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Kartik Raichura | Thursday 9 August 2012 ( 0 Comment)

Only one in five MBAs employable: Survey 



Only 25 % IT graduates readily employable: Nasscom



Minister says only 25% grads are employable


Only a tenth of engineering graduates employable, says survey


You know whats common in the above headlines carried by media? 


They all are statistics and survey results, and the funny thing about statistics is - 

Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.


Sensationalism sells. Controversy sells and these stories sold. That's all that there is to it. The sample size of the survey seems skewed as it has considered only the tier-2 b-schools ignoring the top ones.

The sample size per city has been a measly average of 80 students per city and I do not think the day zero placed students will be a part of this sample size. For all you know, the students participating in this survey were only those who couldnt get placed through their respective colleges.

Whenever there is a survey, I get reminded of the gentlemen who came up with the bikini quote and do my own due deligence. 

I'm certain students who have maximized their learning, stretched themselves and their abilities and given in their best to absorb from the environment will get their dream profiles and make their place in the world.

Happy B-schooling. Cheers !


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Kartik Raichura | Tuesday 19 June 2012 ( 0 Comment)

Alok Kejriwal - Founder, Media2Win Group drew a very interesting analysis that differentiates an MBA from an Entrepreneur. As I read each line, the MBA Entrepreneur in me became increasingly passionate about sharing it with the rest of the junta. So here goes : 

mba vs. entrepreneur : the 5 observations of rodinhood:

altwhen an mba 'recruits', he looks at the candidates cv.
when an entrepreneur 'partners', she look into the candidates eyes.

when an mba 'pitches', he tells the customer, 'this is how my product will help u.'
when an entrepreneur 'begs', she says, 'how may i help u?'

when an mba 'negotiates' pay, he says, 'this is my market worth.'
when an entrepreneur 'asks' for cash, she says, 'this is what the biz can afford.'

when an mba 'presents', he uses a slide show.
when an entrepreneur 'discusses', she uses a heart show.

when an mba 'resigns', he has another job in hand.
when an entrepreneur 'exits', she has another company to create.

take ur pick.

For more such gyanbits from Alok, subscribe to him on facebook or follow him on twitter 


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Kartik Raichura | Saturday 2 June 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 After the game, the king and the pawn go in the same box. I read it several times over and over again, until the words soaked in. I realized that these words are game changing, life altering, soothing, humbling.

If life is a game, we all die. If our startup company is our life, there will always be someone bigger than your company and someone weaker than your company.

Bigger doesnt essentially mean marketcap. It sometimes means with a larger vision, with a bigger impact, with grander fan following, with a philantrophic objective, with a richer legacy ?

At the end of it, kodak that captured moments collapsed its cameras and digital frames business. Myspace was slaughtered by orkut which was beaten to death by facebook.

The business of business has been to give back to the community, to create value around you, to solve problems, to give joy and enrich lives across globes. The objective though, gets lost in between balance sheets and financial projections, envy of the better performer at the cost of employee satisfaction. And its not just the companies, people leave companies which are less profitable even if they are more human. They leave organizations to work like slaves in better paying jobs and competitive organizations so that they can give a better future that they may never see.

What you are so proud of today, may not stay for long with you.  Your health, intelligence, friendships, connections all fluctuate with age and as you keep abreast with the younger, adaptive generation, you realize the king in you is close to its retirement.

Lets read it again " After the game, the king and the pawn go in the same box " .

And when you know you both will land up in the same box, shouldnt you co-create - collaborate - share - inspire with your peers, your subordinates, your superiors and everyone around you? 

We at Management Paradise are striving to achieve just that for you - the students and leaders of today and tomorrow !


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Kartik Raichura | Saturday 31 March 2012 ( 1 Comment)

With the Internship season around the corner, Management Paradise deemed it fit to mark the coming month as the Internship month.

Internships are always very interesting and a crucial turning point in most students’ life. It is during internships that we get the hands on experience and also are able to apply our learnings for real.

But more often than not students are not aware of the right approach towards internships. Some don’t know which company to pick, what to do on the job and how to make the most out of the opportunity.

So the team at MP, together with the brand ambassadors and active students from leading management colleges, have made an assortment of learnings presented in the following form: 

IIM- K Placement in charges share their tips and guidance.

JBIMS Placement Co-ordinator Dr. C.R. Chavan shares his insights on Summer Internships.

- MP team designed an Infographic - 22 things to do during your Internship

- And lastly, if you are a company who wishes to hire interns, feel free to list the openings in our jobs section.

Wish you all the very best for the months ahead.


Kartik and MP team

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Kartik Raichura | Saturday 31 March 2012 ( 2 Comment)

22 Things to do during your Internship Program [Infographic]



Internship Infographic

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Kartik Raichura | Wednesday 7 March 2012 ( 0 Comment)
Hello Friends
It gives me immense pleasure to announce Sumedh Gaikwad as the Member of the Month - Jan 

Sumedh Gaikwad, has contributed 8 research reports in our "Each One - Upload One" projects drive.
He has constantly contributed towards building this community by sharing his experiences and insights, and has been a great support to other members of MP. 

@Sumedh you will soon receive your Goodies Bag. 



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Kartik Raichura | Monday 13 February 2012 ( 3 Comment)
Indian economy is booming. Know who to thank?

" Education "

1000’s of young students pass out of MBA colleges each year and get economically independent. Many
start supporting themselves, start paying of their education loans and support their families too.

To support these young hearts of India, Management paradise is starting a “Each one Upload one”

Upload one project on any subject here. Even if you have passed out and are working.

So other existing and aspiring MBA students can read them up, learn and apply those learnings in their
course and future jobs.

MP has more than 3,00,000 registered members. Imagine if each member uploads one project, together
we can impact so many lives.

So upload one project now. It will only take a couple of minutes.
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Kartik Raichura | Wednesday 8 February 2012 ( 2 Comment)

We started our journey on 24th Nov 2004, as a newbie html website made out of microsoft frontpage back in the day and have come a long way since. Here's a quick preview of what we were when we started off

Screenshot for the year 2004 : We took baby steps and started out as a html website. The mtnl telephone internet connection that charged per minute of usage back then, almost emptied my parents pockets with its exhorbitant bills payments. Although the few 10 - 50 visitors we received back then were a source of great joy and excitement.
Screenshot for the year 2005 : This is the year when the site stopped looking as bad. Still in HTML programming - thank god for microsoft frontpage we got a much cleaner look. We had a better logo as well to go with it.
Screenshot for the year 2006 : This year got us few hundred visitors every day and everyone's critic on html being old school was getting to us. We had to change our features quick so that our visitors had ease of access.
Screenshot for the year 2006 AGAIN : We knew we were on to something that is changing the way management education is perceived. We had a few hundred regular visitors who wanted to register on the site but we did not have a registeration system in place. We purchased the best forum software available and converted our HTML site into a modest hardworking advanced forum, not great at looks but amazing solution for needs of our audience.
Screenshot of the year 2007 : The year of better looks and traction in memberbase. Orkut was gaining traction and was your latest love affair.
Another Screenshot of the year 2007 : We anticipated orkut to make a dent in our visitors which is why we wanted better UI and UX. We worked hard and were pleasantly surprised to see more people coming online, broadband gaining traction and internet penetration growing overall. We were growing one leap at a time.
Screenshot of the year 2008 : 2008 was the year things crashed. We realized the importance of maintaing backups and being prepared for the worst. The portal was down for almost a month, while I used all my network to somehow gain a backup of memberbase and conversations. We finally did and went live again in June [Screenshot]. We had approximately 80,000 members then.
Screenshot of the year 2009 : Facebook was the talk of town. She had gotten thousands to ditch orkut and every affluent person out there wanted to date her. We were still on the forums and we really wanted to jump on to the social network bandwagon.  We crossed the 1 lakh member milestone !
Screenshot of the year 2010 : We changed clothes again, we got a new logo and looked real web 2.0 gorgeous. But we knew it wasnt enough, the social networking bandwagon awaited us. We added many more features - the forums, blogs, jobs, videos, events section have only got livelier. We were in theManagementParad
Beta stage with loads of bugs and UI UX issues
[Screenshot] . psst... did you notice the shiny great logo and the 250 active users at each instance?
We were in the top 10,000 sites in the world then and we crossed the two hundred thousand members milestone !
Screenshot of the year 2011 : The year we got real social networking features in place. Profiles, like features, comments, recent activity feed and Projects section. We became the revolution behind management education.
Screenshot of the year 2012 : All this brings us to TODAY, the day we crossed the Three Hundred Thousand Members Milestone ! We're ecstatic . Forumsprojectblogsjobsvideosevents section have only got livelier.But we have lots more to do. Things have never been better. You guys will see more good work soon.  

Stay tuned. Drop your comments and feedback below. 
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Kartik Raichura | Monday 6 February 2012 ( 3 Comment)

Hello Friends
It gives me immense pleasure to announce Naveen Gehani as the Member of the Month - Jan It gives me immense pleasure to announce Naveen Gehani as the Member of the Month- Jan. 

He has constantly contributed towards building this community by sharing his experiences and insights, and has been a great support to other members of MP. 

@naveen you will soon receive your Goodies Bag. 



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Kartik Raichura | Friday 20 January 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 If piracy means being intelligent, smart, aware and demanding consumers, then the whole internet universe is a pirate. 

We're evolved beings, we love convenience, we pay for what its worth, we do not care for your inefficiencies, we love results, we hate reasons. We're the consumers of the free parallel universe we created and we want it to be free of restrictions and interference. 

If using knowledge learnt from someone is piracy, then the first step you took as a baby was piracy because it was based on someone elses knowledge, someone who invented it, the first syllable you spoke was a pirated word, the first time you picked up a book and learnt something from it without paying for it was piracy? We all learn from our environment and we learn from experiences and observation without paying for it. Is that piracy too?

Wikipedia, Google, Facebook and hundreds of prominent portals have shaped the internet into a free product consumed by millions across the globe and I extent my support to their cause. The internet is a free enterprise and we want it to be free of government interference,free of restrictions or government influence, free for the people to use.

If you oppose SOPA, share the knowledge, create awareness of it, make yourself heard, let a handful not dictate on the real rulers - the public.
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Kartik Raichura | Tuesday 3 January 2012 ( 2 Comment)

 Hello everybody,

Thank you for the all support and encouragement you have given to us over the years. With the advent of 2012, we at MP are planing to bring in some exciting changes and new activities. It will be a gradual process, but we are at it. 

To start with, we have decided to announce a Member of the month [one each month] AND thank him/her for the high energy activities on the site. We will be sending a Goodies bag to the MOM [Member of the month] who will be selected based on both quality and quantity of his/her interactions and activities. 

Also to be rolled out in this year, is an academics driven activity called Management Guru's. Stay Tuned for the details. 

And to start the year with some fun and frolic we will announce a contest shortly. 

Looking forward to a dashing year ahead for you and us. 


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Kartik Raichura | Thursday 15 April 2010 ( 0 Comment)

 The NEW Management Paradise Beta was launched just a month back and since then we've been taking your feedback  very seriously and integrating a lot of new features.

One feedback came from a user who said it is difficult to find the feedback page so we integrated it on bottom right corner of every page of the portal. This would encourage more and more members to give feedback or drop in a line and tell us how we can improve MP to help you reach your goals.

Another feedback came from a user where he said he wanted to see who all have viewed his profile and thus we came up with a module "Who's viewed my profile" which is accessible from members "mydesk" section. Someone said hey I want suggestion on people whom I can add to my network to help me grow and we came up with the "People you may know" module which again is accessible in the mydesk section.

Another good news is we've roped in a full time technology head ( CTO ) for Management Paradise, and we will be announcing his name soon ;) . This will give pace to the process of integrating your suggestions at MP.

The statistics have been overwhelming so to say with a loads and loads of members transitioning their old membership to new full fledged profiles. Some have started taking the advantage of professional networking as well which has helped them come closer to their professional goals.

If you think you've seen enough change at MP, i'm afraid this is just the beginning. In the near future we vision a lot more changes with the help of feedback given by our fans and members.

I'm thankful that a lot of things are finally falling in place and we're buckling up for a roller coaster ride..

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do ;)


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Kartik Raichura | Saturday 27 March 2010 ( 2 Comment)

 Intellectual discussions and professional network that helps you reach "your" goal is the dream at Management Paradise and things seem to have gained momentum.

While "People you may know" may not work until you invite your network and add connections, we realized that to take things a level higher we have to introduce somethings so that people connect to each other.

Thats where the people who viewed your profile enhancement comes into effect. If you dont see this block in your mydesk, then you may have disabled it from the settings option. 

I remember reading someplace that a train thats just starting up halts when obstructed with a mass of rocks on the track but the same train at a 100 kmph crushes the same rocks and marches forward. I want to get into that 100kmph mode where nothing stands in the way of empowering YOU .

So all in all, things are slowly gaining momentum and hopefully we should be on the fast track pretty soon.

Feel free to provide feedback on how to improve MP at http://www.managementparadise.com/help_contact.php. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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Kartik Raichura | Monday 22 March 2010 ( 0 Comment)

Things are looking great at mp, the stats have kind of skyrocketed but not exactly to the exponential rate I expected it to be.





Alexa traffic rank for managementparadise.com:

                   Traffic Rank Change

Yesterday 12,916 -6,429 Change in Traffic Rank over the trailing 1d period

7 day 18,287 -1,919 Change in Traffic Rank over the trailing 1w period

1 month 20,607 -1,254 Change in Traffic Rank over the trailing 1m period

3 month 22,039 +852 Change in Traffic Rank over the trailing 3m period



So I kept hunting for the possible reasons and out of numerous permutations combinations, one thing that came out prominently was that members are unable to login to mp. 

When the old members transition from their old profiles to the new ones, a new welcome message is shot to them which consists their login info. The thing about the new system is that you have to login through the email id that you provided and not through the username that you have been using consistently for years now.

The insight is that members do not read predictable welcome emails sent to them and that is one of the reasons for not seeing the exponential factor in place.

A good sign is that people are updating their profiles with their qualifications, education information etc. Communities have kind of picked up with members creating groups like their college groups and area of interests. Interactivity in those communities though is almost zilch as of now and the assumption is eventually a lot of these will be super active. 

A lot of things also need to be done on user navigability and interface such that everything is intuitive, easy and fun for our audience.

Coming back to the point, our insights are based on statistics and user data though feedback is always most welcomed from the real user. So drop in a comment. We'd love to hear your experience.

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Kartik Raichura | Friday 19 March 2010 ( 0 Comment)

 Its the second day after the launch of the ALL NEW ManagementParadise.com, its 3 AM right now and i'm still hooked on to checking the stats and responses.

Its a great feeling to know that everyone has welcomed the change and members are happily transitioning their profiles to the new portal. Its too soon to predict the way forward but i'm loving the rush.

Todays stats have been overwhelming with over a thousand logins, over 85,000 pageviews just in the network and over 75 thousand pageviews on forums.

People have invited in all over 9500 + invitations by importing their contacts in the past 3 days and the assumption is people are happy to make MP their second home for networking with like minded individuals all passionate about Management Education and its offerings.

Things have been slow on the blogging, articles and videos front but I feel it will soon change as people establish connections and "flaunt" the ocean of knowledge they have accumulated at their college / b-schools / workplace.

For people who are passionate about MP, we've posted some job listings and we're certain we'll find the right talent.

All in all, its keeping me ticking. Someone asked me what keeps me awake all night and the its difficult to answer in simple words... though 2 alphabets say it all.. MP .

Hope we reach our goal to help you reach yours .. after all its about empowering YOU ! 

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Kartik Raichura | Tuesday 16 March 2010 ( 3 Comment)

In the past, everyone used to have their own secret little diary in which they used to pen down their darkest desires and secrets. It wasnt just a diary back then, it was more of a sounding board, it was your friend, it was that speechless object on which you could  remove all your frustration or shower all your love and it would just stay there like a friend who speaks volumes with his silence.

The world is fast changing and people live a dual life; one thats physical where you actually laugh out loud and another where laughter gets replaced by 3 alphabets "LOL" .. the virtual life has synched itself soo much with real life that I meet friends who yell out "LOL" instead of a real laugh.. I sometimes wonder how funny the next decade would be.. Imagine woeing a woman by saying  you love the way she "LOLs" .. alt instead of telling how you love it when she smiles.

Getting back to the point, people today love to flaunt and socialize on the web and they like to open their diary to people they know or to the whole world. Everyone has a point of view and more and more people are expressing themselves loud and clear on the web with the blog medium. Though in most cases, blogging is shortlived and people loose interest in blogging as they realize that not many are reading or following them. Now just as advertising is for products, if you want your friends to read your blog, then they should be updated everytime you create a new article which necessarily doesnt happen by default with most platforms that offer blogging.

Thats how we decided to introduce blogs at Management Paradise, so that you already have a live audience for your blogs... Starting a blog at MP means that whenever you create a new entry, it goes in your activity feed and all your connections are able to read your views... Its a great way to express yourself, keep your network updated with your life as it happens and network with like minded people.

Personal blogging is not necessarily the end of blogging.  A lot of companies are exploring corporate blogging to keep in touch with their audience; Actors, politicians and publicists are using blogs as a medium to connect and engage with their audiences.

Or how about Blogs by C-level ( CEO, CFO, CMO) executives ? The possibilities are endless and we at MP believe in dreaming a larger than life dream..

Speaking of dream, its already near 3.00 AM and I think I should get some rest. Its been a long day !

So here's to the first blog post at MP..

Three Cheers !

Looking forward to reading your blog :)



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