing which government exist in their own country. My heart cries for my country and its citizens as even I am involved in the process of making citizens of tomorrow. We make such big promises but can we make India a better place? Are we really trying to make it a better place or are we just involved in making our lives better. You don’t need to be rich to help these But I feel that I alone can’t reach to every nook and corner of India where are future citizens are developing themselves with half knowledge. Somewhere I feel people should  just help them whenever you can and see the satisfaction you get. We always want to have angels in our life but see the almighty is giving us a chance to be an “Angel” in someone life. I feel my hands are tied as I am not able to reach out to all my future citizens. Thanks toManagementParad
where at least through their blogs I can surely write and people can at least  read it once. “Give every human being every right that you claim for yourself.”

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Manasi Sinari | Tuesday 2 November 2010 ( 0 Comment)

 “In youth the days are short and the years are long; in old age the years are short and the days long.”

Old age is something that no one wants. Everyone wants to be forever young, hale and hearty. The reason for this no one in today’s world wants this dependency. Everyone wants to solve their problems on their own, they want to take their decisions on their own, choose their life partner, their career everything. When we think of old age only one thought comes in our mind that is of at this age we might be on bed waiting for our children to take care of us. So no one wants to face such situation in life. But it is part of cycle and it has to come to us one day or other. This was not the situation sometime ago. People used to wait for their old age because they used to get a chance to be closer to their kids. They used to feel whatever we couldn’t give to our kids we will give to their kids. They waited desperately for this age. The children themselves waited to grow and settle fast in life so that their parents could rest and they could serve them. The children were happy to see their parents enjoying with their grand children.

Times and situation change. How? There was a couple staying the husband and wife with kids. Husband had his mother staying with him. She was in her last stage and one day she breathed her last. One of the neighbor went to give condolences she was surprised to see the atmosphere in the house. There were kids in the house watching movie, the music system was on in the other room, the wife came in dressed in her best and brought lot of snacks for the neighbor. The neighbor had come to give condolences but she found that she couldn’t raise the topic seeing the environment of the house. Finally while bidding farewell to the couple she said to the husband ‘Sorry to hear about your mother, this is life we have to accept it as it comes.’ The wife reacted suddenly saying that “Oh good she left we were tired of her, she was bed ridden but still wanted to poke her nose in whatever we did. Finally I will get some peace in my house.” The neighbor taken aback she just looked at the husband who was looking down and after a minute he just uttered she is free from the pain she was suffering here. This story is a perfect example of why do people don’t want old age? The kids today who say they are independent once upon a time dependent on this old parents for every single thing they wanted in life. Now once their bases are strong they think why can’t this parents look after themselves?

I wonder why with time change we forget our values. Why with time change we forget the good deeds someone did for us? Why can’t we keep our  values intact and learn new things.  We prefer sending them at Old age Homes so that we can enjoy. But did they leave us when we needed them the most? It’s a question every youngster should ask himself or herself? Why do today dads tells the kids take live life differently? It’s because they know somewhere the kid does not want his parents to depend on him or stay with him. We had a tradition of joint family which changed into nuclear but it didn’t mean that we loose our values with it also. At old age also they are human beings and they have the right to live the life happily. They shouldn’t feel that “ I was wrong to grow older.  Pity.  I was so happy as a child.”

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Manasi Sinari | Monday 11 October 2010 ( 0 Comment)

 Why do Pepsodent and Colgate always do something against each other? Why do coco-cola and Pepsi can never shake hands with each other? Everyone knows the answer for this it is nothing other than “Competition”. Competition exists between human beings also but we  forget that the person with whom we are competing has a heart in him which has feelings and emotions like us. The brands which compete with each other do not have feelings or emotions they are just made to satisfy us. Healthy competition is always welcomed by people but nowadays you will observe in Corporate that there is lot of gossiping, manipulating, taking credit without doing the work is increasing day by day. Why don’t these people think once, that they have come here to achieve organizational goals which are common for everyone?  It is sad to say that in the name of competition people try to push the other person down. I feel sometimes brands are also sensible then us because they are trying to make their place  stronger in the market in against of other brand  but here we human being try to demoralize the person with whom we are working for the same goal. What we do is not competition it is called as killing the other person’s efforts so that we can always be in the limelight and we enjoy all the benefits. We learn about group goals, team spirit, and ethics but how much do we follow? We forget one of the most important lesson that is, if today we do bad of other person for our benefit it is going to come back to us even if we give it a name of “Competition”. In the name of competition day to day we are killing our conscience and one day it will stop making us guilty for our mistakes

I would just like to conclude that we shouldn’t be playing with the people’s feeling in the name of competition. If someone is doing better than us instead of bringing that person down we should try to reach that level and you automatically will be the most satisfied person in life. When we use such shortcuts in life to reach on the top we don’ t stand there for a very long time. 

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