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Marketing Research of Delphi

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Marketing Research of Delphi
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Marketing Research of Delphi - April 1st, 2011

Delphi is an automotive parts company headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA. Delphi is one of the world's largest automotive parts manufacturers and has approximately 146,600 employees (18,900 in the United States).[1]
With offices worldwide, the company operates 150 wholly owned manufacturing sites, 44 joint ventures, 53 customer centers and sales offices, and 33 technical centers in 38 countries

In order to achieve the objective of this research, a survey will be conducted. For this market research, the main questions which are going to consider are the customers satisfaction and theme park expectations. As this research aims on finding out the reasons, the study will be best conducted before summer vacation. The management will assign staffs to handle the marketing research. Herein, the time frame for the research completion is 40 days and face to face interviews will also be considered out at the exit of HK Disneyland to capture fresh moments and experiences of the visitors.

The marketing staffs will conduct approximately 33 questionnaires in a daily basis at the exit gate and will consider 3 sessions for the day which include early afternoon, afternoon and closing to have first hand information from the visitors. To foster the willingness of the visitors to join the survey and interview, they will be given a token such as badge and others to show some appreciation. before having the formal questionnaire, the staffs will consider pre-testing stage by utilizing a small sub sample to note whether the research is feasible or suitable enough to minimize errors that might happen. After this, the questionnaire will be revised to make the final one (see Appendix 1). The interviewers will be will-oriented and trained to fully understand the aim of the study and the questionnaire to avoid systematic errors.


The target visitors of this research will include the visitors from China mainland and Hong Kong residents. These represents 58% and 32% of the total respondents, respectively. These group comprises 90% of the total population. The remaining 10% of the visitors are from other nations which include Singapore, USA, Korea, Japan and other expatriates. Due to the limitation of staffs, time and budget, this market research will only focus on the two large groups (Hong Kong and Chinese people). Although under these situations, the research could not analyze the reason from the answers of all visitors, it does represent the experience of the participants. In this research, another excluded group of people are those who are under age of 15, whom the researched consider to not fully understand all the questions provided in the questionnaire.


For this market research, the secondary data will be used to identify the general expectation of people for a theme park. After which, primary data will be conducted through interviews and survey questionnaires. First, the researcher gathered all the secondary data and found that people from the mainland China are unfamiliar with Disney characters in China and they are lacking knowledge about the Disney Characters.[7] These are considered as influential factors that affects the expectation and likes of the visitors to come to Hong Kong Disneyland.


Due to the limited timeframe and resources, secondary data will be utilized as the basis of the study. Herein, secondary data is collated and plausibly processed by other people excluding the research. Herein, the market situations will be considered. Accordingly, Hong Kong Disneyland was the 11th theme park opened by the Walt Disney Company and it became one of the most famous tourist attractions in the country. In its first year of operation, the park has recorded only 5 million visitors in its first year of operation against its objective of 5.6 million visitors.[8] Since the launch of HK Disneyland in September 2005, the company has difficult time in casting spell over their local media and more essentially, the public with a communication directive that appears to talk up the good, while maintaining tightlipped about its bad
Since the Hong Kong Disneyland launched in September 2005, it had a difficult time casting its spell over the local media and, more importantly, the public, with a communications directive which appears to talk up the good, while remaining tightlipped about the bad.[9] Because of the bad reputation of the theme park to the public during its first year, the company ahs influenced the attraction and expectation of the customers to visit the park.
The major target market of the theme park is a mix of family and non-familial visitors which include married couples without children, young adults, and the elderly. About half of the family visitors came from China mainland. Accordingly, the visitors of Hong Kong Disneyland during the summer of 2006 have boomed and 50% of the total visitors came from China Mainland.[10]

After the face to face interviews had been accomplished, the set of primary data were collected which had been consolidated into a table file. [appendix 2].


Before the data is inputted through a coding system, the editing will be done to correct defaults that happened during the interview. After which, a statistical analysis will be done to have the findings and an interpretation of the information will be reported. The conclusions and recommendations will be provided for managerial decisions.

- Total days taken for whole research process = 30 days

- Respondents rates = 98.5%

è 985 questionnaires were fully completed

Aforementioned, the total number of questionnaires received is 985 pcs. These 985 questionnaires were validated and assess whether it provides adequate information for the research. To make sure that this research will have enough valid and completed survey questionnaires, all the interviewers/staffs had been well-trained. Although there are still some systematic errors noted in the completed questionnaires, hence, only 985 were considered. The summary of the result that covers all the questions are seen in Appendix 2. the major determinants for this research includes Q1, Q4, Q5, Q6,Q16 and Q17.


Based from the collated date from the 985 returned questionnaires out of 1,000 provided, and based on the secondary data collated, the following are the major findings of this study.

In Q1, the research has found that 83% of the total respondents have visited the park for the first time and 9.6% are second timer while 7% have visited the park many times.

In Q2, it has found that 58% of the visitors came from mainland China while the other 32% are Hong Kong locals as indicated in the secondary data collated. The other 10% were visitors from other countries such as Singapore, Australia, USA, Africa and others. It has also been found in Q3 that 39% of the total respondents have been able to visit Disneyland parks from other countries and the remaining 61% have noted that they have never been into any Disney parks than in Hong Kong.

In line with Q4, 80% of the total respondents have noted that they are visiting with their families, 19% were visiting with their friends and only 5 respondents were visiting along while 7 are accompanying their business colleagues during their business trips in the country.

In Q5, it has been proven that the secondary data is correct by showing that at least 50% of the total respondents came from mainland China were unfamiliar with Disneyland characters (55%) and 13% of them are unsure about the Disney Characters.

Q6 focuses on exploring the expectations of the respondents. In this research, the findings have shown that most of the participants (634) are coming because of the interest of their children. 475 visitors from China Mainland are visiting as part of the tour package and 258 visitors are visiting because of the media promotion. In this, 129 visitors have came because of the brand name of the Walt Disney and only 102 visitors came because of the recommendations of their friends.

From Q7 to Q10, the research have found that 18% of the total respondents thing that Hong Kong Disneyland is an attractive tourist destination. 14% of the total respondents have considered the theme park as the place where their dreams come true. Majority of the respondents have enjoyed the show performances and parade (40%) and 35% have enjoyed the cartoon characters. 46% (457) out of 985 respondents have pointed out that the price ticket is too expensive and 30% (299) have least interests in the souvenir items of Disneyland.

In Q11and Q12, it has been revealed that only around 17% of the total participants will be happy to suggest Disneyland to their relatives or friends or will be happy to visit the park again, while around 59% of the respondents will not recommend the park with their friends because the overall image of Hong Kong Disneyland is not as good as the Disneyland Parks in other nations. some respondents perceived that the park is too small and there is not much to see and enjoy. Some respondents also noted that environment is not clean because of most visitors are not well-disciplined.

Most of the respondents have expressed their dissatisfaction on the park in Q14 because of the high price of the products and restaurants. 49% which comprises 486 of the total respondents are dissatisfied and 28% are very dissatisfied. 36% of the total respondents have neutral comments in the attitude of the employees while 29% are satisfied with the employers while 23% are dissatisfied.

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