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Tips to Solve RC

Tips to Solve RC

Discuss Tips to Solve RC within the RC / Verbal forums, part of the CAT, XAT, MAT, CET, JMET and other Indian MBA Entrance Exams category; The following will contain some of the tips to slove RC. 1: Never keep the RCs for the last minute. ...



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Tips to Solve RC
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Kamini Bharti
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Tips to Solve RC - September 10th, 2011

The following will contain some of the tips to slove RC.

1: Never keep the RCs for the last minute. RCs require calm thinking and the running timer might lead you to mark some quick, irrelevant answers.

2: It is NOT always necessary to read the complete passage. You are not there to increase your reading skills. Your prime motive is to solve the questions at the end of the passage. I suggest you to read the questions before reading the passage. They will give you a brief hint about the gist of the passage. Now, find out the keywords from the questions and search for them in the passage. Very often, you would find the answers easily. But when the questions are like 'Tone of the author' or 'summary', you will have to read the passage. This rule might seem difficult at first, but with practice, you will a good hand at it.

3: Read the passage quickly. Anything but casual reading is requires. Be alert and keep highlighting(or underlining in PPTs) the keywords.

4: If you don't understand a particular word(or a phrase) in the passage, ignore the word(or phrase) and then try to understand. If it makes sense without it, it wouldn't have mattered if the word(or phrase) were not there.

5: Many people say that sometimes all the choices look correct. Quite possible. The paper setter, here, checks your decision making. You have to choose the best possible answer. First, choose the options which are true according to you. Now, look into the passage if the content in the options is directly stated in the passage. If the question is inferential, see if you can deduce the option from the text. Make sure you do not use any assumptions until asked. Now try to counter the chosen options through the text. The only option remaining would be your option.

6: You must have heard it hundreds of times, but I will still repeat it. Read, Read, Read... You can't do without reading.Reading would not only enhance your knowledge, but also help you language skills. After reading enough, you will automatically start seeing the correct answers through instinct. But it requires extensive reading and practice. And try to read the genres which repel you. If you like fiction, do not read it. Instead, read psychology, philosophy, science, politics etc.
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