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Marketing Research of Shirokiya

Marketing Research of Shirokiya

Discuss Marketing Research of Shirokiya within the Marketing Research ( MR ) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Shirokiya (白木屋?) was one of Japan's oldest companies, as well as the largest retailer during the early 20th century. In ...



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Marketing Research of Shirokiya
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Marketing Research of Shirokiya - April 8th, 2011

Shirokiya (白木屋?) was one of Japan's oldest companies, as well as the largest retailer during the early 20th century. In the 1950s, it was purchased by another Japanese corporation and began an expansion overseas, primarily in Hawaii. However, in 2001, the company was largely dissolved. Today, the only remnant of the original company is the Shirokiya department store in Honolulu, a division of Shirokiya Holdings, LLC, a United States-based corporation.
In today’s world of multi-cultural influences, diverse ethnicity and conflicting social agendas, how do you develop a marketing campaign to engage everyone effectively?

Spend on communicating with diverse ethnic groups has increased in recent years, as more brands and products come to the shelf offering products tailored to individual markets. But with this desire to engage comes a need to understand the influencers and drivers behind these audiences – and crucial to this, is market research.

MRS and Research Conferences is holding the first ever one-day conference focused on examining niche, multi-cultural consumers at Sadlers Wells, London, on Thursday 19 June.

Diversity in focus aims to provide professionals across the marketing and broader business world with information and previously untapped insights to increase their understanding of how to market to a multi-cultural audience. The conference sets out to define diverse audience segments, identify key market trends, predict future developments, and outline – with the help of real life case studies – new and innovative approaches to multi-cultural market research.

Chaired by Paul Edwards, CEO of Research International UK, the conference will present high level speakers from across the public and private sectors. These include Dianah Worman OBE, the Chartered Institute of Professional Development’s Diversity Advisor, who will share information on what laws and policies businesses need to keep check of, and how to develop a strong diversity strategy to support business goals, and Jo Fraser, Business Change Director at Barclays, who will make the business case for marketing to the lesbian and gay community.

The day opens with an address from Caroline Gooding, Programme Director of Diversity Works for London, at the LDA. She will question with ‘What is diversity?’, looking at how it influencers research and delivers a deeper understanding of economic audiences. She will also draw on different methodologies available for understanding and engaging these audiences and touch on key international issues such as European enlargement and asylum policy to fuel the debate.

MRS conference organiser, Sophie Russell-Ross, is positive that the event will arm delegates with crucial information on a controversial and increasingly important theme. She comments: "Research into multi-cultural and ethnic groups is relatively unchartered territory – but by definition should form a central plank of any new product launch or communication strategy. The UK is made up of a huge range of diverse groups with their own influences, concerns and priorities – and a business cannot engage these audiences without understanding and applying these insights effectively."
Liquor Retailing in Australia - Industry Market Research Report - This is the replacement for the February 2011 edition of Liquor Retailing in Australia. The report provides a detailed analysis of the Liquor Retailing in Australia industry, including key growth trends, statistical data, sales predictions, the competitive environment including market shares and the key concerns of the industry.

Retailers in this industry are involved in selling liquor (beer, wines, spirits and ready to drink mixers) in packaged form (bottles and cans) and not for immediate consumption in the liquor store.

The About this Industry chapter provides general information about the scope of the industry such as an industry definition and a list of the main activities of the industry.

The Industry at a Glance chapter provides a brief snapshot of the key indicators of the industry such as industry revenue and forecast growth rate.

The Industry Performance chapter covers the following: Executive Summary, Key External Drivers, Current Performance, Industry Outlook and Industry Life Cycle. The Executive Summary section is a brief summary of the overall chapter. The Key External Drivers section looks at the key factors outside the control of an individual business that determine the industry's performance. The Current Performance section provides analysis for the industry over the past five years with key performance indicators discussed. The Industry Outlook section is a key analysis section of the report and outlines expectations for the key industry indicators over the next five year period, including forecasts. The Industry Life Cycle section provides a discussion of where the industry is at in its life cycle and how that is affecting industry performance.

The Products & Markets chapter covers the following: Supply Chain, Products & Services, Demand Determinants, Major Markets, International Trade and Business Locations. The Supply Chain section lists the key buying and key selling industries associated with this industry. The Products & Services section lists the products and services the industry provides including percentage breakdowns by key segment. The Demand Determinants section provides an analysis of the determinants behind the level of demand for the industry's products. The Major Markets section gives an analysis of the markets for the industry's products and how these markets may have changed over time. The International Trade section provides a discussion of the importance of trade to the industry. The Business Locations section highlights where the industry operates and why.

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