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Once Popular Players in Brands

Discuss Once Popular Players in Brands within the Marketing Management ( RM , IM ) forums, part of the Resolve Your Query - Get Help and discuss Projects category; Once Popular Players in Brands Although branding existed in crude ways long time ago, no one can undermine the significance ...



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Once Popular Players in Brands
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Sunanda K. Chavan
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Once Popular Players in Brands - September 16th, 2010

Once Popular Players in Brands

Although branding existed in crude ways long time ago, no one can undermine the significance of establishing a solid foundation for them to induce the Brand creeper to grow and thrive.

Today's branding is more complex and refined. Just by placing a few good ads in the media or creating awareness of your products in a novel way is not Branding per se.

It takes energy, commitment and focus to Brand your company in the 21st century. It takes cooperation from the CEO right down to the rank and file employees. It is an ongoing process.

Sometimes, hiccups might happen along the way like some real unforgettable ones by the major players of today.

New Coke

The launching of New Coke took every fan of Coke by surprise as they weren't ready to embrace it and were very much attached to the ‘Old' Coke.

Ford Edsel

There were so much of "hoo-ha" before its launch, however the discerning public found the car too pricy and it sounded like "weasel", hence they scrapped production real soon.

Colgate Kitchen entrees

Consumers can't really see themselves eating food which Colgate made. It reminded them so much of the toothpaste!

Although these great Brands are all powerful leaders, this just shows that Branding is an ongoing process where perfection is a perpetuating desire.

These brand leaders know what it takes to be in the forefront like all great brands.

They have been proving time and time again of their essence and it has always been a challenge.

Branding has always been existing and we have overlooked the basic fact that although humans consciously strive to make everything around them a success, they forget that Rome was not built overnight.

This is very much applicable to Branding. Brand managers have to understand the implications of making the Brand a sustainable force that will sometimes follow a product life cycle.

As the saying goes –"The higher you go, the harder you fall." But Brand managers and marketers are so convinced that there wont be a downhill and hence do not take contingencies.

This could be a checkmate if things take a turn for the worse. When things like these occur, the Brand goes downhill and succinct examples will be like Planet Hollywood, Ovaltine and Yardley.

These companies wanted to perpetuate their identity only to fall behind because of the lack of skills and vision.
If these kinds of predicaments were to occur then Branding will cease to exist in the next few decades.

But for every organization that fails to live up to its eminence, there will be another company that will strive to fade into the limelight with much pomp and valor.

Not to say that it is bad, but sustenance is more significant than a big entry.

It is better to be a Good Brand that has been and will be, than to be a real Strong Brand and market leader and eventually fizzling out in a couple of years.

The creation and demise of Brands has to be part of the Brand life cycle of the corporate macrocosm. Everyone involved in perpetuating the significance of Branding has to understand that it will never cease to exist but it will suffer a shorter lifecycle if it is not to be taken seriously.

Once this aspect of business is understood and the correct emphasis is given to it, we can see organizations flourish and consumers enjoying the experience too.

We have to understand that Branding is never for companies only but for customers also.

Independent Brand managers and marketers are internal customers who should provide invaluable advice to companies, with everything in mind except their paycheck.

At the end of the day, Branding is not a commodity. It is an art and we are all artists and art lovers.

To convey that kind of message across to the discerning public is what Branding is all about and what it has always been throughout the centuries.

It has always existed but through different meandering faculties.

Internet Branding is an important aspect of business and in today's era it is even more so.

But my point is that it was always there throughout the centuries subtly and superficially.

Although not virtually, Branding was in existence. It is more real and composite now.

Organizations and entrepreneurs should look into the image of their companies by recreating the spirit and accentuating the soul of their firms. Branding is an Art.

We have to create the identity and empower the companies and customers to relish it, hence eternalizing it.

If business is about creating value, branding is about giving ‘meaning’ to that value. It ‘means’ what your business stands for. It means a lot!.

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