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Marketing Research of AOL

Marketing Research of AOL

Discuss Marketing Research of AOL within the Marketing Research ( MR ) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; AOL Inc. (NYSE: AOL, stylized as "Aol.", and previously known as America Online) is an American global Internet services and ...



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Marketing Research of AOL
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Marketing Research of AOL - March 31st, 2011

AOL Inc. (NYSE: AOL, stylized as "Aol.", and previously known as America Online) is an American global Internet services and media company.[3][4] AOL is headquartered at 770 Broadway in New York.[5][6] Founded in 1983 as Control Video Corporation, it has franchised its services to companies in several nations around the world or set up international versions of its services.[7]
AOL is best known for its online software suite, also called AOL, that allowed customers to access the world's largest "walled garden" online community and eventually reach out to the Internet as a whole. At its prime, AOL's membership was over 30 million members worldwide,[8] most of whom accessed the AOL service through the AOL software suite.
On May 28, 2009, Time Warner announced that it would spin off AOL into a separate public company. The spinoff occurred on December 9, 2009,[9] ending the eight year relationship between the two companies

One of the human factor issues related to serious conflict between members of the central project team resulting from misperceptions about roles and objectives of the project. In taking a stakeholder perspective to risk management, it is necessary to explore why the vested interest of an individual or group may be a key indicator of their likely decision-making processes, which ultimately shape their responses to the process and potential risk (Lant & Shapira 2001). Risk is an important consideration in business dealings. Risk will always be a part of business, when one doesn’t take risk he/she might not achieve his/her goals. When businesses fail the problem is not because they took the risk, the problem lies on the subsequent actions they have done after experiencing the effects of the risk. Risk can occur in any situation in the company. Risk can appear at any given situation in the business’ operation. A company can determine its potential risk area when there are many choices with regards to making decisions and all this choices can give benefit to the company, The main risk for ABC food retailer is to enter the US market. The company should not worry about taking a risk in that market. It just needs to make sure that the strategies they use will be in accordance with the strategies used in the US market.

Market research

The marketing environment has evolved during the past decade. Some of this evolution has come at the hands of marketers themselves, some from a changing population, and some from other environmental pressures (Wells 1997).Changes in the marketing environment include fragmentation of the mass market; rise of personalized buying strategies; consumers who are more knowledgeable and critical of marketing efforts; more cluttered retail and marketing communications environments; blurring of traditional boundaries among retail classes of trade and between retailers and manufacturers; increased localization and micromarketing efforts; rise of total quality management (TQM) and customer satisfaction programs; increased accountability; and marketing information revolution (Wells 1997). Expanding into additional segments, after reaching an acceptable market share position in the primary market is a prudent option. The common strategy is to penetrate with either line extensions or technology applications. It is an acceptable and logical move for a market leader particularly in a flat market. It's only advisable though if sufficient resources are available to penetrate the new segment and, providing sufficient management attention and resources are available to vigorously protect the primary segment (Paley 2006). Otherwise, it may be necessary to pull back from the expansion because resources are spread too thin. Market expansion can be viewed through different means such as market segmentation analysis; product life cycle analysis and new product development, all of which have a foundation of solid marketing intelligence and competitor intelligence (Paley 2006).

When accurate market information pinpoints those market segments that would respond favorably to the company's marketing efforts, then implementing their aggressive strategies should improve their chances for increasing product line profitability (Paley 2006). To enter new markets means that the company has to research about the new market and what product will fit the market. Introducing new products in a new market is a very good way of achieving differentiation and enhancing a retail identity in an over-subscribed retail market, but without corporate support new products may fail or go unnoticed. Although most of the buying decisions are centered on the ability of a product to satisfy a customer need at a price the customer is willing to pay, a business has to ensure that it meets its legal obligations with regard to the products it sells. It also has to consider its long term image in the eyes of the public. It is therefore necessary to ensure that a product conforms to legal standards and provides value for money (Gillooley & Varley 2001). Selecting the right product requires an understanding of the complexity of the modern shopper and an ability to blend product detail in a way that satisfies both the physical and the psychological needs of that shopper (Gillooley & Varley 2001). The marketing information needed includes the buying behavior of the clients, the economic situation in the industry, the US laws on entry of a foreign business, how ABC food retailer’s product would succeed and the rules of competition in that market. This marketing information will be useful in assisting the company in its entry in the new market.

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