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Professional accounting development in Nigeria

This is a research report on Professional accounting development in Nigeria uploaded by Jasmine Pvk in category: All Documents »  Accounts »  Quantitative Techniques section of our research repository.
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Tags: Accounting profession , professionalisation
Over the years several, sometimes conflicting, theories attempting to explain the development of professions have
emerged. The ‘‘functionalist’’ and ‘‘interactionist’’ theories have since lost the spotlight to a more critical approach
based on the Weberian concept of closure. Limitations in the concept and practice of this neo-Weberain concept have
led to suggestions that research into the sociology of professions, should also include historical analyses of professionalism
that capture historical specificities with the aim of generating theory that sees beyond ‘‘just massive historical
variation’’ [Collins, R. (1990). Changing conceptions in the sociology of the profession. In R. Torstendahl, &
M. Burrage, The formation of professions: Knowledge, state and strategy. London: Sage Publications]. Such research
should also investigate the structural conditions under which the professionalisation process takes place [Johnson, T.
(1977). The profession in the class structure. In R. Scase, Industrial society: Class, cleavage and control. London:
George Allen and Unwin.]. In order to achieve this, there is the need to critically study the relationship of the State and
the profession [Klegon, D. (1978). The sociology of professions: an emerging perspective. Sociology of Work and
Occupations, 5, 3, 259–283.] and to document more extensively, the process, rather than the product, of closure [Chua,
W. F., & Paullaos, C. (1993). Rethinking the profession-state dynamic: the case of the Victorian Charter Attempt,
1885–1906, Accounting, Organizations and Society, pp. 128–691; Chua, W. F., & Paullaos, C. (1998). The dynamics of
‘‘closure’’ amidst the construction of market, profession, empire and nationhood: an historical analysis of an Australian
Accounting Association.


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