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Product Range of Babcock and Wilcox

Discuss Product Range of Babcock and Wilcox within the Marketing Management forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; The Babcock & Wilcox Company (B&W) is a U.S.-based company that provides design, engineering, manufacturing, construction and facilities management services ...



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Product Range of Babcock and Wilcox
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Product Range of Babcock and Wilcox - June 7th, 2011

The Babcock & Wilcox Company (B&W) is a U.S.-based company that provides design, engineering, manufacturing, construction and facilities management services to nuclear, renewable, fossil power, industrial and government customers worldwide. B&W's boilers supply more than 300,000 megawatts of installed capacity in over 90 countries around the world.[1]
During World War II, over half of the American US Navy fleet was powered by Babcock & Wilcox boilers.[2] The company has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina with operations in Lynchburg, Virginia; Barberton, Ohio; West Point, Mississippi; Mount Vernon, Indiana; Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Euclid, Ohio; and, in Canada, Cambridge, Ontario.

Generation mPower

Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear Energy, Inc. and Bechtel Power Corporation have entered into a formal alliance to design, license and deploy the world's first commercially viable Generation III++ small modular nuclear power plant. This new alliance, Generation mPower, will conduct research at the B&W mPower™ Integrated System Test (IST) facility in Bedford County, Va. at the Center for Advanced Engineering and Research. The IST facility is expected to be operational later in 2011.
learn more about Generation mPower
learn more about the B&W mPower reactor

Waste-to-Energy Technology

B&W's waste-to-energy boilers are designed and constructed with the same reliability as our fossil fuel steam generation equipment and are based on our experience with burning a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional fuels. B&W's boilers can be used to produce energy from both unprocessed municipal solid waste and refuse derived fuel, while greatly reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills.
learn more

Auxiliary Equipment
A dependable boiler design alone does not assure high availability for your steam generating system. Auxiliary components must be just as reliable. B&W has the experience and technical capabilities to provide the industry's most proven boiler auxiliary equipment. learn more

Commercial Nuclear Plant Components
B&W has a long history of designing and manufacturing nuclear power plant equipment, including reactor vessels and more than 260 once-through and recirculating steam generators to customers around the world. learn more

Boilers are the heart of our business. Since George Babcock and Stephen Wilcox patented the first water tube safety boiler in 1867, B&W has continually offered our customers the most advanced, efficient and safe steam generating equipment. learn more

Environmental Equipment
B&W integrates environmental protection into its new boiler and power system design process. Pollution control equipment can also be incorporated into existing plants to help meet tough environmental regulations. We provide a variety of proven emissions control technologies, both combustion and post-combustion. learn more

Boiler Replacement Parts
Replacement parts for your steam generation and auxiliary equipment are essential to the daily operation of your power plant. B&W understands the necessity of meeting exact design requirements, immediate response and customized support programs. We provide the necessary aftermarket components and customer services to keep your equipment operating at optimum efficiency levels. learn more

Modular Nuclear Reactors
Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear Energy, Inc. is responding to market demands for clean, efficient energy with its B&W mPowerTM reactor design - a scalable, modular, passively safe Advanced Light Water Reactor (ALWR) system in which the core and helical steam generators are contained within a single vessel. learn more

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