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Chanakya Institute of public leadership

Malathi Thevar | Tuesday 13 April 2010 ( 21 Comment)


CIPL Stands For Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership. It is the first Political Institute in India. It is basically an Chanakya Institute by SPM Foundation’s ��Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership�(CIPL)�

Programme(s) of Politics Political Science Program (existing presently) - Information Public Administration Program (existing presently) - Knowledge Public Policy Program (existing presently) - Wisdom Public Leadership Program (no Indian model existing – will be our contribution to the Nation) - Insight

Current Scenario Over 6 lakh people directly related to the political field No formal training – learning the job ‘on the job’ Entry into politics largely by default or as a family legacy Politics unable to attract the best talent - no job security / career path (considered ‘dirty’) Lack of training centres / programmes for skill upgradation for existing politicians A political system that is intolerant to efficiency / effectiveness Declining values and ideals in politics Power the only pursuit of all political parties Leadership crisis in almost all political parties (almost none of national stature) Deteriorating standards in 2 out of 3 primaryresponsibilitie
of political leaders (Security, Employment/Economy, Values) Emergence of regional parties and politics of coalitions

VisionItalic textOF CIPL is “To transform the Political system in India and establish it as a role model for the world”

… Creating leaders for the future inspired by the past

Mission To provide leaders to our beloved country who will restore it to its deserving, original glory To provide extensively trained professionals (astute political leaders) who will uphold the highest standards in public life To provide trained managers and political management thoughts soaked in the ancient Indian spiritual knowledge Provide political professionals who can blend modern technology with the ancient spiritual wisdom Deliver professionals who will be an asset to any organization /political party they associate with

CIPL – A Political Finishing School'''Bold text' A School with no precedent – Course based on the ‘Kautilya (Chanakya) Arthashastra’ Chanakya not just in name but in real knowledge Equivalent of an MBA in Politics but with a difference A professional route to enter public life (politics) A campus for political parties to recruit future leaders A training ground for politicalentrepreneurshi
Skill development school for practising politicians


CIPL – Who is it for?Italic text Aspiring political leaders Existing Political leaders Members of existing political parties Students and researchers of politics (domestic as well as international)

CIPL – USPBold text Based on ‘Kautilya Arthashastra’ the supreme text on ‘RajNiti’ including ‘Anveekshikee’, the art of thinking Specialised ‘Finishing School’ creating value based public ‘leaders’ & political ‘entrepreneurs’ Perfect blend of ancient spiritual wisdom and modern technology (Case study & Research based approach) Knowledge partnership with ‘Mumbai University’ Teachers - leading exponents of Arthashastra, Spiritual gurus, politicians, administrators, lawyers, economists & businessmen State of the art ‘Gurukul’ – No tuition fees – ‘Merit’ the only criterion (upholding the ‘Guru-Shishya’ parampara)




[edit]Guru Shishya Parampara

Ancient Indian model of pedagogy Merit of the student only criterion to receive knowledge Will give society, value based and spiritually grounded leaders Demonstrated act of selflessness for students to imbibe (Arthashastra demonstrated) Respect for the knowledge received Alumni morally bound to support the Institution (most important constituent-political class, will contribute)

Build an institution of ‘character’ and not just reputation


[edit]Italic text

[edit]CIPL – Flagship Course Details

6months residential course for all aspiring public leaders and political entrepreneurs (max. students/batch – 50) Course split into two parts

Kautilya Arthashastra  - study of the entire 6000 sutras (3months)

Modern day politics and management techniques (3months) Minimum eligibility – graduate in any discipline with 50% marks Selection through written test, personal interview and discussions

[edit]CIPL & Mumbai University (MU)

Mumbai University (led by Dept. of Philosophy) to be knowledge partners Certification course conducted jointly by CIPL & Mum. Univ. Course to be conducted in Mum. Univ. campus (MU infrastructure - faculty, classrooms, library etc.) Research infrastructure to be provided by MU initially


CIPL – Course Part IItalic text Chanakya’s political strategies (Based on Kautilya Arthashastra)  History and background of Chanakya Why Chanakya in modern day governance and politics ? Chanakya’s 7 pillars for governing a country Aanveekshikee the science of thinking (Building strategy) Chanakya in political leadership and management Case studies of Chanakya’s era – Alexander, Ashoka, Chandragupta Maurya Foreign policies The 8th pillar

''CIPL – Course Part IIBold text Modern day management techniques Role of a politician? Regional segmentation and Demographics Historical Aspect, Civics (not older than 20 years) Proceedings of Parliament (e.g. why only few bills are passed during a term) Presentation and oratory skills including media handling Roles of Government institutes - What do they do? Basics of administration (as taught to IAS personnel) Basic ‘Must knows’ (Whom to address administrative issues etc) Case studies (political strategy and problem solving) How to start a political party?

[edit]CIPL – Funding

Gurukul model sustained through generous donations Donors drawn from Individuals/Corporate who wish to make a difference to their country Option to Fund a student(s) or an entire batch or make general donations

CIPL VisionItalic text “To transform the Political system in India and establish it as a role model for the world”

… Creating leaders for the future inspired by the past




            The Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership (CIPL) is a training school for future leaders inspired by the ancient Indian wisdom.

CIPL aims toinstitutionaliz
the ancient Indian Spiritual knowledge with an emphasis on its practical application in society to create a model society that can sustain for generations to come.

It will be free for the students

Hurry will the online form now visit www.ciplmumbai.in

Course details



6 months residential course for all aspiring public leaders and



political entrepreneurs (max. students/batch – 45)






Course split into two parts:



i. Kautilya Arthashastra - study of the entire 6000 sutras (3months)



ii. Modern day politics and management techniques (3months)






Minimum eligibility :



i. Graduate in any discipline with 50% marks



ii. Age group between 25-30 years



iii. Both male and femal candidate can apply






Selection through written test, personal interview and discussions






All expenses incidental to the course will be borne by CIPL



(It will be free for the students)




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