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Marketing Research of Venus Swimwear

Discuss Marketing Research of Venus Swimwear within the Marketing Research ( MR ) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; In 1984, Daryle Scott created Venus Body Wear, selling ladies' leotards and exercise apparel via full-page ads in Cosmopolitan and ...



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Marketing Research of Venus Swimwear
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Marketing Research of Venus Swimwear - April 9th, 2011

In 1984, Daryle Scott created Venus Body Wear, selling ladies' leotards and exercise apparel via full-page ads in Cosmopolitan and other national magazines. A year later, the company expanded to include women’s swimwear and became known as Venus Swimwear. In 1999, Venus acquired WinterSilks, a large importer of silk fashions. In 2000, reflecting the expanded offerings, the company name changed to Venus. In November 2006, Venus, Venus Manufacturing, and WinterSilks, were acquired 80% by Golden Gate Capital, under their Catalog Holdings Group. The three companies fell under a new, united company name, Venus Holdings, LLC.

pertains on the different growth strategies which aim to introduce new products in an existing market. The Peninsula Hotel Group focuses on the different strategies which improve its existing assets, by introducing new concepts or improving facilities that will help to enhance the brand image and competitiveness of the hotels. In 2008, the hotel in Beijing installed a new spa, swimming pool and fitness center, at the same time, welcomed a new fleet of Rolls-Royces and BMWs during the time for the Beijing Olympics. In addition, the Peninsula New York revitalized its rooftop bar by the process of creating a new concept that was called the Salon de Ning, it is also in an extensive spa, gym and pool renovation. Furthermore, the Peninsula Beverly Hills renovated its roof terrace and swimming pool deck, and was reopened in April 2008. In Manila, guestrooms in the Ayala Tower were renovated, while the Salon de Ning was created in the Peninsula Hong Kong (The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited 2008).

VI. Specific Growth Opportunities
There are different opportunities that are available for the company, in order to ensure their success in the future. One of this is the advent of mobile marketing, or the process of advertising and selling their products and services over the Mobile Internet. Mobile Internet has a great impact on the growth of any e-business because it helps to add the number of online users, or the possible customers for online businesses. This is because it allows users to access the Internet by using mobile phones and other handheld gadgets (Executive Standard Ltd UK 2008). In the US alone, the number of unique gadgets that are using the mobile broadband had increased by 154%, from 854,000 in 2006 to 2,168,000 in 2007 (comScore Inc. 2008).

In that case, it will be important for the group to focus on considering the mobile Internet users in designing and implementing their marketing strategies. Thus, the group must design and launch a website that can be browsed and navigated by using any mobile phone. The said website must detect what type of mobile phone is accessing it, and can display its content in the right screen size, so that, it will be easily navigated regardless of the model and brand of cell phone being used by the visitor/customer. The said mobile site must contains the same type of content and information contained in the traditional website of the hotels, but its content must have been optimized in order to be viewed and displayed on a mobile phone.

By doing that, the customer will be able to leave messages and enquiry at the same time enables them to book and reserve their desired services, products and request in fast and more efficient manner (eCornell 2009).

Aside from that, another important factor to be considered is the different factors that can affect the preferences of the customers. As of now the world is facing global financial crisis, and this can affect the travel and tour activities of different tourists and visitors, or push them to look for alternative and less costly hotels in order to save money. In Hong Kong alone, majority of the travelers are from Mainland China, and they are very price sensitive when it comes to hotel accommodation and food, because they tend to spend most of their money in different high tech and electronic gadgets. It will be important for the group to focus on the said growing number of market, by renovating some structure of the hotels that will enable the hotels to offer lower rates of stays in the hotel. However, the company must make sure that it will still focus on its premium products and services, due to the fact that, the number of business travelers, particularly in Hong Kong, Manila and other major cities, where in their hotels are located is increasing.

Above all, the group must focus on continued innovation in terms of applying technologies in their processes which include their application of Information Technology, together with the different technological services to there customers.

Conclusion and Summary

Hotel and hospitality industry is considered as one of the industries or sectors in the world that is in great need of intensive marketing planning and implementation in the world, because each and every business in this industry has the power to become global. Aside from that, there are also different technologies that are emerging, not only in the process of introducing a specific hotel, resort or restaurants to the customers, but also the process of selling them. The In

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