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These Countries Break European Law and Do Not Allow Muslim Refugees

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These Countries Break European Law and Do Not Allow Muslim Refugees
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These Countries Break European Law and Do Not Allow Muslim Refugees - August 31st, 2015

These Countries Break European Law and Do Not Allow Muslim Refugees

Refugees are persons fleeing armed conflict or persecution. Their situation is often so perilous and intolerable that they cross national borders to seek safety in nearby countries and thus become internationally recognized as 'refugees' with access to assistance from States, UNHCR, and other organizations. The number of people crossing the Mediterranean to reach Europe in 2015 surpassed 300,000. Some 2,500 refugees and migrants are estimated to have died or gone missing this year while attempting the crossing to Europe Ė compared to 3,500 who died or went missing in the Mediterranean in 2014, Melissa Fleming, spokesperson for the UNHCR, Said.

Refugees are the one who suffered myriads of problems in their life and travel on different lands just to protect their family. Refugees need shelter to start their life with new vigor and force, but there are countries who prohibits European law and some or the other way avoid giving shelter to the Muslim Refugees. Several countries in the Europe will accept refugees if they are non- Muslim. Here is the list of countries whose statement says it all.


At an EU summit in April, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said his country has "nothing against Muslims", but feared that if any more Muslims "come from abroad" the country's demography was at risk of "radical change".

Czech Republic

Czech president Milos Zaman would not accept refugees from North African countries like Libya. "Refugees from a completely different cultural background would not be in a good position in the Czech Republic," he said.


"After all, we are a country belonging to Christian culture," explained Margus Tsahkna, the country's minister for social affairs.


Poland helped 60 Christian families from Syria and also taken in several Christian-only groups explaining that "religious background will have [an] impact on their refugee status applications."


Interior ministry spokesman Ivan Metik said Slovakia would hand-pick 200 Christian refugees from camps in Turkey, Italy and Greece. "We could take 800 Muslims," he told the BBC. "But we donít have any mosques in Slovakia, so how can Muslims be integrated if they are not going to like it here?"

European law specifically prohibits discrimination based on religious background (as well as sex, racial or ethnic origin disability, age or sexual orientation). European Law states that Asylum must not be a lottery. EU Member States have a shared responsibility to welcome asylum seekers in a dignified manner, ensuring they are treated fairly and that their case is examined to uniform standards so that, no matter where an applicant applies, the outcome will be similar.

This needs to stop, we live in the world, where humanity should be given prime preferences and if someone has come to your land, then it is our duty to provide them with proper shelter without discrimination. Just look at the picture above and feel their pain and suffer, surely it will bring tears in your eyes.

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