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IIM sample interviews

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IIM sample interviews
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Prakhar Srivastava
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IIM sample interviews - February 1st, 2013

Q: Express the repercussion that your carelessness would have on society mathematically.

Q: Sir, the repercussion cannot be captured in mathematics equations – there is a lot of difference between theory and reality. I don’t think that mathematics would be able to express the repercussion of my actions on the society.

Q: Try to express as a mathematical equation.

A: (After thinking for sometime)

R = e ^ (-kT)

Q: What are the terms used?

A: R : Repercussion ; k : constant term; t : a parameter which is defined by four variables.

Q: What are the four variables?

A: (gave them four variables – and the interviewers were visibly impressed)

Q: Tell us two examples which are similar to Zuari Agro?

A: Talked about 1) the Narmada Dam project and 2) Enron Project

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Re: IIM sample interviews
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Akash Ram
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Re: IIM sample interviews - April 8th, 2013

Thanks for sharing the IIM sample interview questions.
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Re: IIM sample interviews
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Akash Ram
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Re: IIM sample interviews - May 13th, 2013

Thanks for sharing the IIM sample interview questions.
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Re: IIM sample interviews
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Abhi Dastin
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Re: IIM sample interviews - May 14th, 2013

A tough one actually..
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Re: IIM sample interviews
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Business Education
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Re: IIM sample interviews - July 2nd, 2015

IIM sample interviews questions

Excerpts From Interview 1: (A 99.97 CAT percentiler having 10th -92.6%, 12th- 89.4% and B. Tech. ECE -78.64%). Which events have you organized? How does an LCD work? How does an LED work? Draw a Graph of x3. Find the percent change in volume of a sphere if the radius is increased by 20%. What are your hobbies and their practical application? Give us examples of technologies in fiction that came true. What are 3 major dates in Indian history that shaped its current status? What are the various types of censors?
Excerpts From Interview 2: (A 99.16 CAT percentiler having 10th -93.8%, 12th- 84.6% and B. Tech. CSE -83.8% and 3 years of work experience in teaching). What is Newton's law? What is friction and where is it applied? How many countries touch India's border? What is the climate of India favorable for growing? What's the geographical location of Mauritius, Fiji and Maldives? What is Sistine Chapel? What makes a good teacher? What should a teacher focus on? How did you work on the weak students? Write a program for implementing touch screen feature. Difference between android, apple i-OS and windows mobile OS. What are major distinguishing features of Windows 8?
Excerpts From Interview 3: (A 99.58 CAT percentiler with 10th -93.1%, 12th -94.2% and B. Tech. CSE- 92.4% and an interest in acting). Can you justify your opinions on religion that you expressed in the essay? What is common in different religions? Rotate this line on certain angle, what will be the new co-ordinates? What is a novel? Which novels have you read? What is the capital of Italy? Where is it in the map? What is the newest country formed in the world? It lies in which continent? Why don't you take acting as a career option?
Excerpts From Interview 4: (A 87.6 CAT percentiler with 10th -84.8%, 12th -76.4% and B. Sc. Honours in Agriculture– 74%). Why MBA-ABM? Tell us about your family? Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line? How will you solve the problem of shortage of seeds to farmers? Do you have your own fields? What practices are you adopting in your own field? What is the square of 154? Do you read newspapers? What is the current news item you have been following? Who is the agricultural minister of India? What is the contribution of agriculture to the Indian economy?
Excerpts From Interview 5: (A 87.89 CAT percentiler with 10th -91%, 12th -78% and B. Sc. Honours in Agriculture– 69%). How is milk processed? How India lags in dairy field compared to other developed nations? What do you think about food security bill? What are current schemes to promote food processing? What is the yield per hectare in India? What are your plans after doing this course? What are the major problems afflicting the Indian agriculture? What is the last book you read? What did you like about this book?
Excerpts From Interview 1 : What do your friends think about you? Why did you choose MBA? One weakness of yours which you converted into a strength. Who is your role model and why? Any event in your life that has impacted you?
Excerpts From Interview 2 (A B.Tech. student with falling trend of marks and does not have work-ex): Introduce yourself. What are your achievements? What do you want to become - a businessman or an entrepreneur? What will you choose to work for, -a big brand with lower salary or a small brand with higher package? What brands are you wearing right now?
Excerpts from Interview 3 (A B.Com. Fresher with 10th at 60%, 12th at 83% and 60% graduation ) Different situations were given on a sheet and the student was asked to interpret each of the situations. Eg. You are going from Hyderabad to Bangalore with family, you were out too late and your room was locked by someone else and you didn't get a room. What will you do? He was cross questioned on his answers.
Excerpts From Interview 4 (A B.Com. Graduate with 10th at 73%, 12th at 81% and 61% graduation and 9 months of work-ex as Financial analyst in a C.A. firm): Six situations were given and he was cross questioned on answers and views on each of the situations. Give one situation where you played a leader's role? What experience have you gained? You are Patron of church, attendance gets low and the priest is closing the church- what might be the possible problems? You are the captain of a cricket team and have only 10% winning chances. Devise a strategy to win.
Excerpts From Interview 5 (A B.A. Graduate with declining academics and no work-ex): Which newspaper do
you read? What kind of News do you like to read? Tell us about FDI and NCTC? What would you like to be for a day? (Rattan Tata) Why Rattan Tata? Tell us about the JLR deal? Why did Nano fail?
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Jiten Mazee
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January 19th, 2016

The Weirdest Question Asked During IIM Interviews :

1. The National Anthem Situation (IIM Lucknow)

Panelist 1 : Do you know who wrote the Indian National Anthem?
Me : Yes Sir, Rabindranath Tagore
Panelist 1 : Ok, sing it now.
Me : [Stood up] Jana Gana Mana..........
Panelist 2 : Stop, otherwise we have to stand up too.

2. The Coins v/s Note Debate (IIM Bangalore)

Q: How do you decide whether to mint a 100 Rupee coin in India?
A: Compare Pros & Cons of Coins vs Note
Q: Explain.
A: Coins are durable, but bulky to carry. So a trade-off needs to be made based upon demand of particular denomination of money and handling of that denomination. Also Notes are used to hide black money, larger coins will make it difficult to have black money.
Q: What else?
A: If value of currency drops coins may become expensive than its denomination then people will start melting it to sell the metal of it
Q: So how much metal you should put in a coin?
A: Just enough that after taking into all other costs into account the cost of coin is around 60-70%u0025 of the denomination to allow future inflation.
Q: what other options you have?
A: Printing on plastic which is more durable than paper notes, Singapore uses it.

Another Weirdest Question :

Panelist : Do you like to read novels?
Candidate : No, sir.
Panelist : Tell me who wrote The Fountainhead.
Candidate : I don't know, sir.
Panelist : Make a guess.
Candidate : Maybe Jeffrey Archer.
Panelist : Name another novel by Jeffrey Archer.
Candidate : I think 'Not a penny more, Not a penny less' is one of his novels.
Panelist : Is it 'Not a penny more, Not a penny less' or 'Not a penny less, Not a penny more' ?
Candidate : I think it might be ' Not a penny less, Not a penny more'.
Panelist : No, it's 'Not a penny more, Not a penny less'.

ow much tax should I pay? (IIM Ranchi)
Panelist : Since you have applied in the field of Taxation, you must be knowing how much IT I should pay for this year.
Me : Definitely Sir, Can i know how much you are getting paid per year?
Panelist : Absolutely No. If i give answer to that question, even a dog can answer my question.

The case of the borrowed laptop (IIM Ahmedabad)
One of my friend had an interview for IIM Ahmedabad in 2011.
During interview one of the panelist asked him to sell his own laptop to him at a very high price than the laptop's market price. The market price told was Rs 70,000.
My friend got very confused.
But then he took a piece of paper and wrote his phone number and gave it to the panelist.
And then took his laptop in his hand and ran away from the room.
After hours the panelist got tensed and then called him.
My friend answered his phone and said "Sir sorry for the inconvenience caused. But if you want your laptop back please pay Rs 1,00,000."He was selected.

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