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Marketing Research of Colt Defense

Marketing Research of Colt Defense

Discuss Marketing Research of Colt Defense within the Marketing Research ( MR ) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Colt Defense was split off from Colt's Manufacturing Company in 2002 in order to focus on the military, law enforcement ...



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Marketing Research of Colt Defense
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Marketing Research of Colt Defense - April 1st, 2011

Colt Defense was split off from Colt's Manufacturing Company in 2002 in order to focus on the military, law enforcement and security markets. It is based in West Hartford, Connecticut.

The focus of research methodology will emphasize on Hong Kong consumer perception of the crisp snack foods as the method of application involves the process of survey questionnaires to be answered by certain respondents as the consumers are adapting to the presence of fast moving consumer goods such as pastas, noodles and personal supplies that are easily sold under the stores counter. Moreover, designing, organizing and conducting a questionnaire survey is like running a business as it requires good knowledge and skill and specific training although some people assume that starting a business requires no special skills beyond a willingness to try.

The questionnaire is more than a list of questions. Rather, it is a scientific instrument for measuring and collecting particular kinds of data and must be designed in accordance with particular specifications and tailored to the specific aims of the surveyor and by keeping potential consumers in mind, the surveyor is more likely to determine those questions that will be most meaningful and useful.

Obtaining information

Once the problem has been defined and the decision to conduct a survey finalized, the surveyor should next decide what survey method should be used to obtain the desired information from the respondents. Although it is sometimes possible to survey an entire population, generally this technique would result in an unwieldy amount of data. To limit the population surveyed, a sample is drawn to reflect the characteristics of the total population.

Research Sample

Research sampling assures the elements in the population the same chance of being chosen for inclusion in the survey. If the sample is chosen at random and is sufficiently large, it will represent all the groups in the population in approximately the correct proportions. One advantage of random sampling is no advance knowledge of the characteristics of the population is necessary. A disadvantage of the technique is that a low percentage of returns could result in an accidental sample. There has to be 100 HK consumers in total that was selected randomly in various malls and stores in wherein several of the crisp snack foods are present. The procedure calls for dividing the population into two or more strata and then drawing a random sample from each stratum that will depend on the number of samples selected to relate to the consumer preferences data as they occur in the population, random sampling is applied in the study as for the fact that achieving an equal number of samples is very difficult to reach in the actual practice. Select the sample so its averages ages from ages 25-45 years old for the known characteristics believed relevant to the research findings as it resembles the population's frequency distribution. If the sample will be used to make a percentage estimate of the population, a preliminary estimate of the approximate size of this percentage is needed.


The analysis of the procedure should be included at p<0.05, adjusted R2, measures that will indicate strong relationship between the situation and snack appropriateness ratings. The HK market with several competitors are attractive since there exists ample opportunity for additional product or brand alternatives. Although markets with many competitors are generally not attractive opportunities, the methodology utilized by the study allows the marketer as well as the manufacturer to assess the quality as well as the quantity of competition. The open-end questions give respondents free latitude in making their responses. An example of such a question is "What is the principal reason for your dislike of product A?" A drawback to their use is that open-end questions may yield such a variety of responses that the task of condensing and analyzing them is both time consuming and difficult to handle statistically. Multiple choice questions allow respondents to choose from among several possible answers and that the question outcome can be tabulated easily and interpreted with greater precision than can answers to open-end questions. Multiple choice questions may take any of several forms; arguably the most popular of these are checklists and rating scales.

There is more to developing good questionnaires than just wording good questions, it is important to have scheduled a desired time. Successful questionnaire development includes identifying the specific problem, understanding the subject matter and knowing the respondents, as appropriate survey method, sample size, type of sampling and type of questions have to be given adequate consideration. Survey research is a powerful tool that can help technical communicators identify and elaborate on the theories and practices. In most cases, the respondents want to know how the researchers are going to use the data and to what ends. Since, the respondents' names are not important in most mailed questionnaires, respondents should be told not to include their names on the questionnaire. If names are requested, researchers should explain the purpose and the procedure for ensuring confidentiality. Researchers decide to use open questions and unstructured responses must then decide on the structure and scope of the questions.

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