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Solutions Manuals, Test Banks, Exam Questions

Discuss Solutions Manuals, Test Banks, Exam Questions within the Sell / Buy Notes, Products, Services etc. forums, part of the Quiz , Marketplace and Community games category; We have an extensive collection of instructor's solution manuals and test banks, all solutions manuals are in digital formats (.PDF, ...



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Solutions Manuals, Test Banks, Exam Questions
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Solutions Manuals, Test Banks, Exam Questions - February 10th, 2009

We have an extensive collection of instructor's solution manuals and test banks, all solutions manuals are in digital formats (.PDF, .DOC etc.).

Payments will be via Paypal only. Because it is easiest and safest way. You can use debit or credit card to pay even if you don't have an account.

We have approximately 5000 solution manuals and test banks, this list is designed as most wanted, if you can't find the solution manual listed below, feel free to
contact us at, solutions [at] instructor [dot] net ([email protected])

solutions manuel and test banks - to search, click Ctrl+F in your keyboard .


What is instructor's solution manual and what is it used for?
With instructor's solution manuals you can check answers(step by step) of questions and exercises. That saves your time and understand what you study. You see how to solve a problem. With these solution manuals you can improve your study and also get higher marks.

What is test banks and what is it used for?
Test banks have questions (multiple choice, fill in the blanks and true or false) and exercises. It also contains answers of questions and exercises. After solving questions in your book, to be ready for any questions in your exams, you should solve questions in these test banks.

For further questions: helpme [at] instructor [dot] net ([email protected])

Just Send us an e-mail to solutions [at] instructor [dot] net ([email protected]) including name of the book, authors and edition.

For all list : instructors-solution-manuals.blogspot [dot] com

You can ask us for any of the books. Here is only some of them..

Accounting Chapters 1-13 - Charles T. Horngren et al (7th edition)
(ISBN: 0132249952)
Accounting Chapters 12-25 - Charles T. Horngren et al (7th edition)
(ISBN: 0132249960)
Accounting Chapters 1-25 - Charles T. Horngren et al (7th edition)
(ISBN: 0132439603)
Accounting Chapters 1-26 - Charles T. Horngren et al (6th edition)
(ISBN: 0131088513)
Accounting Information Systems - James Hall (5th edition) (ISBN:
Accounting Information Systems - Marshall Romney, Paul Steinbart (10th
edition) (ISBN: 0131475916)
Advanced Accounting - Floyd Beams (9th edition) (ISBN: 0131851225)
Advanced Calculus - G. B. Folland (1st edition) (ISBN: 0130652652)
An Introduction to the Physics of Nuclei and Particles - Richard
Dunlap (1st edition) (ISBN: 0534392946)
Analytical Mechanics - Grant Fowles, George Cassiday (7th edition)
(ISBN: 0534494927)
Applied Algebra - Darel Hardy (1st edition) (ISBN: 0130674648)
Applied Linear Algebra - Chehrzad Shakiban, Peter J. Olver (1st
edition) (ISBN: 0131473824)
Applied Partial Differential Equations - Richard Haberman (4th
edition) (ISBN: 0130652431)
Auditing and Assurance Services - Alvin A. Arens et al (11th edition)
(ISBN: 0131867121)
Auditing Cases - Mark Beasley (3rd edition) (ISBN: 0131494910)
Biochemistry - Mary Campbell (4th edition) (ISBN: 0534405215)
Biochemistry (with Lecture Notebook) - Mary Campbell (4th edition)
(ISBN: 0534391818)
Calculus - Dale Varberg (9th edition) (ISBN: 0131429248)
Calculus and Its Applications - Larry Goldstein (11th edition) (ISBN:
Calculus With Applications - Margaret L. Lial et al (8th edition)
(ISBN: 0321228146)
Cases in Management Accounting and Control Systems - Brandt Allen (4th
edition) (ISBN: 0135704251)
Chemistry : An Introduction to General, Organic, Biological Chemistry
- Karen Timberlake (9th edition) (ISBN: 0805330151)
Chemistry : The Molecular Science - John Moore (2nd edition) (ISBN:
Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems - Stephen Thornton (5th
edition) (ISBN: 0534408966)
CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation - David E. Boyce et al
(1st edition) (ISBN: 0780334167)
College Accounting 1-12 - Jeffrey Slater (9th edition) (ISBN:
College Accounting 1-25 - Jeffrey Slater (10th edition) (ISBN:
College Geometry - David C. Kay (2nd edition) (ISBN: 0321046242)
Complex Variables With Applications - A. David Wunsch (3rd edition)
(ISBN: 0201756099)
Computer Algorithms - Allen Van Gelder, Sara Baase (3rd edition)
(ISBN: 0201612445)
Computer Organization and Architecture - William Stallings (7th
edition) (ISBN: 0130351199)
Computer Systems Organization & Architecture - John D. Carpinelli (1st
edition) (ISBN: 0201612534)
Concepts in Federal Taxation 2007 - Kevin Murphy (14th edition) (ISBN:
Cost Accounting - Charles T. Horngren, George Foster, Srikant M. Datar
(12th edition) (ISBN: 0131495380)
Cost Accounting - Edward J. Vanderbeck (14th edition) (ISBN:
Course in Probability - Neil Weiss (1st edition) (ISBN: 0201774712)
Differential Equations - John Polking (2nd edition) (ISBN: 0131437380)
Differential Equations With Boundary Value Problems - John C. Polking
(2nd edition) (ISBN: 0130911062)
Digital & Analog Communication Systems - Leon Couch (7th edition)
(ISBN: 0131424920)
Digital Communications - John Proakis (4th edition) (ISBN: 0072321113)
Digital Signal Processing - John Proakis (4th edition) (ISBN:
Digital Systems: Principles and Applications - Ronald Tocci et al
(10th edition) (ISBN: 0131725793)
Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics - Ralph P. Grimaldi (5th
edition) (ISBN: 0201726343)
Discrete Mathematics - Edgar G. Goodaire, Michael M Parmenter (3rd
edition) (ISBN: 0131679953)
Discrete Mathematics - Otto, Eynden, Dossey, Spence (4th edition)
(ISBN: 0321079124)
Discrete Mathematics - Richard Johnsonbaugh (6th edition) (ISBN:
Economic Development - Michael Todaro, Stephen Smith (9th edition)
(ISBN: 0321278887)
Economic Growth - David Weil (1st edition) (ISBN: 0201680262)
Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, Update - Frederic
Mishkin (7th edition) (ISBN: 0321331850)
Economics Today: The Macro View - Roger Miller (13th edition) (ISBN:
Economics Today: The Micro View - Roger Miller (13th edition) (ISBN:
Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems - Theodore Wildi (6th
edition) (ISBN: 0131776916)
Electronics and Computer Math - Bill Deem (8th edition) (ISBN:
Electronics Fundamentals: Circuits, Devices and Applications - Thomas
Floyd (7th edition) (ISBN: 013219709X)
Elementary Differential Equations - Werner E. Kohler, Lee W.Johnson
(1st edition) (ISBN: 0201709260)
Elementary Differential Equations With Boundary Value Problems - Lee
Johnson et al (1st edition) (ISBN: 0321121643)
Elementary Number Theory - Kenneth H. Rosen (5th edition) (ISBN:
Elementary Statistics - Mario F. Triola (9th edition) (ISBN:
Elementary Statistics - Mario F. Triola (10th edition) (ISBN:
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics - Tom Tietenberg (7th
edition) (ISBN: 0321305043)
Error Control Coding - Daniel J. Costello Jr., Shu Lin (2nd edition)
(ISBN: 0130426725)
Financial & Managerial Accounting - Carl S. Warren (9th edition)
(ISBN: 0324401884)
Financial Accounting - Jane Reimers (1st edition) (ISBN: 0131492012)
Financial Accounting - Walter Harrison, Charles Horngren (6th edition)
(ISBN: 0131499459)
Financial Accounting: An Integrated Statements Approach - Jonathan
Duchac (2nd edition) (ISBN: 0324312113)
Financial Management For Public, Health, and Not-for-Profit
Organizations - Steven Finkler (2nd edition) (ISBN: 0131471988)
Financial Reporting and Analysis - Charles Gibson (10th edition)
(ISBN: 0324304455)
Financial Reporting and Analysis - Lawrence Revsine (3rd edition)
(ISBN: 0131430211)
Financial Reporting and Analysis Using Financial Accounting
Information - Charles Gibson (10th edition) (ISBN: 0324304455)
Finite Math and Its Application - Larry Goldstein (9th edition) (ISBN:
Finite Mathematics - Margaret L. Lial et al (8th edition) (ISBN:
First Course in Abstract Algebra - John Fraleigh (7th edition) (ISBN:
First Course in Abstract Algebra - Joseph Rotman (3rd edition) (ISBN:
First Course In Probability - Sheldon M. Ross (7th edition) (ISBN:
Foundations of Finance - Arthur Keown, William Petty, John Martin,
David Scott (5th edition) (ISBN: 0131856057)
Foundations of Geometry - Gerard Venema (5th edition) (ISBN:
Foundations of MEMS - Chang Liu (1st edition) (ISBN: 0131472860)
Fraud Examination - Steve Albrecht (2nd edition) (ISBN: 0324651155)
Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics - Fawwaz T. Ulaby (5th
edition) (ISBN: 0132413264)
Fundamentals of Complex Analysis - Edward Saff (3rd edition) (ISBN:
Fundamentals of Financial Management - Eugene Brigham (11th edition)
(ISBN: 0324319800)
Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry - John McMurry - Test Bank (5th
edition) (ISBN: 0534395732)
Fundamentals of Probability, with Stochastic Processes - Saeed
Ghahramani (3rd edition) (ISBN: 0131453408)
Fundamentals of Signals and Systems - Edward Kamen (3rd edition)
(ISBN: 0131687379)
Further Mathematics for Economic Analysis - Knut Sydsaeter et al (1st
edition) (ISBN: 0273655760)
Geometry: Theorems and Constructions - Allan Berele (1st edition)
(ISBN: 0130871214)
Interactive Statistics - Martha Aliaga, Brenda Gunderson (3rd edition)
(ISBN: 0131497561)
International Accounting - Frederick Choi (5th edition) (ISBN:
International Economics - Charles Sawyer, Richard Sprinkle (2nd
edition) (ISBN: 0131704168)
International Economics - James Gerber (3rd edition) (ISBN:
International Economics: Theory And Policy - Paul Krugman, Maurice
Obstfeld (7th edition) (ISBN: 0321293835)
International Money and Finance - Michael Melvin (7th edition) (ISBN:
Introduction to Abstract Algebra - Olympia Nicodemi (1st edition)
(ISBN: 0131019635)
Introduction to Computing Systems - Sanjay J. Patel, Yale Patt (2nd
edition) (ISBN: 0072467509)
Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory - Wade Trappe (2nd
edition) (ISBN: 0131862391)
Introduction to Financial Accounting - Charles Horngren (9th edition)
(ISBN: 0131479725)
Introduction to Fourier Optics - Joseph Goodman (3rd edition) (ISBN:
Introduction to Graph Theory - Douglas West (2nd edition) (ISBN:
Introduction to Law - Joanne Hames (3rd edition) (ISBN: 0131183818)
Introduction to Linear Algebra - Lee Johnson, Dean Riess, Jimmy Arnold
(5th edition) (ISBN: 0201658593)
Introduction to Linear Programming - Leonid Vaserstein (1st edition)
(ISBN: 0130359173)
Introduction to Management Science and Student - Bernard Taylor (8th
edition) (ISBN: 0131050524)
Introduction to Optics - Frank Pedrotti et al. (3rd edition) (ISBN:
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics - David Griffiths (2nd edition)
(ISBN: 0131118927)
Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance - Mark Dorfman (8th
edition) (ISBN: 0131449583)
Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms - Anany Levitin
(1st edition) (ISBN: 0201743957)
Introductory Chemistry - Steve Russo, Michael Silver, Mike Silver (2nd
edition) (ISBN: 032104634X)
Introductory Circuit Analysis - Robert Boylestad (11th edition) (ISBN:
Linear Algebra - Stephen Friedberg (4th edition) (ISBN: 0130084514)
Linear Algebra and Its Applications - David C. Lay (3rd edition)
(ISBN: 0201709708)
Linear Algebra for Engineers and Scientists Using Matlab - Kenneth
Hardy (1st edition) (ISBN: 0139067280)
Linear Algebra with Applications - Otto Bretscher (3rd edition) (ISBN:
Linear Algebra with Applications - Steven Leon (7th edition) (ISBN:
Macroeconomics - Michael Parkin (7th edition) (ISBN: 032124608X)
Macroeconomics - Richard Froyen (8th edition) (ISBN: 0131435825)
Macroeconomics - Robert Gordon (10th edition) (ISBN: 0321278801)
Macroeconomics: Principles and Tools - Arthur O'Sullivan, Steven
Sheffrin (4th edition) (ISBN: 0131536184)
Mathematical Methods for Economics - Michael Klein (2nd edition)
(ISBN: 0201726262)
Mathematics for Physicists - Susan Lea (1st edition) (ISBN:
Mathematics of Interest Rates and Finance - Gary Guthrie (1st edition)
(ISBN: 0130461822)
Microeconomics - Jeffrey Perloff (4th edition) (ISBN: 0321414527)
Microeconomics - Robert Pindyck, Daniel Rubinfeld (6th edition) (ISBN:
Microeconomics: Principles and Tools - Arthur O'Sullivan, Steven
Sheffrin (4th edition) (ISBN: 0131536060)
Microwave Engineering - David Pozar (3rd edition) (ISBN: 0471448788)
Modern Industrial Organization - Dennis Carlton, Jeffrey Perloff (4th
edition) (ISBN: 0321180232)
Modern Labor Economics: Theory and Public Policy - Ronald Ehrenberg,
Robert Smith (9th edition) (ISBN: 0321305035)
Modern Physics - Raymond Serway (3rd edition) (ISBN: 0534493394)
Numerical Methods for Engineers - Bilal Ayyub, Richard McCuen (1st
edition) (ISBN: 0133373614)
Numerical Methods Using Matlab - John Mathews (4th edition) (ISBN:
Operations Management: Process and Value Chains - Lee J. Krajewski
(8th edition) (ISBN: 0131697390)
Parallel and Distributed Computation: Numerical Methods - Dimitri
Bertsekas, JohnTsitsiklis (1st edition) (ISBN: 0136487009)
Partial Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems - Nakhle
Asmar (2nd edition) (ISBN: 0131480960)
Physical Chemistry - Thomas Engel, Philip Reid (1st edition) (ISBN:
Physics : Principles with Applications - Douglas Giancoli (6th
edition) (ISBN: 0130606200)
Prentice Hall's Federal Taxation 2007: Comprehensive - Thomas Pope
(20th edition) (ISBN: 0132389479)
Prentice Hall's Federal Taxation 2007: Corporations - Thomas Pope
(20th edition) (ISBN: 0131751484)
Prentice Hall's Federal Taxation 2007: Individuals - Thomas Pope (20th
edition) (ISBN: 013243220X)
Principles of Accounting - Meg Pollard (1st edition) (ISBN:
Principles of CMOS VLSI Design - Neil H.E. Weste (3rd edition) (ISBN:
Principles of Economics - Karl Case (8th edition) (ISBN: 0132289148)
Principles of Electric Circuits: Conventional Current Version - Thomas
Floyd (8th edition) (ISBN: 0131701797)
Principles of Law and Economics - Daniel Cole, Peter Grossman (1st
edition) (ISBN: 0130932612)
Principles of Money, Banking, Financial Markets - Lawrence Ritter et
al (11th edition) (ISBN: 0321205251)
Probabilistic Systems and Random Signals - Abraham Haddad (1st
edition) (ISBN: 0130094552)
Probability and Statistical Inference - Robert Hogg, Eliot Tanis (7th
edition) (ISBN: 0131464132)
Probability and Statistics - Morris DeGroot, Mark Schervish (3rd
edition) (ISBN: 0201524880)
Probability and Statistics for Engineers - Richard Johnson, Irwin
Miller, John Freund (7th edition) (ISBN: 0131437453)
Probability Random Variables, and Stochastic Processes - Papoulis et
al (4th edition) (ISBN: 0073660116)
Process Control Instrumentation Technology - Curtis Johnson (8th
edition) (ISBN: 0131194577)
Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy - Thomas Engel (1st edition) (ISBN:
Solid State Electronic Devices - Ben Streetman (6th edition) (ISBN:
Spectral Analysis of Signals - Peter Stoica, Randolph Moses (1st
edition) (ISBN: 0131139568)
Statistics for Science and Engineering - John Kinney (1st edition)
(ISBN: 0201437201)
Statistics for the Life Sciences - Myra Samuels (3rd edition) (ISBN:
Strategic Management and Business Policy - Tom Wheelen (10th edition)
(ISBN: 0131494597)
Structure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems - Edward Lee,
Pravin Varaiya (1st edition) (ISBN: 0201745518)
Understanding Modern Economics - Roger Miller (1st edition) (ISBN:
Vector Calculus - Susan Colley (3rd edition) (ISBN: 0131858742)
West Federal Taxation 2007 Comprehensive - Eugene Willis (30th
edition) (ISBN: 0324313497)
West Federal Taxation 2007 Corporations - William Hoffman (30th
edition) (ISBN: 0324313616)
West Federal Taxation 2007 Individual - Eugene Willis, William Hoffman
(30th edition) (ISBN: 0324399618)

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Re: Solutions Manuals, Test Banks, Exam Questions
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Re: Solutions Manuals, Test Banks, Exam Questions - May 31st, 2009

great selection of test banks and solution manuals

email [email address]

let me know what you need
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banks, exam, manuals, questions, solutions, test

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