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abhishreshthaa October 11th, 2010 07:18 PM

Fragmentation Markets and Media
Fragmentation Markets and Media

At one time being consistent across media and markets was easy as there were a limited number of media options and only a few national media vehicles. However the bewildering array of media options today includes interactive television, advertising on the internet, direct marketing, event sponsorship and more are being invented daily. Coordinating messages across these media without weakening a brand is a major challenge

. Coordination is all the more difficult because different brand support activities are often handled by different organizations and individuals with varying perspectives and goals. In addition companies are dividing the population into smaller and more refined target markets, often reaching them with specialized media and distribution channels.

Although it is tempting to develop separate brand identity for each of these target segments it presents problems for both the brand and the customer. Since media audiences invariably overlap, customers are likely to be exposed to more than one identity relating to the same brand.

The Coca-Cola ad featuring Aamir Khan is targeted at the retailers and the rural market while the ad featuring Aishwarya Rai is targeted at the urban consumers. As both these ads are going on simultaneously the consumers tend to be exposed to both the rural as well as the urban face of the brand.

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