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Marketing Research of Shure Incorporated

Marketing Research of Shure Incorporated

Discuss Marketing Research of Shure Incorporated within the Marketing Research ( MR ) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Shure Incorporated is a consumer and professional audio-electronics corporation who designs and manufactures microphones, Wireless microphone wireless microphone systems, personal ...



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Marketing Research of Shure Incorporated
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Marketing Research of Shure Incorporated - April 8th, 2011

Shure Incorporated is a consumer and professional audio-electronics corporation who designs and manufactures microphones, Wireless microphone wireless microphone systems, personal monitor systems, phonograph cartridges, discussion systems, mixers, and digital signal processing. The company also produces listening products, including headphones and high-end earbuds.

The Competitive Landscape chapter is a discussion of the characteristics of an average operator in the industry and who controls the market for the products of the industry. It includes the following sections: Market Share Concentration, Key Success Factors, Cost Structure Benchmarks, Basis of Competition, Barriers to Entry and Industry Globalization. The Market Share Concentration section discusses the level of concentration of the industry. The Key Success Factors section looks at the key internal factors that contribute to the success of an operator in the industry. The Cost Structure Benchmarks section discusses the average costs faced by operators in the industry. The Basis of Competition section is a discussion of the factors that can give a company in this industry a competitive edge. The Barriers to Entry section looks at the factors preventing new companies from entering the industry. The Industry Globalization section provides an indication to which the industry is affected by global operations and trends.

The Major Companies chapter analyses the companies that have the most substantial influence on the industry. Market Share figures and a discussion of the major companies operations within the industry are given where possible.

The Operating Conditions chapter covers the following: Structural Risk Index, Investment Requirements, Technology & Systems, Industry Volatility, Regulation & Policy, Industry Assistance and Taxation Issues. The Structural Risk Index section provides an indicator of the level of risk faced by operators in the industry. The Investment Requirements section is an analysis of the level of capital investment required to operate in the industry. The Technology & Systems section discusses the key technologies used by the industry. The Industry Volatility section looks at the level of in the industry and the factors behind this volatility. The Regulation & Policy section looks in to the regulatory measures the industry is subject to and the corresponding compliance burden faced by operators in the industry. The Industry Assistance section discusses the level of assistance the industry receives from Government. The Taxation Issues gives a comparison between the level of tax burden on this industry compared to other industries and discusses industry-specific taxation measures placed upon it.

The Key Statistics chapter provides the key indicators for the industry for at least the last three years. The statistics included are industry revenue, industry value added (or gross product), establishments, enterprises, employment, exports, imports, wages, domestic demand and any relevant industry-specific data where appropriate. There is also a Historical Performance section that discusses the key past events that have determined industry performance.

arketing Strategies

This section discusses the different marketing strategies that Avon employs in order to reach its customers and to encourage customer patronage and loyalty, The company has diverse marketing strategies.


A major characteristic of direct selling is the personal contact between a sales person and a consumer, away from a retail store. Avon implements the door-to-door selling type of direct selling. Avon uses freelance salespeople or agents to visit people in their own homes and to demonstrate and explain the use of a range of beauty products. Direct-selling provides important benefits to individuals who desire an opportunity to earn an income and build a business of their own. It offers the prospect of self-determination and financial independence. It also offers an alternative to consumers who want something different from the traditional shopping centers, department stores or other forms of conventional shopping. It offers an alternative to traditional employment for those who desire a flexible income-earning opportunity to supplement their household income, or whose responsibilities or circumstances do not allow for regular part-time or full-time employment (Lancaster and Reynolds 2000).

Product Trial and Sampling Events

Avon is popular for its product trial and sampling events. Avon uses events to encourage trial of its products among non-users and to encourage further purchases from existing customers. These events include demonstrations and sampling presented in supermarkets, shopping malls, and other locations where a big number of the desired target market can be reached. Avon focuses on product trial events as one of its forms of communication with the end customer. Its representatives, agents or distributors are recruited from their target markets and are encouraged to hold parties or events within their homes to offer friends and acquaintances the opportunity to try, feel, use the products, to interact with it in an experiential setting (Masterman and Wood 2006).

Cause-Related Marketing

Avon reaches around a billion women through 3 million independent sales representatives in 136 countries. The company is committed to its mission of becoming a company that understands and satisfies the product service and self-fulfillment needs of women globally. In line with this mission, the company has been supporting the “Crusade Against Breast Cancer” in order to uplift the lives of women around the world. Through this cause Avon is able to meet business marketing and communications objectives at the same time support a cause of real concern to their target market. Through Avon’s partnerships with various organizations combating breast cancer, the company is able to implement cause-related marketing strategy effectively. Avon’s cause-related marketing strategy has been implemented using a number of different elements of the marketing mix. The Crusade has involved sales of products where a proportion of the price is donated to charity. It has also included sales of charity fundraising products, sponsorship of fashion shows that aim to spread awareness about breast cancer and political lobbying through consumer petitions. Avon has benefited greatly from this association, enhancing their corporate profile, engaging new and existing customers, receiving enormous publicity, fostering feelings of affiliation among staff, representatives and customers, bringing the company’s vision to life

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