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Customer Relationship Management of MasterCard

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Customer Relationship Management of MasterCard
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Customer Relationship Management of MasterCard - January 19th, 2011

MasterCard Worldwide (NYSE: MA) is an American multinational corporation with its headquarters in the MasterCard International Global Headquarters in Harrison, New York, United States.[3][4] Throughout the world, its principal business is to process payments between the banks of merchants and the card issuing banks or credit unions of the purchasers who use the "MasterCard" brand debit and credit cards to make purchases. MasterCard Worldwide has been a publicly traded company since 2006. Prior to its initial public offering, MasterCard Worldwide was a membership organization owned by the 25,000+ financial institutions that issue its card.

MasterCard, originally known as MasterCharge, was created by several California banks as a competitor to the BankAmericard issued by Bank of America, which later became the Visa credit card issued by Visa Inc. The original banks behind MasterCharge were United California Bank (later First Interstate Bank and subsequently merged into Wells Fargo Bank), Wells Fargo, Crocker National Bank (also subsequently merged into Wells Fargo), and the Bank of California (subsequently merged into the Union Bank of California).

MasterCard is one of the major credit cards used regularly by people in the United States, second only in name recognition and worldwide billings to Visa. By marketing itself to ordinary men and women, in contrast to Visa's efforts to capture an upper-income clientele, MasterCard is slowly chipping away at Visa's market share in both the United States and other areas around the globe.
further strengthen its management team and its divisional structure in the Greater China region, MasterCard recently enhanced and reassembled its Greater China team. With immediate effect, James Chen, Jeroen van Son, and Julie Yang have been appointed to head China & Mongolia; Hong Kong & Macau; and Taiwan. Furthermore, Kevin Li will lead Market Development and Marketing across the Greater China markets for MasterCard while Customer Delivery will be under the leadership of Henry Chen. As market leaders, the appointees will be responsible for MasterCard’s overall development strategy in their respective markets, and will focus on helping to develop and promote MasterCard products and services in line with market demands. Under their charge will be the promotion of MasterCard’s brand preference and increase in usage and greater acceptance of MasterCard branded cards.

  James Chen joined MasterCard Worldwide in Taiwan in 2000. In 2003, Chen was relocated to the China operations to help promote MasterCard’s business development in China. Chen made a significant contribution to MasterCard’s growth in China and to the local credit card market during his tenure by working with many of the major Chinese banks to launch a number of firsts for MasterCard products in mainland China, including Platinum card, EMV chip and PayPassTM card, Fleet Card, personalized card and titanium card.

  Jeroen van Son joins MasterCard from Westpac Bank, Australia’s largest credit card issuing bank, where he was General Manager for Consumer Finance, responsible for credit cards and personal loans. Van Son has 15 years of international experience in electronic payments and consumer finance in both Western Europe and Australia, with a strong track record of driving product and service innovation. His experience includes building a successful consultancy practice with focus on business process and IT systems alignment for banks, telecommunication and utilities clients.

  Julie Yang has been with MasterCard Worldwide in Taiwan since 1994. As part of the Taiwan team, she not only extended MasterCard’s credit card business in Taiwan, but also developed various financial payment solutions with corporate finance customers, helping establish a number of milestones in financial payment technology in Taiwan during her tenure.

  Prior to joining MasterCard, Kevin Li started HSBC China's card business and strategic planning for its Personal Financial Service group. He was also instrumental in launching HSBC China’s debit card and contributed to the growth of its ATM network. Prior to HSBC, Li worked with American Express in New York. By spearheading innovation through database marketing and new product development, he helped Delta Air Lines and Costco realize their goal of substantial business development.

  Henry Chen joined MasterCard Worldwide in 1995. Over his 15 years at MasterCard, he has managed the implementation and maintenance of MasterCard’s global transaction processing network, Banknet, in China, helped customers develop their bankcard business, launched new payment products and services, and supported many Chinese banks to grow their international acquiring and issuing portfolios.

  As well, Edmund Cheng, Max Leung and Eva Chen have been appointed Sales Head of China, Hong Kong & Macau and Taiwan respectively. Working with the respective market leaders, they are responsible for business development and maintaining relations with existing customers for their market. Having all been with MasterCard for many years, these senior management team members have developed rich professional knowledge and extensive customer relations to effectively promote MasterCard’s business growth in their respective markets.

  Committed to bringing greater empowerment and accountability to the local markets, this new management team will inject energy and trust into the MasterCard team. I am excited to have in place this management team, who will work with me to grow, diversify and promote MasterCard’s business in a rapidly changing marketplace. Each of these leaders is equipped with deep knowledge of the industry based on their extensive experience and tenure in the local markets. With this team, we are in a strong position to integrate the Greater China markets to capitalize on new business opportunities and provide even better service to customer banks.


* Automatic enrollment in the Reward Zone program.
* Earn 1 point for each $1 spent on dining and grocery purchases (that's 2% back in rewards).1
* Earn 2 points for each $1 spent at Best Buy and BestBuy.com (that's 4% back in rewards).2
* Earn 1 point for every $2 spent everywhere else MasterCard is accepted (that's 1% back in rewards).
* $0 liability on unauthorized purchases
* Accelerate your way to Reward Zone Premier Silver Status
* Earn reward certificates to use towards music, movies, electronics and more at Best Buy.

With competition for creditworthy cardholders continuing to increase and the costs of acquiring new customers on the rise, sustaining loyalty and maximizing revenue from existing customers is a bottom-line imperative. Advisors' portfolio optimization and marketing experts address stagnant and eroding portfolios to help you increase activation, card usage, and retention rates and boost cross-sell opportunities.

Advisors employs proprietary behavioral models that identify opportunities to help you fully realize the potential of your cards business. Our marketing consultants with years of practical experience, use these data-driven insights to develop solutions that help you engender loyalty. Whether you are strengthening your retention strategy or reactivating a portfolio by migrating customers to a more appropriate platform, our goal is always the same—to help you maximize the lifetime value of every cardholder. As you undertake your own customer segmentation and targeting initiatives, you can call on Advisors for information services and analytics solutions that will eliminate guesswork and help you make more effective marketing decisions. We can work with you to design entire marketing campaigns—from strategy to creative to mailing.

Whether you need a customized solution, a suite of benchmarking studies to help you understand cardholder attitudes and behaviors, or deep insights into your portfolio performance, we have approaches for every need and budget.

MasterCard makes music priceless

* MasterCard wants to reinforce its position as the best way to pay for music
* MasterCard wants to offer a musical experience that money can’t buy
* Freedom Media creates two MasterCard Priceless evenings in 04 and 05
* Tickets to the events are exclusive to MasterCard customers and the events are broadcast by C4 and E4

The challenge

MasterCard’s proposition is that as well as being the best way to pay for music it also enables customers to have priceless experiences. In addition to driving that message home through traditional above the line advertising, it has also used music as a key platform.
In particular it is a long-term sponsor of the annual Brit Awards and in 2004 wanted to take the link further. The aim was to develop an event that allowed the brand to offer corporate and consumer hospitality as well as reaching the wider, non-attending public.

The TV solution

The solution was to create an own-able property, featuring established and up and coming stars. The events took place in the intimate surroundings of the Café de Paris ensuring the invited guests – key financial partners and media guests – would have a priceless experience.

Tickets were also used to involve consumers through retail and media promotions, bringing to life the brand proposition. Retail discounts on featured artists were available to MasterCard customers.

Freedom Media also worked closely with Channel 4 to ensure each event also reached a wider audience. The shows were filmed and scheduled for late night slots in order to reach the target audience of upmarket adults.

The first MasterCard Priceless evening in 2004 featured Jamie Cullum, Katie Melua, Lucie Silvas and Amy Winehouse with James Blunt, Texas, KT Tunstall, The Corrs and Athlete in the line-up for the second event in 2005.

The shows were broadcast on C4 and E4 with MasterCard credited in all the sponsorship credits, in the show title as well as on set ensuring that the whole event transmitted the Priceless message.


The events allowed MasterCard to build its relationships with 240 key trading partners and reach its target audience.

The 2005 show attracted a 3.9% share of all ABC1s on first transmission with the second event also reaching more than 200,000 people.

“The MasterCard Priceless Evening provided us with an involving and high profile way in which to bring our Priceless campaign to life, with customers and cardholders. The venue, the artists and the stage design all reflected our brand values. Channel 4 was the right broadcast partner to reach our audience of upmarket adults and we were able to use our exclusive tickets to run retail and media promotions.”
Rita Broe, Marketing Director, MasterCard

MasterCard was perceived as an
everyday, ordinary credit card
It had no emotional connect with
Viewed as ‘the other card’ kept behind Visa &
As a result, it was quickly losing share of
use and leverage with bank issuers
The challenge
Increase MasterCard usage
Increase MasterCard usage
by making people feel good about using
by making people feel good about using
the card
the card
The brand footprint
MasterCard Brand Footprint process
MasterCard’s prime competitors, Amex &
Visa, clearly rest in the brand space of outer-
directed, success-focused values
MasterCard brand space, however, was
rooted in the everyday realities of the
lives of most people
Amex brand footprint
Amex Means
Amex Means

The Business Life
The Charge Card
Amex Is
Amex Is

Visa brand footprint
Visa Means
Visa Means

The High Life
The Credit Card
Visa Is
Visa Is

On The Go
MasterCard brand footprint
MasterCard Means
MasterCard Means

Ordinary life
The genuine card
MasterCard Is
MasterCard Is

MasterCard Brand Footprint presented
both an opportunity and a challenge.
MasterCard had a deeply rooted brand
essence that was clearly differentiating.
However, it lacked aspirational qualities
and an emotional relevancy with
The Selling Strategy
Brand objective
To move MasterCard
To move MasterCard
from an emotionally neutral generic card
from an emotionally neutral generic card
to ‘the card I feel good about using’
‘the card I feel
good about using’
The conceptual target: context
Credit card consumption values were
Consumers were beginning to view credit
card purchases as a means to things that
enrich their everyday lives
MasterCard’s core brand values were
closer to the new credit card
consumption ideals than Visa / Amex
Which were associated with ‘high life’ or
The conceptual target
Another key learning was that consumers
feel surprisingly good about themselves
as responsible users of credit cards
We dubbed their emerging mindset Good
Revolving and called the conceptual
target ‘Good Revolvers’
‘Good Revolvers’
Key insight
While the core desire of Visa & Amex
cardholders may be to lead rich
Good Revolvers core desire is to lead
rich lives!
Role of the brand
To enable Good Revolvers
To enable Good Revolvers
to lead rich lives
to lead rich lives
by providing complete and confident
by providing complete and confident
to the things they value the most
to the things they value the most
The compelling truth
MasterCard provides
MasterCard provides
complete and confident access
complete and confident access
to the things Good Revolvers value most
to the things Good Revolvers value most
because they are on the forefront
because they are on the forefront
of providing consumers with new, better,
of providing consumers with new, better,
more convenient ways to pay for goods
more convenient ways to pay for goods
and services
and services
New MasterCard brand footprint
MasterCard Means
MasterCard Means

Everything that counts
Real Life
The Best Way to Pay
MasterCard Is
MasterCard Is

The selling idea

‘The best way to pay for everything
The best way to pay for everything
that matters’
that matters’
The creative idea
The Selling Idea evolved into the
‘Priceless’ campaign with the signature
There are some thins money can’t buy. For
everything else there’s MasterCard
Adworks validated effectiveness of approach:
In both communicating the strategic intent and
consumer likeability (emotional response)

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