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Marketing Research of Fisher Electronics

Discuss Marketing Research of Fisher Electronics within the Marketing Research ( MR ) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Fisher Electronics is a US based subsidiary company of Japanese electronics conglomerate Sanyo specialising in the field of hi-fi electronics. ...



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Marketing Research of Fisher Electronics
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Marketing Research of Fisher Electronics - April 6th, 2011

Fisher Electronics is a US based subsidiary company of Japanese electronics conglomerate Sanyo specialising in the field of hi-fi electronics.

Silvestro, Fitzgerald, Johnson & Voss (1992) add to the service literature by the development of a topology that was based on the function of the existing service dimensions to the existing organizations. This resulted to three-category typologies which are: professional service, service shop and mass service. The amount of the daily service activity and the ranking of firm on the six classification dimensions were combined in order to decide into which category it fits. Furthermore, the authors stated that as the daily volume of service activity increases the focus moves from a people orientation to an equipment orientation, whereas the length of customer contact time, degree of customization as well as the level of employee discretion moves from high to low. In addition, value added tends to move from the front office to the back office, and the focus shifts from a process to a product orientation (Cook & Chung, 1999).
The catering service is considered as included in the mass service typology. Thus, the said service model can be used in order to focus on how food-catering firm can design the entire delivery system.
In the partial service catering, the meal will be prepared at the location of the firm or at the party site and then arrange it as a self serve buffet. The said type of catering can be considered as the most common type of catering or mass service. There are different factors that must be considered in order to design a service model which will ensure good flow of service from the consumers and the catering firm.
In partial catering service, it is important to maintain the balance between being equipment and people focused, because orders must be taken from the customers, produced in the headquarters of the firm, with accordance to the fixed menu and then deliver it to the site and set up. In addition, the length of customer contact time is considered as low, because the catering firm is only involve in the delivery of the foods and preparation of buffet. Furthermore, the degree of customization is also considered as low because commonly catering firms tend to create their own menu, where in the customers can choose from or ask for some changes in the ingredients or process if possible, but still the degree of adjustment made to respond to the customers is not that high that it will affect the standard procedures and process of the company.
It is also important to focus on the degree to which service personnel can exercise judgment and carefulness. In the case of partial catering, there is a need for mediocre discretion because all of the activities and things to be done in the site were all planned before and the employees don’t have serve the customers to the fullest. Because of these factors it can be said that the value added is at the back-room or at kitchen where all the food to be delivered are being cooked and prepared. However, it is still important for the employees to show courtesy during the delivery. Above all, the said topology of service is the mixture of product and process, because it is important to ensure the quality of the food to be delivered as well as the processes that are needed to be done.

Age plays a major role in how likely a person is to be a social media user, but important demographic characteristics go far beyond simply how old a potential user is.
Consumers’ life stages influence their presence on social media as well as their concerns as shoppers and buyers, which is what makes them of interest to marketers on social sites to begin with.

Preliminary results from a Media Audit study of social media users highlight the differences in usage and interest among adults in different phases of their lives.

While the youngest respondents without children were most active on Facebook, Twitter or Myspace, the presence of kids made adults overall much more likely to be on social sites.

More than 60% of adults with kids of any age living at home used Facebook, Twitter or Myspace, vs. 51.3% of all adults, and the parents of young children were especially avid users.

Among respondents with children under 6 years old, 67.1% had used one of the sites in the past month, while 58% of parents of teenagers reported the same.

These young parents also represent a group more likely than average to make many big-ticket, family-oriented purchases, such as cars, video cameras, PCs, large appliances or a new home.

And parents looking to make these purchases for their families are more likely than average to be found on Facebook and similar sites, especially parents of kids under age 6.

Having kids brings out many needs and desires for new parents, from an interest in sharing photos and videos of the little ones on sites like Facebook to the issue of buying a new Flip camera to take those videos.

For marketers looking to target new families interested in buying such items, social is an especially good place to look.

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