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Marketing Research of Discover Financial Services

Marketing Research of Discover Financial Services

Discuss Marketing Research of Discover Financial Services within the Marketing Research ( MR ) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; ...



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Marketing Research of Discover Financial Services
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Marketing Research of Discover Financial Services - April 1st, 2011

Discover Financial Services is an American financial services company, which issues the Discover Card and operates the Discover and Pulse networks. Discover Card is the third largest credit card brand in the United States, when measured by cards in force, with nearly 50 million cardholders.

design for obtaining the information. Of course many marketers do not produce a formal design plan when conducting research. For example, a small retailer who asks a returning customer how she liked the product she purchased the previous week is engaged in research and doing so without the need to produce a formal plan. But for marketers looking to undertake formal research, a written research design plan is important.

The first part of the research design is to decide on the type of research that will work best for the purpose (i.e., explain, predict, monitor, discover, hypothesis test) and information that is sought. Research method choices can be broadly categorized as:

Descriptive Market Research
Exploratory Market Research
Causal Market Research
As we will see, these methods differ in terms what each hopes to learn and how information is acquired.

earch Question
Is Marketing Research the Cure for Norton Healthcare Kosair Children's Hospital's Ailments?
Research Objectives

¢ To assess the topic in areas where market research has been applied and could be extended in the future
¢ To evaluate appropriate research methods which have been applied successfully and the trend towards interactive and participative methods
¢ To provide information which influence the opportunities and challenges for market research in health and social care for the children
¢ To discuss the relevance of market research within the changing health context and give details to research methods and how they should be used in planning and management for the Kosair Children's Hospital


Secondary Data
In part of the methodology, Kosair need to adapt ample marketing planning approach and that research in marketing appears to represent a bridging mechanism which links the knowledge of human behavior with the useful implementation of what that knowledge allows. It offers a useful framework for effective social planning at a time when social issues have become more critical. Moreover, physicians who work with children should be required to demonstrate sensitivity to psychological and emotional needs just as they are required to demonstrate knowledge of physiological conditions. Therefore, the physician who will later work exclusively would benefit from the pediatric service, regardless of their ultimate career goals and must be prepared for their pediatric rotation and should incorporate material on the emotional side of children's illnesses and ways of dealing with children who suffer from specific ailments and taking

Primary Data

Marketing strategies in a form of an open interview as well as the use of questionnaire surveys are important as the hospitals will have significant efforts to help find basic ways in providing cure for the children with ailments as well as to develop marketing strategies that focused on procedures, populations, and services as hospitals are competing for patients through direct marketing and advertising activities. More often, hospitals today are encouraging doctors to form professional associations to provide specialized services for profit contract basis. In addition, hospitals have identified those diseases which are profitable under the DRG system, and they seek to increase admissions of patients with the ailments. The marketing research has implications for human resource usage in order to take steps to run the hospital more like a business.

Survey Methodology

The questionnaire instrument is crucial in several hospitals along with the matrix program. The accuracy of the informants' recall was verified in two ways: comparing the answers of administrators and nursing directors from hospitals in which both responded and comparing informants' responses to published descriptions of their matrix programs.

The Questionnaire

The purpose for this questionnaire is to be able to find out and collate useful views and ideas from the people affiliated to Kosair Children's Hospital involving important information regarding marketing research as a cure for the children's ailments. It is my honor to have your assistance to answer a series of questions. It won't take you more than 10 minutes to complete. Your views matter to each question that is important in answering this questionnaire.

Part A Screening

1. What is your age?
1.1 Under 15 (End)
1.2 16 - 25
1.3 26 - 35
1.4 36 - 45
1.5 46 - 55
1.6 Over 55 (End)

2. Sex of respondent
2.1 Male
2.2 Female

3. On the average, how many hours you would spend on your work at the Norton Healthcare along with children?
3.1 Not watching (End)
3.2 Below 1 hours
3.3 1 - 2 hours
3.4 2 - 3 hours
3.5 3 - 4 hours
3.6 4 - 5 hours
3.7 Over 5 hours

Part B Marketing Research

4. Do you consider marketing research as a cure for Norton Healthcare? If yes, why? (can only choose ONE answer)



Why?______________________________________________ ________

For Questions 5, 6 and 7, please indicate the importance using "1" representing "VERY UNIMPORTANT" and "5" representing "VERY IMPORTANT"

5. Please evaluate the effects in engaging marketing research of the hospital.
Importance of the healthcare provider functions
Good Quality Health Services for children
Convenience claimed

6. Do the above data affect your decision in choosing Norton Healthcare Kosair Children's Hospital?



7. Do you agree that Kosair Children's Hospital Hong should impose marketing strategies to increase the number of admissions?


8. What practical suggestions do you have for solving marketing research issues? Mention only three
9. Could the idea of goal setting required by the higher organization on a quarterly basis be a contributing factor for helping children with ailments? Explain your view.
10. Is there a proper research program for nurturing and providing discussions of the areas of concern?


Briefly describe how helpful the program is in the space provided below.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________

- End of Questionnaire -
Week One:
Drafting of the research proposal and the determination of such important and related studies to support any validity of findings and results
Week Two:
Collecting and Gathering of possible data information and appropriate research evidences
Week Three:
Finalization, Assessment and Evaluation of research discussions and its overall contextual process and be applicable for future research


The requested budget should not go beyond to its limitations and that the expenses in the realization of this study should be noted down properly and the budget should not exceed $100

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