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Marketing Research of Hardee's

Discuss Marketing Research of Hardee's within the Marketing Research ( MR ) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Hardee's is a restaurant chain, located mostly in the Southern and Midwestern regions of the United States. It has evolved ...



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Marketing Research of Hardee's
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Marketing Research of Hardee's - April 7th, 2011

Hardee's is a restaurant chain, located mostly in the Southern and Midwestern regions of the United States. It has evolved through several corporate ownerships since its establishment in 1960. It is currently owned and operated by CKE Restaurants. Along with its sibling restaurant chain, Carl's Jr., Hardee's is the #4 U.S. fast-food restaurant burger chain after McDonald's,[1][2] Burger King[3] and Wendy's.[4] It is headquartered in downtown St. Louis, Missouri.[5]

It is also important to focus on the degree to which service personnel can exercise judgment and carefulness. In the case of partial catering, there is a need for mediocre discretion because all of the activities and things to be done in the site were all planned before and the employees don’t have serve the customers to the fullest. Because of these factors it can be said that the value added is at the back-room or at kitchen where all the food to be delivered are being cooked and prepared. However, it is still important for the employees to show courtesy during the delivery. Above all, the said topology of service is the mixture of product and process, because it is important to ensure the quality of the food to be delivered as well as the processes that are needed to be done.
Because of the said factors it is important for catering firm to focus on the different activities and things that will help to align their service model towards the quality of their service. Primarily, it is important for catering business to focus on the different equipments that are needed in order to produce and deliver their products towards the customers and the site, at the same time, focus on developing the skills of employees in cooking and preparing foods, and communicating with the customers, but it is important to focus on the skills that are hardly needed in the back-room. Therefore, it is important to employ efficient staffs; at the same time install different kitchen equipments that will help to speed up the performance of the staffs, at the same time, improve the quality of their works. Above all, it is important to properly organize the activities and duties of staff in order to ensure that the person holds responsibility and duty that he or she is familiar or good at.

Marketing Research
Question 1
Quantitative research uses mathematical analysis in order to provide proof of a fact or hypothesis, guess or assumption. When it is properly implemented, it can help to answer question including how many consumers prefer a new product? or which of these three packaging designs is most attractive to consumers (Kolb, 2008). Thus, it concerns with acquiring exact measurements or correlations and statistical significance between the variables which is important in predicting, assessing and estimating the attitudes and behaviors of buyers which can help in the process of market sizing, segmentation, together with the discovery of the drivers for products and different brand preferences (Marriot, 2006).
This method can be useful for the studying the usage pattern of toiletries among the consumers, because it can help to gather actual number of fact from the customers which can be supported by numbers and ratios. Survey can be used in order to conduct a quantitative research, which focuses on selecting a sample which represent the market segment and then ask them to fill up questionnaires and then tabulate the result by using statistical software package that will be used in order to support the proven fact. Questionnaire can include questions that will ask the customers about their usage of toiletries, thus, by using valid number of sample that will represent the market segment; the result of the study will show the behavior of the customers towards the said product. Thus, the process can eat less time and effort for the marketers because the number speaks for itself.
On the other hand, qualitative is useful in answering the question Why? or What if? It is designed in order to uncover the attitudes, beliefs and opinions of the consumers rather than the facts. Because it is difficult to know the preferences of the consumer before the study is conducted, a quantitative survey form with predetermined answers can result in misleading results. Instead a wider variety of qualitative research tools which include interviews, focus groups, observation and projective technique can be used. Aside from that, qualitative research uses fewer participants who are not necessarily representative of all the consumers in population. In fact, they are chosen because they belong to a distinct segment (Kolb, 2008).
Because of that, this method will also be useful for the toiletries manufacturer in order to study the usage patterns of toiletries among the consumers. This is because it can use to focus on some hidden factors which cannot be analyzed and evaluated by using numeric data. This can help to observe the behavior of the customers regarding the different factors which affect their consumption of toiletries. Above all, it can also help to gather data from the consumers which help them to analyze what are the characteristics of toiletries that are vital for the consumers, therefore can help the process of decision-making and manufacturing, which can help to maintain competitive advantage by focusing on factors in everyday life which affect the consumption of toiletries of the consumers. By that, information gathered can be used in innovation and R&D process.

The contact lens industry continues to perform well in 2010, registering a healthy 12 percent growth across the five combined markets monitored by GfK Asia—Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

According to GfK’s full year retail audit findings, all these markets expanded in value within the range of 9 to 12 percent.
The fact that the contact lens industry managed to perform well even during the recession year of 2009 proved that this business generally thrives in all kinds of economic situations,” said Mr.Stanley Kee, Regional Commercial Director of GfK Asia.

"2010 was a good year overall, so it comes as no surprise that the industry fared well and continued on its upward growth trend.”

Dailies contact lens continues to dominate with its 46 percent takeup of the total industry sales value. However, a key driver and currently strongest growth segment that has been stimulating development of the industry in recent years since its launch is the silicone hydrogel lens.

All five markets displayed the common trend of rising market share by this contact lens type, which sold more than 21 million pieces worth over USD69 million last year. Compared to 2009, these figures represent steady and gradual growths of 3 and 4 percent in units and value respectively.

Although all the countries tracked have displayed similar uptrend in silicone hydrogel, different rates of adoption are being displayed across the markets.

While over a fifth of contact lens revenue generated in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong last year came from silicone hydrogel, this proportion was significantly lower in Taiwan and South Korea, given the fact that consumers here are still in the initial transition stage from conventional lens—the type they have traditionally been using.

"The proportion of sales contribution by silicone hydrogel is the highest in Singapore, which registered 28 percent in 2010,” highlighted Mr. Kee. "The recent inflation apparently did not deter users here from purchasing this latest type of contact lens although its average price of USD40 per pair costs significantly higher than the norm, and this definitely serves as a testament to consumers’ confidence and trust in this premium type of contact lens,” he added.

"Past experiences have proven that the contact lens industry is to some extent recessionresistant as it had been able to prevail in spite of challenging economic situations. Needless to say, the current favorable economy will spur further growth of the industry, which we foresee will yet again hit double-digit growth in 2011,” Mr. Kee concluded.

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