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IMT Ghaziabad | Thursday 2 February 2012 ( 0 Comment)

 IMT is the place where the ‘Sun never sets’. You can see students involved in their work round the clock. Right from morning students have a jam packed schedule for the day. One of the Institute’s most distinctivecharacteristics
is its closely knit and integrated residential community. Library and Computer Labs are open 24X7, to provide the best study support.

IMT has a vibrant campus life with a wide range of opportunities to fill your free time. The Institute has an impressive and pollution-free campus with panoramic green surroundings, elegant landscaping and beautiful flower-beds. The Institute has a splendid Amphitheatre where many activities are organised. The Canteen offers a wide range of snacks and meals. Institute has got one of the best managed messes in the country. The Mess, controlled by the students themselves caters to the need for good, healthy and nutritious food.

Spending quality time is never a problem in the Institute. Sports facilities are provided for Lawn tennis, Table tennis, Cricket, Football, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball. Evenings find students enjoying the excitement of these sports as players and audience.At IMT Ghaziabad, we believe the learning environment plays a very important role in the whole education process. Keeping this thought strongly in focus when IMT was in its planning stages, the institute was built in 1980. It blossomed into an aesthetic combination of lush greenery and modern facilities that are updated as and when change happens.

Students live on campus in the very comfortable living facilities created especially for them with their needs in mind. The residential blocks are fully furnished and equipped with wifi. 

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Life @ My Campus   Add to My Briefcase

IMT Ghaziabad | Thursday 13 October 2011 ( 0 Comment)


 20 June, 2011 was the day when all the hard work of past 2 years ended and my dream finally was realised.  I took a deep breath. In fact, I took several. The rush was sinking in, the feeling was whirling all around the campus, and my inner voice, somewhere in the region of my heart, said…this is where the best brains are. Soon the rush, the urgency and the excitement took over me and every other new student present at the IMT Ghaziabad campus. We are the 2011-2013 batch.



The Orientation Week will always have a special place in our memories. It was a wonderful experience. I will cherish it throughout my life. At the risk of sounding like a vote of thanks, I want to say this: I thank the administration and the Students Affairs Council of IMT for making it so wonderful for us.



This is what a typical Orientation day looked like:


 Waking up in the morning, attending lectures till 5’oclock in the evening.  The lectures were followed by special sessions of “The art of living” arranged for us in a nearby hotel called Apple Tree, so that we could learn to practice mental peace and become stress free (for most of us, these sessions were actually stressing as they lasted for four hours – from 6-10 in the evening, and we became even more sleep After coming back from these sessions, we had a quick bite (especially vegetarian dinner—as suggested by the Art of Living people) before rushing back to our hostel rooms to change into smart casuals (we learnt the definition of smart casuals and business formals during club sessions) and attend the presentations of various clubs and committees existing in IMT. At approximately 1 am we would get free. It was then that the fun began. Interactive PDP (Personality Development Program) meant seniors asking the juniors questions. The favourite questions in IMT being: Give your intro. If anyone used the word “MY GRADUATION” we were asked to start all over again as we later on came to understand that  it was “Graduation” and not “My Graduation”. Other questions included, ‘Why MBA?’ ‘ What are your hobbies?’ ‘What is your USP?’ ‘Why you have joined IMT?’ ‘Which stream you want to pursue?’ The list is endless. They listened to the answers carefully. Sometimes, the responses would elicit “GLOBAL maar rahe ho yaar!” According to me this PDP session was very necessary to break the senior-junior ice and to settle down. It made juniors realise that ‘ok! you have made it to IMT, but that is not enough …in fact this is time where struggle starts…now you’ll be competing with the best brains around so start looking for something which sets you apart from the rest (USP).’


 At the end of very tiring but exiting days, I wished the week would get over soon so we could get some well deserved sleep.


 After 2 days it was announced that CUL NITE (Cultural night) will be held on Saturday Night, and once again the rush began. Adrenaline coursed through every vein guiding us towards the auditions of  various activities – DANCE, SINGING, DRAMATICS, FASHION SHOW, ORCHESTRA etc  – which were part of the Cul Nite.



alt                              alt



Those short listed had practice sessions each night which sometimes continued till 8 in the morning, leaving no time for sleep or even catch a power nap… We realised this is what everyone calls living “LARGER THAN LIFE”…where even 24 hours in a day seems less and your are required to make each and every second count.


And to adding on to our active participation, there was equal contribution and support from CUL COMM and SAC.Finally orientation week ended with CUL NITE which was full of enthusiasm and energetic dancing all night long.The Red brick walls, the lush green campus, the bricked amphitheatre just made me fall in love with IMT.


The Orientation week was a true picture of the fact that “IMT NEVER SLEEPS”. Started the journey with a bang, looking forward to an experience of a lifetime…




Neha Shikha











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