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Marketing Mix of Target Corporation

Marketing Mix of Target Corporation

Discuss Marketing Mix of Target Corporation within the Marketing Management forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Target Corporation (simply known as Target) is an American retailing company that was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1902 as ...



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Marketing Mix of Target Corporation
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Abhijeet S
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Marketing Mix of Target Corporation - December 6th, 2010

Target Corporation (simply known as Target) is an American retailing company that was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1902 as the Dayton Dry Goods Company. In 1962, the company opened its first Target store in nearby Roseville. Target grew and eventually became the largest division of Dayton Hudson Corporation, culminating in the company changing its name to Target Corporation in 2000. As of May 2010[update], the company has opened stores in every state except Vermont, operating as Target or SuperTarget.

Target is the second largest discount retailer in the United States, behind Walmart.[6][7] The company is ranked at number 30 on the Fortune 500 as of 2010[update], and is a component of the Standard & Poor's 500 index. The company licenses its bullseye trademark to Wesfarmers, owners of the separate Target Australia chain.

Along with the enumerated duties and responsibilities of the, human resources management of McDonald should be concerned with ensuring the performances of the employees. It is noted that such responsibility highlights the need for the members of the human resource department to achieve a specific level of competence in order to motivate the members of the workforce, provide professional trainings well as cultivate the employees to take into account their performance improvement within the company. In this light, managements are tasked with duties and responsibilities to comply with specific performance standards and policies of the company through the work output of the employees. Most of the time, managers deal with the development of training programs to enhance the productivity of the workforce which in the process highlights the need to evaluate the problems and individual competencies of the employees.

Other studies supported the previous claims by indicating that strategies should be created in order to effectively enhance the performance of the employees. Accordingly, enabling the employees to improve their performance, serve as means to increase the service values of business organizations in the objective to meet the demands of the market. As such, it is important for human resources managers to look into the current as well as the future market needs of the industry in order to develop performance improvement programs that will best suit the needs of the businesses. Moreover, there should be an examination of the most appropriate methods and techniques for performance improvement along with the need to enumerate the priorities and corporate objectives of the company so as to create a balance between the needs of the company and the available improvement programs for the employees.

6.4 Work environment

According to previous studies human resources managers are responsible for implementing specific functions of every individual employee within the company as well as the duties to communicate and supervise their work performances. In order to create effective human resources management strategies, the working conditions of the employees should a place of worthy of displaying knowledge and skills that most appropriately cater to the basic needs of the members of the company as human capitals. The significance of good working condition and environment and the overall quality of work life is characterized with effective employee supervision, convenient workrooms, compensation and incentives and aggressive yet satisfying jobs. Such conditions will enable the employees to work at their best and contribute to the overall success of the business organization. Moreover, pleasing work environments are likewise illustrated with employees who show high self-esteem and confidence when it comes to the quality of their work.

Part of having a good working environment is that the company must consider working environment where employee careers are being developed for self-improvement. In McDonald, the company may also consider having career development as part of their new human resource management approach. The staffs and crews of the company should be given career development programmes to be more motivated and productive. Part of these opportunities given by McDonald is by providing seminars, indoor and outdoor workshops to train their employees to the career they want to pursue within the company.

In this regard, the employees of McDonald may undergo some standardized courses which is suitable and appropriate to their current job position and their future job responsibilities. Each year, the company may give opportunities to the chosen staffs to attend seminar/training to be able to enhance their skills and to improve their leadership abilities and to be able to determine what career would be available for them within McDonald.

McDonald’s management is responsible in providing assistance in three ways; making their employees be aware of their chance of career development; extending the personal network of employees by being part of various activities internal and external to the business environment of McDonald and allowing the employees to participate in the continuing professional development approaches imposed by the company.

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